JEFFREY EPSTEIN | Q posts #3458-3471 (17 posts) #QAnon Majestic 12 (119 posts) July 20-23 (Part 1/1)

Part 1/2 of this video. It is about Jeffrey Epstein, but also covers some of his accomplices, namely Ray Chandler and Ghislaine Maxwell. I talk about some of the fronts for human trafficking and look at Epstein’s temple.


I am trialing out this new video format which focuses on single subjects instead of trying to go through all of the new Q and Majestic 12 posts, which is way too hard. I think it’s a better format and I will continue to develop it. This isn’t really a finalised form, as I combined it with looking at some of the new posts as I was doing in my previous videos, so it’s a sort of transitional step.

Also tried tweaking the audio by trying to edit it more by reducing the background noise, but that just ended up sounding worse, so I just stuck with this version with the original audio at a boosted volume. I feel like the audio was worse than the last video though so I will try to improve it again next time.

Plus I tried to start making cool thumbnails for the video! Do you like this one? It looks bigger on Bitchute (my backup channel of the same name).

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  1. Thank you for uploading this content. MAJIC, I am confident WE ANONS WILL WIN the Greater Fight! …dreams are the story of individuals, but myths are the story of the collective.

  2. I Haven't Heard SQUAT About The China Lake "earthquakes" Which Really Surprises Me…
    Only One, Explaining That

    An Underground, Very High Security Operation Involving Nuclear Detonations Were Carried Out To Destroy The Deep States Heavily Financed And Highly Protected Underground Trafficking HeadQuarters

    Which Can Be Accessed Via Submarine With Under Water Entrances Just Perfect To Allow The Trafficking Of Millions Of Children, Secretly, And Practically Fool Proof As Far As Getting Busted Goes….As Who's Gonna See Underwater Traffic?

    Sick Bastards Are Running On Borrowed Time.

    I Can't Wait To Watch Them All Get Euthanized.

  3. human CHILD hunting on their island… inspired what movies? THE HUNGER GAMES? PREDATOR? … maybe. strong maybe. THEY don't make their movies up. TRUE stories. Art imitates THEIR twisted deeds. No smiler/clown should be. Not one. THEY smiled. Like the announcer in the movie The Hunger Games. THEY smiled at innocent tears. Cause a "natural" disaster in Haiti. Child separated from Haitian parent(s).. assumed dead anyway. Hunted/Sacrificed. Cameras everywhere so the twisted clowns may ENJOY the games. Hunt assumed dead anyway children… then, eat the whole pizza. Runaway children… assumed gone forever… easy pizza… No names. Orphans. Can do whatever to them. Completely play with them. Sexually and to death. Unlike well known children… Harder to completely PLAY with. There was no playboy channel before these sick losers. There was no television shows or movies so sexually deviant before these losers.

  4. Were did Ray Chandler come from? DO her parents know what was happening to her. Is she a run away? Why did she stay with Epstein so long why did she screw men too old for her. She was working for this dark circle as young as 14.

  5. I read qanon is made up of several high profile people some Generals, Some Billionaires some come and go do temp jobs then leave. But the core are a group of Generals and Billionaires.

  6. Why not let us see for ourselves instead of constantly flipping around and talking in circles? It's maddening!! YOU make it totally confusing! Jeez, what a mess! No wonder people think it's BS!

  7. A couple of things. First, this is way too big to ever get broken open. Like the first Indiana Jones, it's going to end up in a box in a warehouse next to the Holy Grail.
    Second, you cannot just swim from Little St. James to St. Thomas. No chance on that NW heading you show.. The trade winds are out of the east, and sooner than later, no matter what your original heading, you will be swimming west. You'd have to swim north to Great St James, and even that short hop is unlikely, traverse all that rocky terrain and jungle bush (and with what on your feet), and from the north end of Great St. James trying to swim NNE hard, trying to get north of the latitude of Water Point so that the by the time the wind forces you due west, and it will, you can hit land. IMO, less than a 1% chance, even for a world class ocean swimmer.

