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Latest Qanon Posts 3-16-19 : AG Barr Authorizes National Emergency @ 3:42PM EST (Q Proof)


A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. President Trump HAS the Tesla Time Machine…. There has got to be a way he knows things in advance and seems to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. oh, yeah, NSA has EVERYTHING! 😉

  2. Zukerberg is a CIA pawn; the CIA funded his start-up and continues to glean intelligence from ALL facebook posts. I stay away from all social media. You never know who’s reading what into your posts.

  3. I don't like Trumps increasing closeness with Israel – doesn't he know about the USS Liberty when Israel fighter jet attacked and sank an unarmed US Navy communications vessel, on purpose, killing most on board? Doesnt he know the links of Israel and Masada to 911?

    Veterans of that cowardly attack tried for years to get their dead Captain awarded a medal of valor…

    He is supposed to be America First, NOT America/Israel first!

  4. One thing you may not know. Kim Jong Nam's son Kim Han-sol has been pulled out of Macau by some organisation with western intelligence aid and is not a communist. The Chinese arrested would be assassins in Beijing. There was a previous arrest jan 2017, similar charges.

    An organisation connected to the rescue is a 'western' Korean liberty group called cheollima civil defense group. Essentially a libertarian entity. Kim Han-sol speaks french, English as well as Korean and is pro-unification. All this was before Hanoi so Hanoi may have involved Kim Han-sol. Note a Chollima is a Chinese winged horse.
    From the month when his father died why is his mouth covered and muted when he thanks people? Big reveal will come when that re-screens without the mute.

    When the Two Korea's unite they may change the name to Joseon. The name of a past Korean kingdom that ended in 1897 after 505 years.

    PS Note at the first Hanoi meeting with Trump, Kim Jong Un palms something from Trump, on camera and after a delay puts it in his pocked!?! Why on camera at a closed door conference?

  5. The us ban on ICC is due to the fact that the ICC do not operate under western legal precedent rules so the US can't defend against. Think communist/ islamist law verses western law. You ca't withstand an investigation of abuses if the ICC counts rumours and evidence and false claims are counted as true. Wikileaks may not grasp that because they also don't do western law either.

  6. Still can't agree with your Port Arthur assessment. You using some very weird definitions of proof there. Gun grabbers don't need false flags there are ready and willing opportunists.

  7. Living in the UK you are the first port of call I turn to, to learn "the truth". Amazing devotion to duty with your technical skills. Thank you for helping to EXPOSE THE EVIL STILL OUT THERE. But for not much longer, we PRAY for JUSTICE!!!! PB

  8. @Stroppy Me. I forget which Q post mentioned Whistle while you work… Ironically, there is a program in Australia and New Zealand called ( WWTW2 ) Whistle While They Work ( it's a whistleblower program.) …… I happened to watch one of the NZ massacre videos online and swear I heard whistling in audio… not sure if it was someone whistling or a song on radio in video…… this program reminds me of Secure Drop program in US Q mentioned… very interesting to say the least…ever heard of Whistle While They Work 2 in New Zealand any whistle blower reported missing after reporting to WWTW2 ?

  9. … Mr.StroppyMe!!! … I Am Commenting On Yesterday's Video Because I Am Concerned That There Was No Video For Today … Sunday The 17th!!! … I Even Checked Your Backup Station And Nothing!!! … You Have Been My Mornings For At 'Least' A Year And To My Recollection This Has Never Happened!!! … I Know You Haven't Been Feeling Well And This Really Concerns Me!!! … I Pray You Are Alright With Every Breath I Breathe!!! … If You Took Off Today To Be With Your Family I Wish You All A Very Blessed Day As Always!!! … But My Little Heart Will Be Afraid And Worried Until I See A Video From MyMr.StoppyMe Again!!! …

  10. Well. its the 17th and nothing BIG! Just keeps going, and still waiting for something BIG. google and facebook have to go. Unbelievable what they are doing. Total RATS!! So many attacks against our way of life!

  11. actually it is a BAGA hat. B for Baker. 😉 podesta bad mouthing POTUS supports NZ prime. the shooter shot once and destroyed Comet's computer! imagine that. the image is incomplete. there is an angel on the LIVING side and a devil on the DEAD side. GOOD vs EVIL. nothing truly deep. light blue morning sky at top. 😉 IMHO WE are but a jangled bag of our hormones. no explanation needed sweetheart, ever. we just do the best we can.

  12. NZ was mos def a FF. NZ is escape destination for those needing to leave. they cannot go to a place where citizens have guns. also, will become Democrat narative here in usa for gun ban here over tghe next 2yrs or more.. however, we will not part from our 2nd amendment right to bear arms;

  13. Dear stroppy i wanted to inform you that Utube has removed all your recent posts they have changed the way there listed no rime or reason to the way there displayed its maddening did something big drop?They have really screwed up your site please let me know

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