Latest Qanon Posts 11-22-19 : Information Warfare

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  1. The progressive communist vision for our Republic is treason. Everything being done by these people (the progressive communists,) is treason. Long live our Republic!

  2. Every single journalist or TV presentator must be fully aware that they themselves are useful idiots that serve the deep state. How could such a person ever look himself/herself in the mirror and say "I have delivered professional and balanced news today"? It is obvious, that they have no conscience whatsoever, and will do their masters dirty work, as long as the pay check arrives. Soul-less scum, all of them.

  3. The news lost its credibility after the stock market of 2008. Back then they pushed panic, the basic direction of a socialism takeover. Now we are seeing the maturity of this plan. Time to shutdown the treason.

  4. Stroppy, why do you hate he Jews so much? Can't you see that the left is Israel are doing the same thing to Netanyahu as the left here is doing to Trump. Champaign and cigars , REALLY? If the left is successful in taking down Netanyahu, Israel will be in a very weakened state but God will defend Israel. Go read your Bible Genesis 12:3. Abraham is the father of the Jewish nation. Please, be on God's side. Also read Romans 10:9-13 and be saved. It sure would be nice to see you in Heaven, Stroppyme. Cheers from Texas

  5. A few weeks ago I commented on a magazine cover of President Donald J Trump. A photographer took pictures of a young Trump while he gently held a dove in the palms of his hands. Even then he had a vision of peace, a world peace! Being a child of God I was drawn to this man and the concept, born in this man's heart, of a world that could work together in harmony. Over the years I watched as he amassed his wealth and built some of the world's most beautiful, and exquisite buildings, in the world. He worked very hard but never strayed from his vision of world peace. I am loathe to admit that I did enjoy
    the back and forth as Rosie took him on, and silenced her.
    The very next day after I commented on the the cover of our President a rag called The Topic appeared with a an article that was nothing but lies and completely slanted with democratic agenda.
    Folks, all I can say is that education is the cure for ignorance. Turn off the media, period. Go to your computer and search for key words that have been bandied about. Wiki is a starting place but search hard our children need help now. Complacency isn't afforded here. Are you better off now? I don't know anyone who wants to live as a socialist. Look up that word, and study the implications.
    Our children are waiting.

  6. It is becoming clearer why Schiff wanted to impeach Trump. He hoped his link to $7.4 billion link who not come out. Panic driving him but it is to late. Who else is tied to this? Time will tell

  7. Btw, [Dec 9] 2017 Q dropped a mysterious one word crumb. It simply said "justice".
    Also, I think a signed suspicion is Ukraine's version of a warrant based on reasonable suspicion.

  8. Thanks for that Stroppy. I don't know about Australia being the biggest donor or not but, they were ripping off Africa in a big way too. Don't be fooled about Google, twitter, facebook, Instagram etc; censoring. They are ALL owned by the Pentagon. The Pentagon are using them as scapegoats to keep your eyes away from the real controllers. Remember when thousands of operatives in the Pentagon were caught with child porn on their computers. Why was it so readily accessible there. The Pentagon started facebook, remember. The Pentagon started DARPA, the global surveillance network, the weather control. The EMP weapons, the Looking Glass Project. Area 51, NASA. Don't look here, look there. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #FactsMatter #NowWeKnow

  9. The courts do everyone else the same way Mr. President. Counties all over the country have made jailing people a business. They make the rules and leave the uneducated in law person to fend for themselves amongst ambitious court members

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