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HATE CRIME HOAX – How The Left Is Selling A FAKE Race War



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HATE CRIME HOAX – How The Left Is Selling A FAKE Race War

Reilly’s energetic exposition of the hate crime hoax phenomenon indicts not just the perpetrators but the entire ideological complex devoted to propagating the lie that America is an incorrigibly racist, sexist, bigoted country. Reilly pulls no punches in his depiction of the hate crime inventors and the broader network of liberal college administrators and journalists who inadvertently egg them on, all to serve the narrative that virtually every American town, college, or White community is saturated in racial and ethnic hatred. This is a valuable book about an alarming new factor in American life, written with wisdom and courage.

Scott McConnell, founding editor of The American Conservative

Less than 1 percent of all calls for service from law enforcement require the use of any type of force. This means that the use of lethal force is a percentage of a percentage and that there is no epidemic of police shootings. There is only a picture painted by a media that want the public to believe this to be something of major concern and out of control. Dr. Wilfred Reilly does us all a favor by illustrating the large number of misreported, misrepresented, and misunderstood incidents in our national media. In Hoax, Dr. Reilly dives into a number of well-known incidents that received massive media attention only to turn out to be false or completely misrepresented. Hoax is a good read for anyone interested in political science, criminal justice, and other social and behavioral sciences. Dr. Reilly touches on a subject familiar to myself and many readers: the so-called epidemic of police officers shooting persons of color. Through his examination, Dr. Reilly gives a number of examples related to recent events on this subject and helps to illustrate the realities of this controversial topic. Hoax is a great starting place to begin understanding these highly charged incidents.

Johnathon Sharp, assistant professor of psychology at Kentucky State University and former sheriff’s deputy

Hoax is not simply a collection of data and testimony concerning faux hate crime, it speaks on a range of issues touching on the reality of leftist cultural bias at the heart of American politics. Hoax separates fact from fiction and drags many ugly things we often simply refuse to believe in squirming into the light. Dr. Reilly’s logic and numbers-driven style of approaching a highly complex issue is incredibly valuable in our turbulent times. It is a refreshing change of pace from the hysterics and madness of the corporate news media. If you are looking to refine your worldview with reason and facts instead of reflexive empathy, there can be no better tool for honing those instincts than Hoax. I recommend this book for anyone who is serious about politics and social science.

Jimmy Cobb, lead singer of The Snake Oil Salesmen

Wilfred Reilly’s book is a home run. After reading a few pages, it is genuinely hard to put it down. Reilly makes many points that are obvious, but taboo and rarely made. Most notably, he says that ˜hate crimes’ are rare the exception and not the norm and that many of those which are alleged are hoaxes. The mainstream media paint the picture that the U.S.A. is a racist hell-hole on the brink of civil war, but Reilly’s research refutes this. The taboo topics Dr. Reilly discusses range from ˜White privilege’ to affirmative action. He discusses the bizarre claims of #blackLivesMatter in some detail: the group actually says that only (1) immediate reparations for slavery and (2) the opening of all of our international borders can compensate minorities for the harms currently being done to them in the U.S.A. black Lives Matter activists have demonstrated, with some justification, after one of their own has been shot, but they have also engaged in complete insanity. Reilly does not deny that real bigotry exists, but he points out where it does not. Both tasks are critical.

Darry Pinto, weapons sergeant (ret.), United States Special Forces

Using hard facts and a bit of witty humor, Hoax is able to provide a long overdue and much needed view of the realities of the hate crimes this country has been trying to overcome for decades. Hoax held my attention while opening my eyes to an epidemic of falsely reported hate crimes in the U.S.A. Dr. Reilly does a great job of dispelling the myth that we are a country of racists and bigots, all the while acknowledging that these behaviors do, to some degree, still exist. He doesn’t diminish or take away from the victims of real hatred or turn a blind eye to the country’s shortcomings when dealing with race and diversity. Hoax puts the current state of race relations and the idea of a forthcoming race war into a well thought-out, well researched perspective. Recounting in depth a number of falsely reported hate crimes, Dr. Reilly does a great job (albeit leaning slightly right) of dissecting each hoax and pointing out the disconcerting similarities in the way these instances are handled by society and the mainstream media. It is a well written, insightful read that will keep you smiling for the duration.

Tara Greaves, personnel specialist, Carmel, Indiana, police department

Will Reilly follows in the footsteps of Thomas Sowell with this iconoclastic, well-reasoned, and powerfully argued expose of fabricated hate crimes. Hoax covers one of the most under-reported stories in America: the fabrication of hate crimes and the credulous role the media plays in promoting them. Will Reilly is a fresh new voice on race relations in America. By any measure, the United States is a less hate-filled nation than in the past. Reilly reminds us how far America has come in overcoming hatred and how the media perpetuates the pernicious myth that hate still rules the nation. With this blockbuster book, Will Reilly skewers the smelly little orthodoxies of our time: the blind acceptance of purported hate crimes as real (often they are not), the refusal to discuss the taboo of black-on-White crime, and the simplistic farce of White privilege as determining the success or failure of individuals.

Jonathan Bean, author of Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader, Beyond the Broker State, and Big Government and Affirmative Action

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