International Child Kidnapping Conspiracy?

An American father, Neal Sutz, with dual citizenship in the United States and in Switzerland, fled Arizona in 2017 with his wife and two sons to start a new life in Switzerland, after he claims his life was ruined and his two children were in danger in Arizona, due to his wife’s family.
His wife is allegedly part of an influential family in the Mormon Church in Arizona. She claims, and has testified in court, that she and other members of her family were sexually abused as children, and she feared her own children were in danger.
Both boys are special needs children needing medical care, and shortly after arriving in Switzerland, they were allegedly medically kidnapped under the authority of Swiss child protective services (SPMi) after their mother experienced a psychotic breakdown in Geneva.

Enter Dr. Daniel Schechter, anti-Trump psychiatrist, responsible for separating Neal Sutz from his two young boys. Schechter tweeting out anti-Trump and anti-Pompeo tweets. Rhetoric from him getting more vitriolic after Sutz speaking out about Schechter’s clear interference and potential HIPPA violations.

Watch as we tie this all back to Roger Stone’s judge….the tangled web the deepstate weaves…

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Ann Vandersteel


https://www.linkedin.com/in/annvandersteel/ (currently removed by LinkedIn and libeled “dangerous”)

Neal Sutz


Scream Of Silence: Neal Sutz, Mormon Church Leaders, Child Trafficking, & CPS In Arizona & Geneva, Switzerland


Dr. Daniel Schecter Twitter account

Dr. Daniel Schecter Alt Twitter Account

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