  8. Actually Majestic 12 was a classified group of people put together after the Roswell incident. The reason why it is labeled a "conspiracy theory" IS BECAUSE their existence was and actually still is classified, although there is a lot of credible sources that give the history as well as who was involved in the group. They are considered an investigative/think tank/ policy-making group within the black budget programs of government intelligence, AND YES still do exist today. They are the specialists into ANYTHING occultist, supernatural, "otherworldly", and all other strange phenomenon, including Secret government programs (AREA 51, Patterson Air Force base and the hundreds of D.U.M.B. bases world-wide). They also deal in mysterious or ancient relics and HIGHLY CLASSIFIED technology and science….the kind that most of the world thinks only exist in movies. The occult and this secret science and technology go together. Occult magic is nothing more than what is considered highly advanced knowledge and application of science, specifically areas of quantum physics. Anyways, just like Q is part of High level military intelligence, so is the Majestic 12 program. They are basically all black budget classified programs, with level of expertise in different "departments" however they are all (NASA, CIA, MJ-12, ect, ect) Under the same HIGHLY CLASSIFIED Umbrella.
    One last thought, the sun dial helps in their blood sacrifices. When using occult science and ritual, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. during certain times, seasons, days and years, "windows and doorways" can or are open and accessible into different realms and dimensions. Certain events and activities within the natural and spiritual realm are built on time tables too. Certain energies and frequencies are higher at certain times and there are other times when our dimension line up with other dimensions. Once that time is passed, the door or window to these things and possibilities close and so can't be accessed again until the next cycle. These sacrifices and rituals have to be done at the PRECISE TIME ALLOTTED or they won't be effective. The "Princes" that they sacrifice to are the Principalities, the same ones the bible and particularly the book of ENOCH talk about. They are the Wicked DEMONIC Spiritual rulers or as some cultures deem them "gods" that they sacrifice to in order for power, wealth, and other supernatural abilities. Just like times of Antiquity, these Principalities need/require blood from sacrifices due to the energy that is both in a persons blood, including the VERY ESSENCE OF LIFE ITSELF, So they give the individuals in power "things" in exchange for the spilled blood, which then these entities feed off of. (Think of the latest craze among Helena Blavosky and her celebrity friends with "SPIRIT COOKING" the principle/reason is the same. The ancient relic of worship has to be some type of device/thing to connect with these very HIGH LEVEL principalities, or it could be something to manipulate space and time, open portal to different realities, dimensions, places, or spiritual worlds. Just some thoughts based on my own knowledge and first hand experience. ..

  9. Q is bullshit and a psyop. “Trust the plan” is codeword for shut up and keep doing nothing. I tried giving q a chance but after two years of the bullshit NOTHING has changed. NOTHING!! Snap out of it and quit waiting for a savior. That’s why we are all in this situation in our country. If our founding fathers had today’s mindset and lack of courage this would still be a British Colony.

  10. El Chapo and Jeffrey Epstein both should get the death penalty. Also miss Maxwell she needs to be in jail. And don't be surprised if you see a lot of Judges committing suicide because there's a lot of them that involved in this mess. They need to get on their knees and pray that God will have mercy on their souls. And I pray God can forgive me for not being able to forgive the crimes they have done. We were all children at one time.

  11. If someone had done something like that to one of my children and I found out I would be in jail because I would take justice into my own hands. Do y'all remember the story years ago where this man had been molesting This Woman's little boy I think he was 12 or 13. She went into the courtroom and shot him herself and they arrested her and put her in jail. I can't remember what president was in office but they finally gave her a pardon she had breast cancer and she wasn't doing well.

  12. FBI involved in the sex trafficking unbelievable. They are all corrupted. Please Lord Jesus Shine the Light on all this corruption you have power Lord use us to do your good works. Protect our children at all cost in Jesus's name we pray ask and it shall be done in the name of Jesus Amen

  13. then build another jail to house these bad politicians. They always come up with the money to build them for their citizens. All of them that are guilty should go to jail. They can't be trusted once corrupted always corrupted. Pull their pensions they are not deserving of them. Put time limits on it elections for Congress and Senate. The longer they stay in the more corrupted they've become.MAGA……

  14. Now we know why Angelina Jolie and all the other actors that adopt children from other countries. I hope to God Brad Pitt when involved in this he said the reason they split up was because they had different ideas about how to discipline children. And Tom Hanks I hope it all comes out about what he's been involved in. I never watch television anymore. Don't pay to go see movies I'm not going to help line their pockets. I'm ashamed that I was a Democrat and I helped both these people in. I pray for forgiveness I I was blindly naive. I'm wide awake now.

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