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Juan O Savin 5/23/23 Video B

1 day ago

Juan O Savin 5/23/23 Video B

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Juan O Savin with David Nino Rodriguez

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  1. Sometimes its hard to listen to Juan. I don’t ever know what is the truth or what is a distractive comment, so I find him too full of information to really understand his double speak. Am I making any sense? Does anyone agree with me? I mean, we really do not know who he is and what “role” he is playing in all of this. Who is he and why does he think he knows so much? Someone please explain HIM to me so I might understand his gobbity goop.

    1. I understand your angst with Juan. He has been involved with the internal cogs of the Spy vs. Spy political environment his entire career. Reading his Book, The Kid by the Side of the Road, he explains how he ticks, somewhat cryptically, in analogies (no, he doesn’t believe he’s Jesus reincarnated), but the way I understand it is they can say so much but we must pray for the Discernment to be able to connect the deeper dots in a plausible way that makes sense. This ride wasn’t meant for everyone, but for those who are ready and willing to give it a shot and who are unhappy with the status quo. I am still learning like everyone who seeks answers. They call us Patriots. We NEVER give up! Thanks for joining us on this Trip! Good Luck and hang in there. No fear. God Wins! God Bless. LM https://ia802203.us.archive.org/19/items/the-kid-by-the-side-of-the-road-juan-o-savin/The%20Kid%20by%20the%20Side%20of%20the%20Road%20-%20JUAN%20O%20SAVIN.pdf

  2. Thank you Juan for explaining why the timing of the sting is so important so not to allow it to backfire on us. I think your explanation will help many people who are getting impatient. Keep reminding us because if we have the understanding of the reasons why, I think it will be much easier for all of us to wait.

    I think the way they rolled out that vaccine was absolutely shocking. They did it like Dr. Mengele would have done, you get no choice. A new president goes into office, and the first thing he rolls out are mandatory vaccines?? My God, talk about having no respect for the Nuremberg Code. That whole first year of the plandemic I spent every day on Twitter telling people, please don’t get that vaccine. I’m just one person but I knew it was a deadly bio-weapon. My parents were European so when it came time for the vaccines, they refused them for all of their kids. They had every right as a parent to refuse. Getting the antibodies naturally gives you really strong immunity. I worked in a hospital once and got blood titers, where they draw your blood to look for the antibodies, because they were having outbreaks of childhood illnesses. I had plenty of antibodies to everything. Apparently, those naturally-acquired antibodies stick around for the rest of your life if you live through the childhood illnesses.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share such an Excellent Comment with us here on TTQ! YOUR Voice also makes the waiting more tolerable! New people are waking up to the Realities we seem to be forced to face by the Hour and if just ONE Soul perks up their ears by hearing your words, that is all it takes to get their Dominoes to fall on their circles of influence. Once God starts speaking to you through spreading Truth (more like once we recognize his Voice), you can’t go back to being Ignorant! God Bless you Judith and I am Thankful your Parents were AWAKE and brought us YOU! LM

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