Latest Qanon Posts 11-20-19 : What Now?

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  1. America's most notorious traitor, Benjamin Arnold, was before his treason a decorated patriot. Vindman is a traitor. His purple heart and years of service are meaningless next to his acts of treason, just as no-name McCain's are now…and we can only hope he meets the same fate…execution for same.

  2. 40 years 50 years after Hitler supposedly died we find out he live happily in Argentina so yeah he's alive on a beach drinking margaritas

  3. What schiff did at Standard hotel is so evil that it made me sick to my stomach and nauseated all day, it has also affected me mentally, I can't unhear that. My mind has never plunged the depth of sick evil that schiff perpetrated on a child and had a witness killed. I suggest you not listen to this report if you're morally innocent and don't want your mind corrupted with such hideous evil.

  4. Old pencil neck needs to be drug through the streets on a rail! These demonic satan worshipping trash have participated in evil most of us CANNOT even imagine!!

  5. So the lt col deployed once and was a LT col, I’m guessing from going to school. Gets injured one time during 2014 (Iraq has no issues at that time) and gets a badge and a Purple Heart? Sounds like someone went to a store and bought those. I’ve known soldiers who deployed 3-5 times and never got anything. And one guy who got a Purple Heart from a cut lip.

  6. GOP Rep Matt Gaetz does not get the respect in leading the fight to save our country that others get. I don’t understand why? Hannity was a bit rude to him last night.

  7. Great work mate also good to see Jim Stone posting he is right onto it! His website is constantly attacked which makes me think he is accurately reporting. He did a great piece on missing mh370 also however it’s hard to find now of course but is very interesting

  8. Stroppy stay strong sunshine, as many around the World appreciate you efforts and sacrifice, we 'Down Under' also appreciate all you do. We share your same frustration of nothing appearing to be done, you are here at this time specifically to carry out what you do. We know who wins in the end and all these frustrations and attacks make us stronger. MAGA…. 'Make Australia Great Again'. WWG1WGA

  9. Oh schit and piglosi know very well what is going on and they fear being taken down! Losing everything they have stolen from the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS!

  10. Too many ex-C_A running our country and in political positions. The C_A has always wanted to rule the world. Once C_A, always C_A! Right Schiffty, Pelosi, Big Mike & Hussein, Hillary?!

  11. [D] December [ 1-6 ] days… who is going to the Hill around that time?
    Russia, Russia, Russia and the un-true blue soldier boy is in Deep do do… and Sorry Charlie , we now know to mirror you two… tit for tat
    Re Read drops.. timing is everything… and Enjoy the Show. there is No Stopping [D5]… remember the loudest have the Most to lose…

  12. I can't believe pedoski said the people shouldn't decide. She is really a piece of work. I suppose she will want to decide who should be the Pres. She is soo stupid. doesn't even realize what she is saying. There is nothing she and her pedo buddies can do. As Q said, nothing can stop what is going to happen. No one can keep him from being our Pres. I'm sure they will try every trick in the book Maybe they will have to try from Gitmo!

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