latest Qanon post 24 Nov 2019: Rudi Giuliani to Expose a Massive Pay for Play Scheme

Rudi Giuliani to Expose a Massive Pay for Play Scheme

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  1. Red Blanket 3 years ago

    Top of the morning Patriots

  2. Stardazee Seven 3 years ago

    Good Sunday to all Patriots!

  3. Jeannie 3 years ago

    Even the Amish know what’s up! They went by the van loads to vote for don! They are doing the same in 2020! I red pilled a couple but most are already aware. This is an amazing time we’re living in.

  4. eshapiro007 3 years ago

    Love this utube station

  5. Edward Orlowski 3 years ago

    1971 "Billy Jack" Tom Laughlin famous line " I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face. There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it. … Well, 46 yrs. later we have our own version…Billy Q Trump Jack kicking some ass.
    Just try to remember like the original movie, all fight scenes are choreographed.
    Almost all the actors die of old age and pneumonia. You almost never think fake,
    as you watch the show. Don't think fake as you read my comment. Think 90/90.
    Think whatever you can for 90 seconds. 90 min. from now you won't remember shit!
    Nobody will tell you the shit in orbit that just happens to make one orbit,
    every 90 min. like clock work. Nobody will tell you the connection to the human,
    90 min. REM sleep cycle. Enjoy the American dream. The universal slumber!

  6. ✌️

  7. Duphe 3 years ago

    getting orwellian wikipedia "explanation" that QAnon "is a far-right conspiracy theory" embedded below the video.. what the actual fucking fuck.

  8. Pam Locke 3 years ago

    Stop sending money send what they need instead no more money

  9. From Europe . How I wish it could happen here too .

  10. Heather Sutton 3 years ago

    Oohhhh ! gave me CHILLS
    An awaking and We the people!!! Thanks Q

  11. Evil SpiderMonkey 3 years ago


  12. sprschu 3 years ago

    Brian flashing gang signs?????

  13. Sherry Telles 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday JFK Jr, ( John John). You are loved and you are missed.

  14. Mark Decoto 3 years ago

    Pray for the safety of Guiliani. The deep state will stop at nothing to shutdown those who expose their schemes.

  15. Aviro Nevo 3 years ago

    What's Rudy' "insurance" against Trump?

  16. Paul Adcock 3 years ago

    OMG, this is hilarious. Please keep it up. I have been laughing at your vids for days. Please keep them coming!!

  17. Ivy Rivard 3 years ago

    Yeah,Reagan tried,but they scared him.The last NON CORRUPT president before Reagan,was JFK, AND THOSE FUCKING SATANISTS KILLED HIM.

  18. Ivy Rivard 3 years ago

    These dumb,animalistic creeps will try to 'get' Giuliani,but they will fail AND get caught.

  19. William Thomas 3 years ago

    Sorry Anthony. I can't take the computer voice.

  20. George ONeal 3 years ago

    Soros is an evil sob and l would like to see him in gitmo

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Tuning into God’s Rock and Roll ~ Episode #2 ~ The Storm is Upon Us, Christ is On His Way…

Tuning into God’s Rock and Roll ~ Episode #2 ~ The Storm is Upon Us, Christ is On…

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Brian Stelter Executed


Former CNN host and convicted pedophile Brian Stelter was hanged to death at Guantanamo Bay on Friday, just hours before the facility locked down in preparation for Hurricane Ian.

Sources on the island told Real Raw News that guards roused Stelter from bed at 5:00 a.m. and told him to prepare for his big day. Stelter gorged himself on scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage patties, and whole wheat toast—his final meal—with one source saying the breakfast could’ve fed five inmates.

No sooner had he finished eating than he began sobbing uncontrollably and rambling incoherently about how he, a world-famous broadcaster with millions of fans, was a victim of malicious prosecution whose only crime was endearing…

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