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Is Q Real? Qanon vs Mainstream Media – Project Mockingbird and The War for Your Mind

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🎬 Is Q Real? Qanon vs Mainstream Media and Project Mockingbird -and The War for Your Mind

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About this video: Jennifer Mac shares her qanon for beginners guide – What is Q. What is Qanon you ask? Is Q real you ask? What is the Qanon Conspiracy Theory? Many believe qanon is real and I am one of them. Where to find qanon posts? Or where to find qanon drops? Qanon posts, or qanon drops, can be found on the 8 Chan board or at – this is to answer the question of where are qanon posts. Many are searching for What is qanon youtube and what is qanon reddit as well. What is qanon Mean / Qanon Posts patriot hour

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  1. AKEWSD 3 years ago

    Q is owned by democrat to make money

  2. Lou G 3 years ago

    Add this to the Trump melt down compilation and we can enjoy it for years to come. Go "Q" MAGA

  3. Tim Alexander 3 years ago

    Hold on 1 minute while I check… think, think, think… nope my mind is still there. 🙂

  4. Kathy Trawick 3 years ago

    Cynk just provided final coffin nails for his credibility.

  5. Thornton Xavier 3 years ago

    I believe Q before the douche bag Young Turks and MSNBC. #WWG1WGA

  6. Aaron C 3 years ago

    Wow i want to go head to head with these fools

  7. Q is real….it is a mindset to bring patriots together. The morons in power have tried to divide us through racism….money…… is Not working any longer!! WWG1WGA!!!

  8. Marion Nock 3 years ago

    Trump needs to be more open and tell us what is going on as im starting to loose faith

  9. JD2 3 years ago

    Thank God for people like you.

  10. Bekkie Born 3 years ago

    Deep state has nothing to worry about, if it's not true, yes? O.o Why even worry when you not guilty? Right? Lol

  11. Lorraine M 3 years ago

    Excellent video, Jennifer Mac! Sharing far and wide ❤

  12. Stewart Mackay 3 years ago

    "Do they know that what they are buying into is not true" Better question, How do YOU know it's not true. These people insult and talk down to the Q movement as if they are all knowing. They don't know sh*t

  13. Right Hook 3 years ago

    Question everything

  14. Moody Music 3 years ago

    Where we go 1 we go all !!!

  15. small ed 3 years ago

    How much more time does "Q" need? The air continues to be poisoned on a daily basis for months at a time by chemtrails. I'll believe "Q" is the real deal once I see the skies permanently fixed. Right now it's a dog-and-pony show with a whole lot of unsubstantiated hype.

  16. Mary Loretta 3 years ago

    Long LIVE Q !!!
    Q stops the hot air and bullsh%t our government tries brainwash us with.

  17. B. Gallina 3 years ago

    Q= TRUTH

  18. Cheryl Byrnes 3 years ago

    Two words Operation Mockingbird..

  19. TBJ- 01 3 years ago


  20. Kia Thompson 3 years ago

    We are Q the people get your shit together or we take back are White House

  21. showtime951 3 years ago

    Cenkur, Sore?

  22. Casey Gates 3 years ago

    Ahh $h!t, I had to laugh at the last statement, we are dangerous people an mostly all armed and have lost our minds.. LMAO..

  23. L M 3 years ago

    Yes its American made. Because we are patriots. We are Americans. We are NOT Traitors to our country. Where is the violence they speak of? Its not within the Qanon Movement! Its what hides in the Darkness. Dark to Light.

  24. Maxine Russell 3 years ago

    Scared of Patriots who love their President and have woke to what is really going on and THEY should be! #Qanon, is not violent. They are just in fear!

