Kathryn Olmsted w/ Will Sommer – The QAnon Effect – State of Conspiracy . Sept 25 2019

Crooked Minis Podcast. State of Conspiracy
The QAnon Effect

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  1. I got nothing. Half way through and I am just at a loss for words. The Epstein, Q pizzagate stuff is going to get worse. I am actually getting tired of certain YouTube creators saying they exposed or debunked this stuff at this point. Props and respect Glow. Know you are just the messenger here.

  2. So……you don't believe there is a "deep state" but you do believe in "powerful friends?" So, you go to Q anon rallies & is it safe to say, you are spying on Q anon people?

    ………….After 13:41 minutes, I stopped. Basically, this is 2 people, who pretend as though they are above all this Q nonsense (they are obviously more educated). Q followers come in all colors, all ethnicity's, all educational backgrounds & all varying IQ's. It's OK if you do not want to follow Q, no one will say you have to. The parents you talk of, I've never heard of. Maybe you made it up?

    ………….Just an FYI, when you decide to make a podcast about a certain something, it would be nice if you kept your opinion out of it. Just the facts Mame, just the facts, I'll draw my own conclusions. However, if you want to give your opinion, then please state in the beginning this is an opinion piece, not necessarily factual. Shakin my head! Unfiggin believable! All I wanted was the facts, won't be coming back here!

  3. I do not believe in Q however when President Trump refers to the "Deep State" (.& myself & other Trump supporters) he/ we are referring to the political crooks that have been there for a while such as Biden .

  4. Sorry this man hasn't done his research. Qanon started out as a joke on 4chan , some folks took it to far & to 8chan, and it got completely out of control & the guy that started it as a joke feels bad. Also no one knows who is posting on the 8 chan bc it is completely anonymous thats why they shut it down. Its a farce

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