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LOC Roundtable #4 part 2

Is QAnon a distraction? Since Q has come on to the scene at the end of 2017 he/she/they have grabbed the collective attention of the truther community with cryptic messages pointing towards the mass arrests of the criminal elites who have been pillaging the world for centuries. Q has said that Trump is working for the people to free them and bring these criminals to justice, yet we still wait patiently for these arrests. Is Q wasting our time or is Q revealing how timing is everything when it comes to rounding up this dark force? Each of us must decide for ourselves. Thank you to Josh Lawrence and Nick Irvin who joined me for this discussion.

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  1. James Beck 3 years ago

    Nothing real solid has come from with it. But it has forced people to educate themselves. And it is helped get a lot of people on social media saying the same thing. But it could be just a new form of propaganda. Unless it is all followed up with evidence of events happening. It feels more and more like just educating people and pushing the narrative.

  2. James Beck 3 years ago


  3. Moderate Rebel 3 years ago

    I'm pretty skeptical myself. If anything, I like how Q has unveiled the skepticism out of people's distrust for the government..giving folks the tools to do their own research and find enlightment to the narratives MSM has fed to the masses.

  4. Lina HL 3 years ago

    Claims of mass arrests and indictments..yet nothing. I never believed in this Q thing.
    Same thing happened in 08 with Obama. We get manipulated, played by fear and anger.. it is all orchestrated. Doesn't anyone find it odd that these presidents have all been related? (with the exception of Van Buren). And that is just the one oddity that should start to get you to connect dots. The indoctrination is now so deep that the absurdity is not registering.

    Your intuition is closed off that you don't recognize ethical leadership. You trust wild goose chases to tell you that it looks and sounds crazy but it's all for a good reason. You are all just being led blind.. distracted.
    Whatever proof you have been waiting for about a deep state conspiracies should've been out now. Wake Up! Your Trump is one of them and is a traitor.

  5. BeyondSideshow 3 years ago

    It is an obvious distraction. And it works really well, judging by the amount of distracted people obsessively mulling over this stuff.

  6. Master C 3 years ago

    It has deffently revealed some things but i feel like this is to convient its like your getting something that everyone can get behind but what else? saving america starts with human trafficking? I feel like it would cause a big blow to the elite and take out a large majority of the problem i just hope this isnt the only thing thats going to happen but maybe this is the best angle to start with the question is whats goimg to happen after this blows up if it does

  7. Joanne Goodwin 2 years ago

    Why do you have that pyramid symbol?

  8. Richard Buse 2 years ago

    Top question to me is, can we trust ANYTHING on social media? Is Q an internet, political version of the Jerry Springer Show ? Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain? Just within the last year there was one guy I was watching who was totally on board with this Q stuff, and he was always ranting and raving about all the impatient people who were criticizing this whole thing. He was constantly saying "Trump has got this. Q is right. This all takes time. Hillary and all of these crooks are going down." All these indictments are coming, and on and on and on. That was over a year ago. Looks like everybody has been had again to me. Nearly 70 years on this Earth has taught me that nothing ever happens to people like the Bushes and the Clintons. THe whole system from top to bottom is so deeply corrupt that it would take a major overhaul of the entire American system to even begin to "drain the swamp" . Sure I could be wrong, but I think Q is just the deep state messing with us like a cat with a mouse.

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