Isaac Kappy: QAnon Is Real 1000 Percent

Kappy reassures doubters about the #QAnon operation.

Original Source Truth Inferno Aug 6 2018:

For my own thoughts on Q as a benevolent psyop targeting MSM #Mockingbird propaganda please see:

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  1. Q Anon is a hack who has friends in high places… He's only real if you mean "real deep state troll, keeping everyone busy with magic tricks while they are being royally pwned"

  2. Calling something 'real' doesn't say anything about Origin or Inten/motive. Of course it's Real cuz were affected by it and it Knows stuff , and seems only good.
    Sorry but I watched too much star trek and can't erase the Q character from my associative memory process, and that character was Quite a powerful trickster, you know he vanished at will too and the captain couldn't do that..
    Stewart Swerdlow said in a recent podcast that Q is a team of human/ ETs….and that he, Stewart is protected by them. Quinn Michaels describes the a .I. of it as well.
    What say u?

  3. Crypto Beast do you believe Qanon is real or is this a joke? Can't believe people are still calling themselves truthers while continuing to spread this lie :S Just as blind as the guy watching CNN.

  4. Q called out ed buck in July. The hunters become the hunted. And for all the doubters out there. Don't wait for someone else to fix this mess. That's why we have this mess in the first place. It's up to the people to create the world we want. For every finger you point at someone else. 3 are pointing back at you.

  5. I’m not a Q Cult member….but I’m a Q person “questions everything”. I follow the crumbs and use discernment. I think Q is the greatest blessing to make each person research and not rely upon biased opinions. It’s up to each individual to decide what’s real or what’s a psyOp, or an endless rabbit trail. Overall, I’ve learned much from Q crumbs.

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