Introduction to QAnon: Why The Storm or The Great Awakening Is Worth Your Attention!

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Introduction to QAnon: Why The Storm or The Great Awakening Is Worth Your Attention!

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  1. WOW. Q POST 170 8/20/2018 REAL BIG FIREWORKS! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM ! I hope Huber's Grand Jury(s) are already reviewing ALL the evidence relating to MOVIE 1=THE PLOT Just the START
    The NAMES THAT ARE REDACTED on the FISA application WILL BE SHOWN TO THE GRAND JURY. There is NO ESCAPE . IT IS the END OF THE ROAD for MUELLER's Anti-Trump Russia Collusion PROBE

  2. As an ardent Q follower, most of the information "we" (Q and the anons) have uncovered has led to a more Politically engaged populous here in the States. We are mainly researching thoroughly and bearing witness to , in our humble opinion, a fight, politically, between Good and Evil, ie, major corruption, at least here in the States . You may not realize this as well, our most researched and concise revelations have often come from the UK, and the "5 EYES – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britian, as well as the US. While Q's humble origins may have been from America, the interest, and impact, has been GLOBAL. There is a dramatic shift in world politics occuring, and We are aware.

    The decision to post the Q information on, of all places, the Chans, the haunt of skeptics, "weaponized" autists, incels, and conspiracy theorists, who demand citations and will "draw and quarter" liars, charlatans, and con artists…Q has withstood their test of legitimacy.
    I want to thank you for your interest in Q. My hope is; Please continue to research, and pray for guidance and conclude that Q is really a source to be considered.

    Pax vobiscum'

  3. The message of Q is correct regardless of weather he is legit spy or just a larp. The US is one nation, we must be united against the corruption of gov on both sides and the divisiveness of the MSM. The military is in control now under Trump. The awakening is real. We need to vote out the corruption on the left & the right.

  4. I like you are free TV & JustInformed Talk for Q analysis; there are many others. Some are truthful, some are wacky, some are disinformation agents. You need to judge for yourself, and do your own research. Trump speaks in code; his fumbling of the Fuji water bottle that dumb MSM made fun of…was a clear clue. Patriots knew 100% what the message was. Is Q still on 8 chan? I thought he/they/it moved to https://qanon.app/ These folks have been doing Q posts 24/7 live stream for months https://youtu.be/WbzF1gsPrEc

  5. Good man SImon! Cant wait for theTrump/Q effect to reach over here. Been following since the beginning, its innevitable. Without doubt Q is part of Trump team, lots of confirmations by Trump dince November of last year

  6. A lot of what people don't know is that since trump has entered office his administration had targeted the global paedophile network. No matter what else he does this is of utmost importance.

  7. Cheers from commyfornia, USA. Hope you guys figure out solutions for your own country. American patriot will stand with you, to protect our western cultures together.

  8. As a Brit, I was one of the original 4Channers at the time Q came on the scene, which makes me a bit rare. Q got me interested enough to move to 8Chan, which he/they did because 4Chan was compromised. There have been enough 'proofs' put out by Q to keep me interested and, as Simon said, it almost doesn't matter if he's who he say he is or not at this stage. It's a growing movement and force for good – anti-Globalist. The other interesting aspect to Q is that he has said it's worldwide [ww] movement. There are UK Deep State links into what has been going on in this story 'ex MI6 operative, Christopher Steele and Pissgate' for example. Another example is how the '5 Eyes' security services (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia & NZ) all do the dirty work to spy on each other's citizens… In other words, each of those 5 countries can't easily use their secret services to spy on their own citizens in their own country – so they get one of the other 5 Eye outfits to do it for them. Q has said other countries will follow. I have a hope that we can drain our UK Swamp too. Honestly, there's so much to share, I will just have to stop here. I recommend people start looking into it.

  9. This just in!! Important! New Drop!!! Important! Q Anon not American, not a Patriot? Follow the money! Russian provocateur? Ask yourself why? Lizard people invasion? Donald Trump really dead and replaced by the Lizard King? CIA knows the lizard king is freed but are they on our side? Did the ring of power really get destroyed or was it all faked? Our only hope is that the Elves make it back from the West in time to save us all!

  10. One of the great things about you bringing this up Simon is the interesting perspective your Subs bring.
    It is quite a refreshing change.
    I would love for you to continue down this road as well as your other great perspectives.
    Quite eclectic.

  11. Can't wait until President Trump finishes draining the swamp. When the storm is made public, the ignorant will be in shock, the awake and aware will be celebrating. The Great Awakening is growing. WWG1WGA ! : )

  12. I think you’ve done the best job I’ve seen so far of summarizing for people unfamiliar with the movement on a firsthand basis. You do give your biases (nationalist and Christian), and as I see it, you are not insisting that you have the answers and no what is true. You seem to still have an inquisitive approach and an open mind.

  13. The American people support president Trump in a way never seen in America. Everyone loves him. He is loves his country. We have never had this in my life.

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