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JUAN O SAVIN- On the Ocean In the Thick of it – Ethan Lucas 2 5 2024 PART ONE

JUAN O SAVIN- On the Ocean In the Thick of it – Ethan Lucas 2 5 2024 PART ONE

14 hours ago

I cut this into a FOUR PART SERIES that Juan did today with Ethan Lucas. Topics are in an interesting order. Juan is on a Cruise Ship that is headed towards Antarctica for a trip he has been wanting to do since 2018. I can only say this because what he talks about here are all the clues. Enjoy the waves and the connection via Starlink that is now been completed as to the system on Cruise Lines all over the World.
He talks about the upgrades in technology. That at first were very primitive by today’s standards. Take this trip sit back and watch and if you can get the drift.. you will be IN THE KNOW. Because between now and when everything goes down YOU MUST UNDERSTAND the way it works. These are in roughly half hour pieces and NO ADS except for the interior pages.
You’re Welcome.
Juan also talks about his injuries and what he has endured after a couple of accidents and changed his way of working out. He did “Mixed Martial Arts”. This has given him a very different life experience.
Dr. Strangelove is one of his favorite movies.
The old technology of the “phone booth” era. That actually does still exist? Most of our lives are taken over by “devices”.
Tucker Carlson just finished his interview with Putin. This might be a very major development with some “Golden Nuggets” they WILL precipitate something very “bombshell”. This was the first thought of what will be coming very soon.
Russia has the drones and has taken designed systems with “exacting precision” to take a dominate position in the REGION.
We are in a PROXY WAR. Tucker is going to be INSTRUMENTAL in his “boots on the ground” reporting to get the TRUTH home to this Country. Ukraine has be used as a “jumping off spot” to LAUNDER MONEY and foment this war with RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA..

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