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Juan O Savin Thank NESARA/ GESARA (Amazing video)

⚠️ Juan O Savin Thank NESARA/ GESARA (Amazing video)
⏸ https://rumble.com/v1cnhyt-juan-o-savin-thank-nesara-gesara-amazing-video.html

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  1. Thank you Shemane for bringing us all this video. We all know this election was stolen anyone paying attention and that is most of the population I think, and, its frustrating to watch Bid-oom in office. He is destroying this country for the syndicate and criminal NWO, and committing graft creating racism, forcing deadly vaccines, lying and cheating with the syndicate he and others of the DS worship and thrive on, criminality. Trump on the other hand loves this country, he made it great, and they hated that. The People love Trump like we all do for good reason. The dems are no good, but the Congress many GOP are not good either, and that is what really upsets many. This has gone on so long, this covid slavery using it to control, keeping people under arrest like the bogus Jan 6 witch hunt,half truths and lies, always attacking President Trump 45, hospitals murdering people, the list of travesties goes on and on. But yes people are weary, and most don’t have it good like many of you. Girls in sports look at what is being done to them and women and parents in general. The creeps are out in force and not much is stopping them watching rinos in Congress, so other than outrage and speaking out they are there, and unless they are arrested or executed, my God they commit crimes against humanity every week on and on. Thank God for those who care like Juan, and others and you, and Laura Mae. God bless you for this video it is heartwarming.

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