Latest Qanon Posts 11-23-19 : POTUS: 'Historical'

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  1. Biden implicate Mr. O when he was skite-ing about getting that prosecutor fired. He told them to call him… I wonder if they did? If yes… the transcript of that call would be pretty interesting wouldn't it?

  2. REGARDING the COMMENTS of the CNN Piece by EVAN PEREZ, in this Stroppy Me edition of Nov 23, 2019….

    CNN Media Heads and Political DC Operatives Construct More Russian Madness (w/ important video reminder)…
    Posted on January 10, 2017 by sundance
    Anatomy of a Modern Media Political Smear
    If they didn’t continually use the same playbook (reference Trump’s pre-election manufactured sex assault accusers), these insufferable political media constructs would not be so transparent. There are trillions of dollars at stake.
    The framework for the latest narrative begins with a CNN report, constructed by a familiar set of characters (Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein), all referencing a vague and intensely obtuse claim about Russians attempting to gain some form of opposition research leverage against President-elect Trump.

  3. I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but it stands out like neon signs to me –
    "Crossfire hurricane" – another reference to the Rolling Stones. I see the Stones music is prominent at Trump rallies, especially " You Can't Always Get What You Want". There always seems to be a Rolling Stones reference hiding around somewhere since President Trump took office. Can Q fill us in and is it something we should pay attention to ?

  4. Dear Stroppy and subscribers. I used to work for Global Telesystems a Brussels hub Telecoms company where we used to deal with real VPNs that had dedicated hardware at the Telco end. The first project I had was to sort out PGP or Pretty Good Privacy which was a program to enable encryption for secure file transfer. Our global overlords must have been chuckling as they bought up whatsapp and any apps that attempted to maintain privacy. This is a shot across the bows to anyone who thought they were free to express themselves openly in private. To quote Q. "We have it all." "These people are stupid."

  5. The NYT article, if correct, would not make the inspector-generals report historic, more an establishment white wash. I'm sure a majority would believe in it regardless, thanks to the meritocracy cult.

  6. It saddens me to see these traitors still running free after three years of more corruption and seeing how these thugs have siphoned our tax dollars thru their ponzi scheme by using other countries for kick backs after giving away our money… There are lots of American citizens living off $300-$500 a month Social security, while these scum speaks about running out of SS money… I wonder why it's running out folks… WAKE UP and vote these demon-rats out of OUR public offices. They do not own them… FIRE THEM this election.. I woke up in 1979, it's not hard to push the other button…

  7. Charles Ortell should have finished, telling the story about the man who found the $20,000.00 check made out to Bill Clinton. Ortell should have mentioned that after he gave that check back to Bill Clinton, the guy was found dead, from a gun shot wound. Afterwards, the coroner ruled his death a suicide.

  8. Hey Stroppy,
    At 06:06 you say DJT says they don't have the server but if you go back just a tad you can hear him say they actually do.
    Keep up the great work m8.
    Big fan!

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