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Historic SCOTUS Case Could Drain the Swamp – John B Wells

Historic SCOTUS Case Could Drain the Swamp – John B Wells


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Here’s something to add to this. The man Loy Brunston, from Utah, is the person who filed the petition, that finally went to the Supreme Court. He was a guest last night, on J.B.Well’s show. Wonderful show!

This will give hope to that don’t think it stands a chance.

Fast Forward to the 1hr 30 minute mark. And fast-forward when the long commercial comes on. Otherwise, this is awesome!
[link to rumble.com (secure)]

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The Supreme Court will not decide about a potential fraud on the 2020 election, but the 10 days timeline to review the Trump election that was rejected by electoral officials in every State

Once this gets to a preliminary hearing by the Supreme court, all that is required to take the case for a final ruling is a vote of 4 justices. According to those that claim to have filled this case, the preliminary move to present the case has been accepted by the Supreme court.

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