Latest Qanon Posts 11-20-19 : Q Proof?

Get on board pls – YT will soon be taking down this channel, but I will continue on BC!
Decided not to continue with Brighteon ’cause it’s a mess!

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  1. Thank heavens, we found your latest post. Bitchute is making it very difficult to get on for those who are following you. Your followers should start a class action suit against YouTube for suppression of first amendment rights. We don't have real journalism any more so we depend on sites like this to get our information. Thank you for all you do and stay strong. Love to Hank. He is adorable!

  2. Adam Schiff is worse than scum. He’s the lowest form of human life one can find on this planet and it irks the heck out of me that he’s gotten away with so much. I want more than anything to see this lying leaking coward tried for treason and watch him hang from the highest tree for all his dirty underhanded deeds and crimes against America and the people he’s killed along the way. He should burn in Hell for what he’s done. I’d like to watch him burn alive, that’s how much I think of that scumbag. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nancy Pelosi enjoying the same fate. God forgive me for having such terrible feelings towards my fellow human beings, but I somehow don’t consider them as human. May God have mercy on my soul for having such horrible thoughts.

  3. Thanks Stroppy. You're so RIGHT, a good video is a quick video; & we like the personalized ending too~
    You could teach a lot of the windy folks who put out lengthy videos & don't say any more than you bring to us! Cheers~

  4. Charles Ortel is about to become PRIME TIME — he's YT's "resident expert" on all things CF, and oh! the things he can tell us! This movie is about to get REALLY GOOD

  5. Stroppy: I am sending this to everyone I follow and trust. Please share it. Coordinate the platforms you will use. You people – those we trust – need to have a conference-call to decide on where we should go to find you.
    (Already, for me at least, YouTube will not allow me to follow your live – links to other platforms. So please try to spell-out those links in your uploads.)
    And remember, also, that whatever platforms you choose, can always be bought by Google, who will make them an offer they can't refuse.

  6. She can’t use her political power to collect money and can’t support global terrorism for profits! May her death be slow and as painful as those who suffered because of her!

  7. When Mike Savage, plus Hannity, Limbaugh, Jones and lots more are calling despot pigs out—plus Zero GOP backed Schiff—all Hell is about to hit:………

  8. Stroppy- maybe utoob would get off your back if you let them add some ads to your videos. It would be worth it to still have you around! Bless you & your sweet family.

  9. if you care about your free speech rights and the right to use adult language in an adult forum please visit Spaceshot76 channel Qanon 11/19/19 information warfare, listen to the rules after the ad, go to the pinned comment by An all American cartel LLC, read replies, add your 2 cents…
    I've been banned based on nothing + 1 accusation..


  10. The filthy little piglet satan worshiping offspring of the disgusting Clinscums needs its source of income brought down to a reasonable level. Maybe the world understands this, and is reducing its support.

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