Impeach the MoFo @JennyHatch #QAnon

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QAnon? A Primer by Citizen Journalist Jenny Hatch: #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening @JennyHatch

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  1. I just want to Be the Very One That is Chosen To Put The Needful Rope Around The Neck Of The Dematard Donkeys Stinking Assesses Party. Yes People I Really Can Be The Hangman. And I will Do That Job With Extreme Prejudice. The Dematard Donkeys More Than Deserve The Noose Over Just Being Shot For The Treasonous Actions Against The Constitution And And America.

  2. I see Schiff and think of those poor babies with hydocephalus with their enormous, bloated, veiny heads. What is wrong with these people…they all look deformed to me. Pelosi's eyebrows are moving away from her eyes, they're horrified and looking for a was off that face. Hillary, yeah need I say more? Hillary need Dr. Feel good with 10 cc 's of his finest adenochrome. Something is really not right here. You look at zuckerborg, one of their biggest supporters, and wonder if they're even human. Pointy ears, dead eyes, pointy teeth….you know like deliverance, the children of incest, blood issues. Both Clintons are Rockefeller bastards so…..just saying.
    Love your vids, big fan. You go girl!

  3. At least you showed us how it might be like if Trump was accepted by the left. Love your work. Just don't know why you blocked me on twitter. Broke my heart.

  4. The word Patriotism should never come out of NaNa's mouth again! She knows nothing about it. God Bless America. God Bless President Donald John Trump. Thank you Jenny. Love your movies.

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