Latest Qanon Posts 11-16-19 : It's A TRAP!

More YT skullduggery….

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  1. :} @Stroppy >> I follow you because you are not top of list. Top of list players (like Corsey) are full of ego and only trying to get money from ppl, as they ramble on for hours about their own theories. You, @stroppy, simply gather reported information and disseminate it to us in a perfectly neatened-up package with references to all your sources. You are perfection @Stroppy.

  2. I warned yall that those running this Q FRAUD should get lawyers. It is against U.S. law to pretend to be a government employee, It is against U.S. law to profit from pretending to be a government employee. If you have profited from the Q FRAUD even though you are in another country you should consult a lawyer yesterday. The long arm of the U.S. will find you no matter where you are. If you made a penny from merch or views then you profited from the fraud. I assure you the Feds have been investigating all of you for some time. I hope you have a place for your dogs while you wait extradition if you were aware of the FRAUD and helped it along.

  3. hey Stroppy, do you have a bitchute account? i hear youtube may start totally shutting down truther channels. i want to know where to go to follow you if this happens to your channel. i'm collecting alternate platforms for all of my faves right now.

  4. Why don't you understand stropp? Its plain to see they are using their weapons againsed them. And have walked them into a trap by exposing them and their lies to the people. They know their moves. Whats not to get.

  5. You should keep on doing exactly as you have been doing for as long as you can, my fine Aussie friend. Bitchute is a great backup. Going over to create an account myself as soon as I find the time. But You Tube always reaches more people, so you gotta stay put as long as you can! Thanks Stroppy, Cheers!

  6. I like the way you present the information, please don't stop. Yes, it does seem that you are a target for censorship, as I am being blocked and shepherded away from information.

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