Latest Qanon Posts 2-15-19 : Pace picking up?

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. karrskarr 3 years ago

    The logo on the watch was a key,IWC=Information Warfare Corps! They work well on cyber crimes through the Navy and civilians!

  2. Norma Paulino 3 years ago


  3. mark caffey 3 years ago

    This is so crazy. I believe that we are headed to a World Wide peace, that’s scary for a bunch that has never known anything except death and destruction. WWG1WGA

  4. Harry Dee 3 years ago

    onya stroppy

  5. Urantia Wins 3 years ago

    Happy Valentines day Stroppy….we all love you!!

  6. mw3516405 3 years ago

    Thank you , Mate ! Have G'Day ! We look forward to your videos !

  7. Peggy Gilmour 3 years ago

    Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for your concern.

  8. Caroline Maybe 3 years ago

    Did Q mean attack on not attack vs?

  9. Caroline Maybe 3 years ago

    I keep seeing “will declare, Sanders said “will declare”. Has he actually signed it yet?

  10. You sounded like Gandalf the grey when you said, “we’ve seen it before” lol

  11. R Stelzer 3 years ago

    Wasn't BARR Hillary's lawyer for 20 years? How can this be right?

  12. Sco/ire America 3 years ago

    Thank you Stroppy, cheers

  13. Remko Jerphanion 3 years ago

    I'm excited, the pace is picking up! Man I need more popcorn!

  14. mayner17 3 years ago


  15. Anon Anon 3 years ago

    Anons knew on March 24, wall would be built and a national security emergency would be called. Anons knew ……. Army Corps of Engineers. Thankful it’s helping so now all my non Q believers will no longer be able to say I was wrong, I was told no way Army Corps OF Engineers, would build a wall! Wanna beat how I would reply!!!! ThanQ!!! Now lets see public waking on Hillary And Bill health issues, so we can see them disappear like no name!’

  16. Traveler2017 3 years ago

    Always wondered where big mouth Feinstein has been the last 2 quiet months. Unofficial sanctuary/asylum in China with Asian buddies? Huawei's main office is in Chonqing. Same company HRC bought 10,000 special secure cell phones from for all her global contacts illegal operations and communications.

  17. kbail 3 years ago

    What a night! Here we go, Patriots. Last drop I saw via Lisa Mei Crowley advised us FF distraction is possible. See something. Say something. Stay safe Q team, Anons, and followers.

  18. Angela Munson 3 years ago

    Stroppy: You have SPOILED us with your quick and to the point information, "just the facts ma'am" reporting. Some of our other Q reporters (who I like) but they have 30-45 minutes or more of bloviating. It's like Stroppy's Headline News! How can you condense 45 minutes into 15 minutes? Are you a classically trained Journalist in Aussie-land?

  19. Bee Lucky 3 years ago

    Nice One Fella ,:+))

  20. Giovanna Sacco 3 years ago

    Thanks Strop for all you do! It appears that maybe we are going to see some results in what is going on in this country. I stand by our President and have been praying everyday that we can return to a country that will not be corrupt. God help us all in our effort to be a part of the Great Awakening!

  21. pavXX 3 years ago

    Thanks Strop! The Q posts are def coming in fast lately. I also notice he/she is posting in the early am (here in the States). Not sure the significance.

  22. Derek Wilson 3 years ago

    Emergency as Barr is appointed, things will happen during this emergency for sure?

  23. stratcaptain66 3 years ago

    It’s encouraging to hear Trump say ‘the great awakening’, and I’m feeling more positive about making progress in the quest to arrest all the scum deep state stooges. I’m happy that Q has acknowledged that some people are quite upset and quite angry enough to ‘save the taxpayers money’ by taking matters into their own hands. I also ca be included in wanting to take out some of these deep state creeps personally…I think there are actually millions of us. Deep state take notice, soon you will find safety NOWHERE!! Not in Office, the courts, hospitals, jail…and certainly not on the streets! This I can guarantee!

  24. DM LACE LLC 3 years ago

    Fired. That means they can collect unemployment…. wonder how much they get per month… and wonder if they will still collect if in federal prison


  26. Jackie Ann 3 years ago

    Love Stroppy and hope he keeps delivering news to us ….
    But Q ?
    Sedative for the justice loving ..
    Trust Sessions …

  27. I can't stand it anymore.
    Thanx for letting me share.
    I won't be back as I choose to stop living now.
    stay safe!!

  28. As vile as hrc and company are, at least they have done Something while they walked in the flesh; whereas I have failed at every attempt at progress while in this flesh.
    Is this hell? I died in 2002. Existence has totally sucked since then. Am I dead? Is this torment eternal?
    I thought the wages of sin are death; having died, I paid for my sins, right?
    Where is the blessed nothingness?
    I'm not supposed to know I'm dead!!

  29. Just a thought when he said High follower count targeting to direct deep and narrative mob as method to remove he could be speaking about people with lots of followers on social media accounts being censored and removed?

  30. Angelica 3 years ago

    Hope I am wrong, but have deep reservations about Barr because of his 30+ year friendship with Mueller. Can anyone be truly objective with this kind of history? Something to think about…

  31. I counted 21 pictures of fired employees…but Mary McCord’s picture appears twice. So there appears to be 20 in the list…and I’m very sure that’s not all of it. Whether he realized it or not, McCabe has publicly implicated Rosenstein in treason…and there are many more involved. Hardly just a few people at the top. This was a full blown conspiracy to overthrow the President. Sometimes conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts. More to come….

  32. J Don 3 years ago

    No rest for the wicked means no rest for the good …

  33. All Senses Firing 3 years ago

    TELL US .GOV!!!

  34. Solar Panel 3 years ago

    people like Q are put into place to keep the people complacent. Keeping people going to work shopping at stores as usual, thinking someone else has things handled… mark my words- NOTHING will EVER improve in society for the masses, unless we Unite PHYSICALLY and Rally in the streets like the French! They fear us taking actions, they dont give a shit what we talk about, so they keep us endlessly chatting, while we keep going to work fueling the system…. if we all unplugged and rallied in the streets, it would bring the globalists to their knees!!! They literally do whatever it takes to keep us functioning business as usual!!!! DONT FALL FOR IT. We need to be hitting the streets, rallying peacefully, training our skills, growing our own foods, totally unplugging from the system until the leaders of this system agree to start letting us have things we deserve!!!! Such as the suppressed technologies they hide and suppressed/hoarded resources!!!!!

  35. Phenix Rising 3 years ago

    Just a text test. Thnks.

  36. Phenix Rising 3 years ago

    Dems exogoods being shutdown. Skies being cleared. Word being put out, reality becoming. Nothing is what it appears. Democratic body disease now seen.

  37. Jerk McJerkface 3 years ago

    Honestly you and spaceshot are my go to for q

  38. Paul Howard 3 years ago

    how does one follow Q?

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