Latest Qanon Posts 11-21-19 : Biden's Exposed!

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  1. All the local news in Rochester NY today are claiming Sondland tied prid pro quo to Trump. Absolutely false, and they know it. If your in a blue state, your local news is worse than corrupt scum.

  2. Trump was not investigating a political opponent. He was investigating a corrupt government official! These are the corrupt SELF-SERVING frauds sell out America for personal gain.

  3. When you check on the timestamp of this tweet, it leads you to Q Post 1057…go look at it..our President is going after these dirtbags in a big way and I couldn't be happier with his efforts..The man is delivering on every single promise he made to the American people and more. God Bless him and those who are fighting this fight.

  4. Sondland said in his opening statement that there was quid pro quo. That is the excuse that the MSM needed to have the headlines that you saw. Under cross examination by Schiff, Sondland said the opposite, that POTUS wanted no quid pro quo. Rush Limbaugh thinks that there is someone orchestrating this entire impeachment situation (beyond Schiff). Q also mentions puppets and puppet masters.

  5. If anyone gets the feeling that nothing is happening check out Kip Simpson’s channel , he’s been documenting the arrest of dozens of public servant democrats all over the country being arrested for corruption . . This week a mayor is facing nearly thirty years for gross corruption . It will cheer you up to see just how many are being indicted ,

  6. Adam (blinky) Schiff looks like he's trying to blink SOS calls… with Adam Schiff you get a bargain load of blinks per minute …blink blink blink blink..it's looked like he's a blink per second ….like to see body language ghost do a post on this one …pure kek …isn't chuckie bloomer the guy that paid BIG MONEY to the family of the cheerleader girl who committed suicide after his sexual activity with so depressed her and filled her with shame she choose death . I find chuckie doomer very distatseful

  7. This witch hunt is not bad for this country, it is bring to light just how bad the left is and it shows that the democrats have been trying to overthrow the elected President since 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lying papers all over the globe. The deep state are making sure they gets the lies out across the planet. Almost smell the desperation. Not long now and the whole lot comes crumbling down…..all for nothing.
    Thank you Mr Trump, your team, Q team and the patriots who keep us informed

  9. during a bank robbery there is a get away car waiting outside for the robber criminals, the msm are the get away drivers, they are just as guilty as the ones in the bank, accomplices, they need to be charged also.

  10. Yes same in England stroppy, bbc radio, only mentions the democratic narrative absolutely nothing like the truth, take care ty for your vids

  11. Wow this is organized crime using family members to launder their dirty money. I cannot begin to fathom the Billions these political hacks have stolen from American Taxpayers.

  12. IF Barr didn't know how corrupt mueller was, hopefully he does now! Still not totally on with Barr will just have to wait and see if he is real or not.

  13. I wonder if the department of justice Just-Us will go after the Congressman from California who witness tampered the ambassador and said on Twitter welcome to the resistance?

  14. The Bidens robbed citizens of one of the poorest countries in Europe only to be out done by the Clintons robbing some of the poorest people in the world Haitians. DemonkkkRATS are nasty people.

  15. Not adding up. Victoria Nuland (deep state) et al (Soros's assistance) circa 2013 manufacture a 'populist uprising' in Ukraine. Supposed to be peaceful. Then bullets start flying. Building set on fire. People die in burning government buildings. This is bad. Deep state was supposedly responsible because 'foreign coup/overthrow' needed because then Ukraine President was supposed to be bad for deep state. YET Ukraine President actually turns out to be bad????? Laundering billions of dollars through American Wall Street psychopaths while donating millions (10s of millions) to Clinton's campaign? So, which is it? Was Ukraine President bad and corrupt and deep-state donor or was deep state correct in taking him out with Soros assistance? This is contradictory.

  16. Regarding what you were hearing down under about yesterday's testimony in the sham trial,… we have the same controlled info as you have. If you weren't watching fox news or looking at the interweb you would think Mr. Trump's goose was cooked.

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