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International Notice of Claim and Proven Interest by Anna von Reitz

International Notice of Claim and Proven Interest

By Anna Von Reitz

I am publishing the attached Dropbox files for the entire world to see and understand.
These records concern only one (1) of dozens of accounts that are under the
administration and Power of Attorney of Julius Shiva. At the time these documents were
created, Julius was being shadowed by Giovanni Battista (sometimes spelled Baptista)
Richello, a CIA Officer who was his Witness.

Like many other immigrants to this country, Julius was not given the benefit of full
disclosure and so, he spent many years in the No Man’s Land of U.S. Citizenship,
without knowing that he wasn’t yet in America — but instead, inhabiting a foreign
jurisdiction under the auspieces of the District of Columbia. That changed once he
realized how and why the CIA was claiming (through the person of Giovanni Battista
Richello) a General Power of Attorney over funds that belong to and which should
naturally be administered by Julius.

It was the same crock that the Brits have used against all of us, falsely claiming that we
were voluntarily adopting U.S. Citizenship and acting as willing Wards of their State-ofState organizations as Subjects of the Queen.

So, when Julius stepped through the open door after decades of being in political status
limbo and became a South Carolinian, part of the population of an Organic State of the
Union, everything changed. The Queen and the CIA could no longer claim to be his
Trustees and “Representatives”.

And the entirety of his fortune and the power of his inherited General Power of Attorney
came back to him, no longer subject to a foreign sovereign.

This circumstance means that the World Bank and other banks that have been abusing
and misusing his deposits as if they owned those deposits, and who have been allowing
vast crimes of money laundering and misappropriation, have been caught red-handed in
a personage fraud scheme that has impacted millions of people.

I am here as Julius Shiva’s Witness, to say that he is the rightful heir of the D’Avila
Family and that he owes no special allegiance or fealty to the British Monarch, is not an
“asset” belonging to the CIA, and is, instead, a living man and an American, a South
Carolinian owed all the protections of the Federal Constitutions.

Whereupon as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated
Federation of States, I clearly and unequivocally say that Julius Shiva is an American
and stands under the protection of the American Government.

We hold the only proper role of Government to be the simple aim of protecting the
people and their assets, whereupon, we claim that Julius Shiva is owed the
unencumbered enjoyment of his fortunes and the exercise of all the General Powers of
Attorney that he has acquired as the rightful heir and administrator of all the primary
trusts and accounts held here and throughout the world.

This is just one primary account out of dozens. There are over 5000 secondary accounts
and literally billions of individual personal accounts.

By stepping forward and offering this as an initial proof to all Parties, we invoke the
protection of the mighty presence of the True God and ask for assistance and guidance
as we create a new understanding of money and institute a new banking system.

To see the evidence regarding just one of the accounts that Julius holds under General
Power of Attorney see the following link:

The banks of the world know his name, know that he is the true heir, and have pretended
otherwise for their own self-interest. They have colluded together to seize upon deposits
that lawfully and legally belong to him. Let all honest men bear Witness to the truth.
Notice Issued By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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