  25. Maxine Russell 3 years ago

    They are running from Q like roaches when the lights come on lol

  26. Anthony Galliart 3 years ago

    Go Q Go

  27. Space Junk 3 years ago

    I love #QAnon because it highlights the reality that anybody whose brain is fucked enough for them to be a Trump supporter, is somebody that can not differentiate between between fantasy and reality. #Q does a great service for us all by demonstrating this so clearly for anybody with a working brain, time and time again. #WWG1WGA It infantilizes ALL Trump supporters, makes ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS look like fools that operate on some mental level akin to a very young child, in the eyes of the whole world. The left LOVES Q for doing this AMAZING SERVICE! Thanks, patriots!

  28. David Bodi 3 years ago

    Q sent me !

  29. Autumn Kirkham 3 years ago

    One does protest to much. America will find out one way or the other.

  30. Autumn Kirkham 3 years ago


  31. Poni Gurll 2 years ago

    No such thing as "conspiracy," it's called "colluding" when you're a Globalist Communist. Hey, FEDS, look over there, not here!!

  32. Shelly 2 years ago

    Watching this 8 months after you posted. LMAO I don't watch the fake news so I didnt see this hysteria! #WWG1WGA

  33. Michael Wilson 2 years ago

    God please heal completely all grid damage in the Earth planetary body and soul fracturing to enable 100% accurate details of all factual truths recorded in the planetary brain as historical timelines using all tools at your disposal and your imagination, asking for all beings in the light interested in this healing project to assist and to also ask all plants, animals, insects, the Moon, the Sun, the Solar System and The Four Royal Stars, also called Archangel Stars ; Aldebaran (Michael), Regulus (Raphael), Antares (Uriel), and Fomalhaut (Gabriel) to also assist and also heal 100% The Family of Michael, also known as the Arch Angel Michael Matrix past, present and future and allow the for successful completion of their The Family of Michael agreement to be a part of the 100% rehabilitation of the Fallen Angelic (Seraphim) races by agreeing to be the Guardian of the Horizontal Grids of this Earth System, known as the Golden Eagle Pylon Grid Network System. God completely heal the Golden Eagle Grid infiltrated into reversal code system ( reversal 10 D Current) as instituted by the Controllers or Reptilian Intruder Races as part of not only healing grid damage and soul fracturing include all Satanic child abuse, electroshock mind control methods, energetic implants, artificial realities, false timelines, false histories, cannibalism, child sacrifice, human trafficking of any kind, misuse of all forms of technology. God shine trillions and trillions of your God light on this project and if needed target all timelines and dimensions as well.

    What most people are not aware of is that the extent of the grid damage incurred in the planetary body along with the soul fracturing is so extensive, that it is almost impossible to gain accurate details that we can call factual truths that are recorded in the planetary brain as historical timelines. No one can say exactly when disclosure will happen or predict future events at this specific date and time, it is impossible during this cycle when traveling in zero point and simultaneous spiral time. Humanity has to gather the holographic pieces of our light body and reassemble them in corrected position in order to reframe it with actual historical evidence recorded in our consciousness life stream. Our consciousness has experiences that can never be erased, and that content is shared through the rehabilitation of the planetary brain as we reassemble and reclaim our spiritual body parts and ascend.

    The earth has been subjected to electroshock mind control methods and energetic implants being administered to suppress the entire population, along with artificial realities being projected into multiple dimensional holograms, recorded with false histories and false timelines. This means we have to extract the artificial reality and remove the artificial intelligence holograms in order to see what is false and what is real in the human consciousness experience. This means no one has all the pieces of truth and the human race must all come together and unify in order to spiritually heal. We must be willing to dig deep and hard within to find the nuggets of truth buried inside our consciousness bodies, while we navigate this soup of NAA obfuscation and mind-controlled confusion. Keeping humanity confused and depleted is a psychological warfare strategy known as the confusion principle tactic, to spread mass lies mixed in with bits of truth in order to confound the population. Cultivating a culture where no one feels they can trust each other and they do not have any semblance of discerning what is truth and what is lies. This confusion has stolen our true spiritual identity and renders us blind to the awareness of the current war raging over human consciousness that is happening behind the veil and on the world stage.

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