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How QAnon Conspiracy Is Moving Closer To Political Mainstream | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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NBC News reporter Megan Radford shows how the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory is moving closer to the mainstream via Republican candidates. Aired on 11/11/19.
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How QAnon Conspiracy Is Moving Closer To Political Mainstream | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Daniel Lindy 1 year ago

    Cult 45!

  2. Thai Malik 1 year ago

    French ???

  3. James Hall 1 year ago

    How many trump supporters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    None. They like being left in the dark.

  4. ArgentPure 1 year ago

    So many Democrats on the verge of indictment! Drain the Swamp!

  5. GaudyCouturist ! 1 year ago

    Pedophile rings? Hummm…keep children with their parents at the borders… pedophiles are lurking….

  6. Nicolas Neimer 1 year ago

    The same people who believe the earth is flat and the world was created in 6 days. The education system in this country really fail.

  7. Bad Blood 1 year ago

    Stay Tuned LIBTURDS

  8. Victor McLeod 1 year ago

    Nice try 'FAKE NEWS' the truth WILL be known. Just look at your ratings "Journalism IS DEAD' the real truth is now in the hearts and minds of the Patriots. With our GREAT president we ARE makeing America Great Again. Get used to it 'we' will have 4 more years.
    'Did you know that'?

  9. Debbie Gladen 1 year ago

    Conspiracy theories accusations no longer have the teeth they once had to make someone look like a nut case. Because of all the violence and over the top bias and hatred spread by all anti Trumpers, you in the Sorros and Rothschilds controlled media have actually hurt your precious Democratic party giving us who support our President a new and growing movement, Walk Away". Thanks MSMBC!

  10. Diana Diana 1 year ago

    Very far from Q but aligned with millions who know MSNBC and other mainstream media mislead us https://youtu.be/23Dc2ZfpKmo

  11. The clan 3,000 1 year ago

    Well put it this way , the like symbol is blue even though i didn't press it . Not impressed .

  12. ILL L 1 year ago

    Its the truth. Dems are calling it radical to mask the fact that they are communists.

  13. ILL L 1 year ago

    This vid is propoganda

  14. War Is Wrong 1 year ago

    Who killed Epstein and why then?

    Q is about the Durham investigation.

    The deep state are those who want war against Russia and a one government world state. But that isn't enough to explain the obvious horror they have about the Durham investigation.

    We know these pro war people aren't really progressives. Something else motivates them. Money and coverups of ill gotten gains are the first suspects. But sexual blackmail would be even more effective.

    So who killed Epstein and why did ABC and CBS executives feverishly try to find the ABC whistleblower and fire him or her last week for exposing the ABC unwillingness to report on Epstein?

  15. Sharann Bray 1 year ago

    Say what you will there have been arrests and the World of pedophilia has been exposed, arrests at Disney, Epstein, and huge trafficking rings are being busted. Monks say 70% of people in the World are Evil, I’m starting to see it.

  16. John Larsen 1 year ago

    We are witnessing the outing of the traditional news media outlets as nothing more than willing, sometimes unwilling, purveyors of misinformation and made up stories and outright lies. President Trump has done nothing wrong and they know this and are still trying desperately to convince the American public the exact opposite. It is painful to watch do many people trying so hard to destroy a good man, his family and conservatives in general for no other reason than we do not agree with them and the globalist agenda.
    After the I.G. report and the F.I.S.A. declassified documents are made public and the real traitors to this country are made public, maybe, just maybe these so called ‘reporters of news’ will have the grace and enough humility to admit that they have been wrong. I’m not holding my breath on that.

  17. Oh please Q is as much of a conspiracy as you all are real journalists. Y'all don't even cover the truth but I bet you have nice homes and nice cars. Your morality goes to the highest bidder. Luke talks about how you money loving media's work.

    "Professing themselves to be wise they quickly became fools."

    I don't watch media or follow Q. Too busy LIVING. Everyone's a CON.

  18. Bruce Smith 1 year ago

    not french. not a religious cult. it would be logical that trump has loyalists that are helping him behind the scenes that are connected to the military. Not sure if Q is it though.

  19. Kegan Roszell 1 year ago

    Here comes the war:)

  20. Chris Sergent 1 year ago

    Dark to light #WWG1WGA

  21. Chris Sergent 1 year ago

    MSNBC……. Fake news!!!

  22. Iam Negan 1 year ago

    Q is real

  23. Lori Armstrong 1 year ago

    Look up Joe M's "Plan to Save the World" on You Tube and make up your own decision about what's been going on behind the scenes to help restore and bring sanity back to America…

  24. T H 1 year ago

    kek ..

  25. montro electric 1 year ago


  26. Fredy Matias 1 year ago


  27. bear crane 1 year ago

    Nothing Burger.

  28. Damon 1 year ago

    I put in search term Q anon and I get information from the Leftist Loser networks …. as MSNBC. I look at some of these mindless comments and it is typical of course do to the fact that the Leftist Loser Networks dont give news but emotional programming. There is not a deep state ? Do you have any idea of the Oklahoma Bombing, the 93 world trade bombing, 9/11, Waco, Ruby Ridge, WWI, WWII, President Kennedys famous speech on the deep state ( shadow international powers ) etc etc etc …. and know the deep state actions against president Trump as the proven phony Steel dossier …. and know this fake impeachment ? People who watch stations like MSNBC for news or to support there emotional delusions are the literal modern slaves of our time.

  29. FAKE NEWS! You lie about everything. The losers are democrats. They want a socialist country. They're the stupid ones.

  30. Sue Brurell 1 year ago

    Conspiracy theory? Really? The child predators are the Clintons, DEEP STATE clowns, Epstein, Hollyweird. TRUMP WILL TAKE YOU DOWN

  31. troy tucker 1 year ago

    She was real Donald Trump will be the Victor 2 surprised too deep States and the Democratic satanic cult the cabal to bring freedom to the American people in the world this is why Trump is aligned himself with the world's leaders to bring down the Deep state yes it is all true let it be known CNN CNBC ABC are all controlled by the Deep State Jews to hate America they will soon feel the wrath of Q

  32. Heather Sutton 1 year ago

    It’s not a Religion it’s Freedom taking over the Evil that’s infiltrated the Government!

  33. Dan White 1 year ago

    MSM only attacks what that is a threat to the Deep State. Very clear indication that Q ANON is very effective at exposing both the media and Globalists. Nothing will stop what's coming. From dark to light. Trump 2Q2Q!!

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