Latest Qanon Posts 3-12-19 : Stay in the LIGHT!

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  1. Thank you Stroppy, cheers. Transparency will be the end of many of these people, wait until we get to the satanic child killers in high-up places. Have your mind prepared, this will make the average person sick to their stomach.

  2. Finally! The end of all this impeachment garbage, the last two years of impeachment ramblings by the demorats has been virtually impossible to endure. Now let’s hang te rats in the streets and whack’em with big sticks all day long!

  3. During President Trump’s latest counterattack [WARLIKE FOOTING] The Conservative Treehouse reports “Failure to Launch: Pelosi and Schiff Announce They are Dropping Impeachment Plan.” Remember: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

  4. I've officially lost my faith in Trump…. He recently tweeted that he is overwhelmingly backing of the rollout of 5G and even 6G he says…. The G stands for genocide… I believe Trump has been compromised cuz it's highly unlikely that he's completely oblivious to the dangers of 5G..

  5. Have a government shutdown and this time cut off ALL politicians wages ! ! ! , not the minions who really work. I want to see the people who WE elect into office living in the same houses as we, I want to see them struggling like we do to pay our bills. There should definitely be term limits, with all access to government severed when they leave.

  6. intercepts have MANY vulnerabilities… like red no longer red… planes froze in skies were red… so red had to go BACK to blue planes… to keep the illusion of flight. :/ vulnerabilities like that~

  7. IF barr gives mueller permission to charge the Trump children with crimes, don't you think piglosi and schitt would be glad and not back off??? NEVER trusted barr because figured he would pick his 30+ year friendship with mueller over JUSTICE!!! He is as dirty as mueller!

  8. Thanks Stroppy. California is so damn stupid, they just think that Pelosi's right, Trump isn't worth the trouble to impeach.
    As if that was ever going to happen. California is the dumbest state in our Union.

  9. Thank you Stroppy, good video. The question I have is how do we patriots put the dinosaur propaganda media down? They need to be put down like a rabid dog and fast.

  10. Of course Pelosi wants Trump to still be in the White House in 2020. He's the biggest vote winner the Democrats have. Why do you think the Democrats enjoyed a blue wave in the House mid term elections? People weren't voting so much for Democrats but against Trump. Trump himself labelled the mid terms a referendum on his presidency.

  11. In a late-term abortion, the baby suffers unimaginable pain and torture as its arms, legs and head are torn off the body so the remains can be more easily extracted from the mother's womb with tongs. A vacuum is then used to clean out the remaining parts of the baby from the womb. stand up hear the voices of these babies crying for our help..STAND UP AGAINST ABORTION/MURDER

  12. Yippee! I'm losing my shit!! Its all happening! I saw the artical about epstein and his evil sex ring being brought back into light. It said his lawyers have til March 19 to submit a good reason why the indictment should not be realised uncovering a world wide sex trafficking ring. Holy shit.

  13. This is so big what is happening encompasses so much. Years of research. Years of struggle. People calling us kooks crazy conspiracy theories etc. 911 lies. Everything. I've been saved because of all this. Thank you everybody god bless.

  14. I know what really happened with Assange. This
    is all about this post, the interview of Assange, and I Quote Julian Assange: "Weapons flow going into Syria, pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadist (possession) within Syria, including ISIS, that's there in those e-mails." -Julian Assange, 7/25/16. This can be found @


    This link is from part 2 of my Seth Rich murder series,


    This article contains overwhelming proof that Seth Rich was the DNC
    leak, and circumstantial proof as to who killed him, it goes right to Hillary and Uranium 1. Don't forget, circumstantial evidence is stronger than a eye witness, there's one of them too. This information could result in a conviction, except that that the Deep State has it well covered up.

    There's even more to this. Because the S/R suspect is a D of E agent it also goes right to Bob Mueller, because he signed off on U/1 as the, then director of FBI.

    I didn't know about this guy, Doherty, until he shot Burkman, I also
    found out he had tried to infiltrate Matt Couch's S/R investigation as well. The motive? Burkman found out that the suspect also was friends with the 2 suspects his witness, Luke Anon, had ID'd as being party to S/R/s murder. The motive for shooting Burkman was the S/R murder, there were actually 3 suspects, with Doherty being the shooter. Heres how I've laid it out. The CIA tracked the leak to S/R's computer, the info went to L. Lynch, L. Lynch gave it Bill C on the Tarmac, Bill C gave the info to HRC. HRC gave the info to Doherty. HRC hired S/R 2 days before he was killed. That means S/R was in HRC's office. Did HRC introduce S/R and Doherty? I don't know that, but somebody does. I believe HRC made sure Doherty knew S/R. The Seth Rich murder is the key to everything.

  15. Here is a link to x22Report for more information about John Perry Barlow. Consider the findings from the Church Committee hearings, concerning a technology that has existed for a number of years now. Dave at x22Report is usually very much in the know. It is very plausible that John Brennan knows what happened to John Perry Barlow. Brennan also knew what really happened to Supreme Court Justice Scalia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH2PzAH4aX0

  16. where can we find the NY Times in Mexico article from Tuesday January 10, 2017 where El Chapo admitted in docuemnts Hillary Clinto took at least $15M from El Chapo ?

  17. Stroppy Your Famous Dude – Your Videos are on the QMap Video Page… Q Sent Me… HEHEHE.. Love it… I havent looked at the video page for ages if you had a Twitter page you would be swamped By Q – Sent Me's LOVING IT COZ your A STAR>>

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