Latest Qanon Posts 2-12-19 : D's Are Losing The Plot (and the War)!

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. how stupid for these cotten head demorats think voter id is wrong when we have to have id for everything else. why? because they would lose their illegal votes and stop voting more than once.

  2. The disinformation machine AKA-MSM has been at it for years. Same with the Dems. Only now are we learning how bad it really is. Thanks for your reporting Stroppy.

  3. A slither of good news — California has been ordered to purge 3.5 million dead/illegal voters from the rolls. Wait — didn't Hillary win Cal. by 3.5M ?? Gee, wonder what they did with all those dead signatures the past 3 decades ! ! ! !

  4. Q is not who you think he is Folks! Keep up the Russian/Chinese Propaganda push… Take a look at your Tax Returns for you folks in the U.S., Look at What our American Farmers are dealing with Nationwide. This alone has forced the agriculture to be Imported and brought in from China because it's so cheap… It's not benefitting us or our American Farmers or our Country…

  5. The Big Secret is the Deuterium Conspiracy—the root of pandemic diseases—-the near Earth Extinction—–roots of ancient knowledge of the Gods and they are back and huge racketeering criminals going to jail and execution for making US into Babylon's fall from God.

  6. Great Info again. All these little pieces are fitting together to show the processes and procedures these CRIMINALS have put into place, along with the fakeness of those that set this up. This is what will HANG THEM. Every little piece that Q informed about is a NUCLEAR BAZOOKA they have shot themselves in the their OWN head with. They have boxed themselves in, with NO way out. All these ongoing investigations that were not known about, are the STEALTH BOMBERS, uncle Donald mentioned before. Most of the BOOM'S so far have gone unnoticed by most, yet every BOOM uncovers large amounts of TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES, as well as the CRIMINALS, supporters, and how, when, where, why, for what reason, the CRIMES were committed. Showing the truth is ongoing, and every defence the DEEP STATE INBREDS build, the DESTROY themselves, because they are not VALID. These INBREDS have formed the rope, into a hangman NOOSE, slathered the inside of the NOOSE with Gorilla Glue, tightened AROUND their OWN necks, and now waiting for them to pull the lever, to HANG THEMSELVES by their OWN ACTIONS. This is a GREAT SHOW Uncle Donald is producing, with the Constitution as the script. Notice how everything EXPOSED is referred to by the Constitution ? The LAW of the Land is the BASIS for all of THIS. Q is leading us thru the LAW'S of the United States of America, so we know why this is so IMPORTANT, not just a 4 year election, instead to SECURE OUR CONTINUED FREEDOMS. GREAT WORK as Always Sir. You ADD to the EXPOSURE of these INBREDED CRIMINALS. Continuing Thanks for your TIME and ENERGIES here. This is like the cat and mouse games General Washington played with the Red Coats, during the First American Revolution. A Shitt is going to be roasted so bad, everyone involved, in any way, shape, or form, will not survive. Doesn't matter that ITS a member of CONGRESS, IT will be REMOVED from this REALITY, LEGALLY, as well as ALL others . . . Thank You Uncle Donald, KEEP GIVING THEM HELL, HARRY . . .

  7. Were becoming Mexico here in California. Our new Governor is cousins with Nancy Pelosi. Isn't that a shocker? I wonder how many of her family members are sitting Judges over here? All this corruption and Trump is still going to win in 2020. I can't believe Pelosi saying by 2020, Trump may not even be President. Lol He's not getting indicted any time soon, so I take that to mean, they'll just keep trying to assassinate him. Gitmo can't come fast enough for some of these people.

  8. Americans have to show a Photo I D to engage in almost every form of commerce today and even to have their pets inoculated every year! They want to lie, cheat and destroy is all there is too it, and they are the last to understand that more than half of America know this today. We must pray harder and often and continue sounding the alarm, every voice counts, we are in a spiritual war for the freedoms and souls of men, believe that! God bless.

  9. Just wait, when these enemies within start up needless investigations against Trump he will release boom after boom and they WILL stupidly do so. Enjoy the show folks.

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