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Juan O Savin: Trumps Return Part 2 | Flyover Conservatives

#JuanOSavin #TrumpsReturn #FlyoverConservatives Welcome to the Flyover Conservatives podcast with David and Stacy Whited. Breaking down current events and examining culture through the lens of conservative Christian values. Feel led to donate and support the Flyover message?… Get Flyover Conservatives Merch @ (Discount Code “FlyoverYoutube” for 10% off) Follow us @ Twitter: @davidmwhited Facebook Community:… Facebook Page:… Instagram:… Website: ALL LINKS:… ————————————————————————————————— Juan O Savin brilliantly lays out where we are in the world. Nobody breaks down current events with the lens of historical significance like Juan O Savin… especially while putting it in a biblical context. This is the second of a two-part series recorded just before the 4th of July Weekend 2021. Be sure and watch both. Very important to know not just what is happening, but also the branding of the conservative movement that will be important to you in the days ahead. ————————————————————————————————— The Called-Making for a Perfect Day ▶… Buy Juan’s Book Kid By The Side Of The Road at: ▶… Revolver | Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open ▶…


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