Latest Qanon post 20 Nov 2019: What happens when the PUBLIC discovers the TRUTH

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  1. Bill Clinton is on Tablode in stores 1 month ago ~ says bill has 2 months to live ~ dying of ??? dont recall ~ THE KILL BILL ORDER HAS BEEN PUT OUT ~ APOSTLE TIZ ~

  2. Can't wait! Follow the money and you'll see why Democrats are so upset and want to impeach Trump! This is why FOX is changing – PANIC at being exposed! None of them want the truth exposed, including Fox! They are no different!

  3. Hey…calm down. Calm down and genuflect. Solving the algebra problem requires the balance
    of values to both sides. Now off your knee, it's all fake even whether by imaginary choice or permission. Word salad vs. word salad combat just goes right thru you, or maybe left?
    What is not word salad? Talking points of the week? Amendments, Patriot Act, Obama Care?
    We don't have the attention awareness or memory span for meaningful combat, when how mean determines how long you are on the field of battle.

  4. I thought Q was on the attack? I thought Q was gonna end this mess? It's all a big joke…Q and Trump or who ever ate "fighting for their life". ..lol…I thought this was all gonna shut down and military tribunals were gonna happen and what happened? NOTHING. Trump is at fault, allowing this to continue. The Dems ate winning, our side is doing nothing that's why Dems are and will win. If you still believe something good is gonna happen your all tools then. It's all a big joke. Dems. Repubs. Trump. Everything a big joke.

  5. The only bad news coverage is no coverage. This is ALL asymmetrical information warfare. You all have forgotten how they played the Soviets. You're FOLLOWING Q and you're convinced that you think for yourselves. It's ALL poisoned!!! Mainstream V the Q narrative? It's ALL asymmetrical warfare!

  6. Don’t hold your breath. Q-Anon, is nothing but Fear Porn to generate hits and therefore money on YouTube. That’s all any of this is.

    Like it or not, we will never see a former POTUS or presidential candidate perp-walked, indicted, or tried in this country, much less convicted and imprisoned. No matter how much any of you might masturbate like lab monkeys to that imagery, it’s a fantasy.

    The Media is already brainwashing the lemmings that only tyrants and dictators use the legal system against their political enemies, which has never been true. Tyrants don’t waste time or money on legality. They just assassinate, exile, or imprison.

    No matter, 0bamas, Clintons, and Bushes are above the law, whether we b!tch about it or not.

    I’m curious: Why would you want to see the Constitution thrown out and banana republic arrests and kangaroo trials become the law of the land?

    Would you want a president to have that kind of power if Michele 0bama were to become President? How about Chelsea Clinton?

    Do you even think of a future state and unintended consequences before you write these things?

    Anyone looking for “Q”(JFK Jr.?) to ride in like the cavalry to fulfill all of your indictment fantasies is a fool. John John Kennedy died in a plane crash because he was a $hitty pilot flying in weather conditions beyond his neophyte flying skills.

    You people are living in delusion and it’s not healthy. Your entire model of the world and how it works is a house of cards, waiting for a stiff breeze.

    You’re going to lose what’s left of your minds when these people continue dying very old, of natural causes, receiving post-mortem accolades and funerals to put King Tut to shame. Just look at Sen. NoName’s shameless postmortem Trump-bashing lovefest. At least Bush 41’s funeral was done with some dignity and class but you people have declared him a satanist, pedophile, cannibal, you name it.

    I actually feel sorry for those of you who are holding your breath waiting for mass arrests and military tribunals, which are NOT ALLOWED FOR CIVILIANS under The Constitution.

    P.S. We’re not in a state of declared war so treason is not a valid charge.

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