Latest Qanon Posts 12-21-18 : ALICE & MAD HATTER??

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  1. The 'Mad Hatter' is Martin (or Marty) E. Torrey and 'Alice' is Crooked Hillary. If you search Wikileaks you will find emails where they refer to each other as so.

  2. Obama had the office bugged when he left office and it had be be renovated to remove the bugs. The flags show that POTUS is the commander in chief of the military and that we are at war against the Deep State. Note the Deep State may cause civil unrest when the arrests start likely in January which may lead us to martial law. The military in Syria and Afghanistan may be needed to implement martial law.

  3. Q is NOT talking to us hes talking to Dems thats how TRUMP got the WALL FUNDING a very not so subtle threat " fund it it or I drop it all right now " lol at least thats what I reckon anyway..

  4. Just thinking, and again, going back to FISA brings down the House. There was no point in declas of FISA, until the Dems actually had the majority in the House. To do this earlier would have been far less advantageous, than to wait until the House had a Dem majority. Perhaps that’s why the Senate was more important. Perhaps that goes along with the fact that reps who are removed from the House due to criminal actions, are replaced by appointment from the governor of their respective states. Perhaps that’s why the governors were more important than the House majority. Perhaps it all fits. Perhaps it actually is a plan…….

  5. Anons know why the Oval Office was completely cleared and redecorated: the Oval Office was swept for bugs and intelligence apparatus that was hidden there.

  6. Even though the democrat,s stall Trump in anyway possible, he still gives them a thumbs up when they do things that should be par for the course, it shows he still has very nice ettiquette towards ppl that should be hung, shot or tortured till evey single piece of their traitorous minds have to offer, Trump is CLASS unlike the majority of senator,s !!!

  7. If it took FBI director a year to visit all 56 offices, then it was for more than simple inspection & debug.  Trump MAGA forces might be launching arrests using combined elements of Federal, State, & Local law enforcement & even military.  GOD I pray they have the sense to straight-jacket these criminals (whom are dedicated to wickedness) into asylums for the criminally insane.  That is what they are & where they should be.

  8. We all feel the high wire tension. We are in a holding pattern. Too bad Santa wasn't holding a Mic or an old gum boot. Solstice e edgy always feels terrible. Constricting. Light those candles!

  9. The flags have "fringe"..that is unique to Military Tribunals..Alice is HRC and MH gave her that nickname in several emails about PEDO's and establishing a Monarchy with her as Queen and how he thought it was a achievable goal…Mattis (don't know which way it will go) has been testing the waters for a POTUS run against Trump and also might be part of the upcoming Tribunals as a witness to Treason…on a personal note: I think both the Tribunals and Gitmo should be opened to "Pay For View"!!!..would easily pay for the Wall and help toward the massive "restructuring" of our Legislature..Merry Xmas to all and Happy Holidays…"WE THE PEOPLE"

  10. Well, it seems that Justice Roberts is deep state or someone is holding something over his head for blackmail since he sided with the liberals against Trump's trying to not let illegals in. We do not have conservative SCOTUS. I know that isn't in this video but I had to tell someone!

  11. wray, and his team of cyber investigators, visited and cleaned computers of all emails from strzok, page, comey (mostly..to /from office managers)and all other officials that are involved in the conspiracy to murder a president, that could implicate and/or convict top FBI management.MOST CONSPIRACY IN GOVERNMENT ARE REAL CONSPIRACIES , THAT IS WHAT POLITICIANS AND SPIES DO…THEY CONSPIRE.

  12. here in Pennsylvania USA, we are a commonwealth, not technically a state, as the second 'state' admitted to the union , George Washington named us the keystone state, the state that holds the union together. In an archway, without a keystone,the entire wall comes crashing down instantly. The KEYSTONE to this conspiracy was Hussein, Clintons, with McNoName as their gopher and henchman, the media was the poison put into the ear of everyone on the planet. (odd, in Shakespeare plays, poison was often 'put into the ear' to assassinate a person and I often thought it was just words of influence, not actual poison).TRUMP TRIUMPHANT. 2020.

  13. I'd say that the military flags aligned with the presidential flag and the stars and stripes could be taken to signify that the USA is already being run by the armed forces in conjunction with President Trump. I've felt for a long time that the 2016 presidential election (including the result) was effectively and justifiably a military coup d'état to overthrow the globalist cabal of traitors who had occupied the White House since at least 1995 (when Herbert Bush was inaugurated.)
    The Oval Office flag arrangement certainly lends credence to the theory that the military approached Trump to be their frontman in their joint bid to simultaneously avert WWIII and save the Republic.
    I'll be happy enough if that's what it does mean.

  14. director wray visted ALL fbi hq's SO THAT he could have meetings and conversations that could not be / or minimized the risk of / being monitored / bugged / tapped electronically. there is NO electronic record. no mail. no text. no traceability . no tracking.
    " Q / the plan is taking too long "
    i believe our microwave society has forgotten what planning it took for trump to become president.
    trump ONLY became president because he put his plan in place and executed the plan while adapting to the necessary changes on the fly in spite of ALL the opposition from domestic and foreign combatants.
    these things don't happen overnight. when a lion kills it's prey – it must stalk and kill without suffering an injury that threatens it's own life. the idea of being a soldier to to defeat your enemy without getting yourself killed.
    some of the projects i work on myself take over 6 months to complete and the end must be considered from the beginning.
    you have been trained and conditioned for immediate gratification and satisfaction. your movie / video game mentality is conditioned to an immediate beginning, middle and ending in 1 hour or less.
    that's not how this game works.
    in order to safely and successfully fly an aircraft crew must prepare – accelerate – lift off – climb – navigate – cruise – descend – slow down and land while evading lethal hazards.
    it takes time.

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