Latest Qanon Posts 3-18-19 : Keep Fighting…

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
I really do appreciate your comments. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond directly to you. Sometimes I just don’t have the time.
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  1. stratcaptain66 4 years ago

    Watch the BIll Binney-Snowden debate…Binney feels Snowden and he are doing the same work. Why doesn’t Q feel the same way? Binney says that Snowden made great sacrifices to expose NSA wrongdoing. The NSA tried to destroy Bill Binney, but he was too smart for them and defended himself legally. So Q refers to him as a patriot, hmmmm so both Snowden and Binney tried to ‘hurt the NSA’ one is a traitor and the other a patriot???? I smell a rat and it stinks like deep state propaganda. Snowden exposes the same programs Binney did( Binney even write some of these programs) . Q constantly defends the NSA and makes them out to be choirboys, even though they invented five eyes, stellarwind , BULLRUN, boundless informant, prism, EDGEHILL, dropmire, flatliquid and many programs that break the law and violate the constitution. Are we to believe that the NSA has new pure masters? are we to believe that they’ve ceased their evil plan of building a dystopian panopticon? Not fucking likely, don’t be surprised when you discover that this whole fiasco is simply one part of the deep state deposing the other.

  2. frankie schroeder 4 years ago

    Nothing happened? We learned that POTUS Had/has the legal right to declare his emergency… (noting the 12 hah. got ya). Lindsey Graham requests a special council to investigate the "other side" of collusion… and The College fraud case. Related… Huber first prosecution of espionage. (secrets to China). Narrative continues to shift to Justice for real crime. Unsealed endictments imminent. It's a start…

  3. Donna Jackson 4 years ago

    We were playing a tweet game to take the negative tweets Jack pushes to the top. It was fun!

  4. stratcaptain66 4 years ago

    Q is schizophrenic…Bill Binney is a patriot…Edward Snowden is a traitor…hmmmm I wonder why?!?! Because the NSA is still spying illegally on Americans and citizens of the world, they are responsible for 5 eyes, and the myriad programs like stellar wind,prism, dropmire and DRTBOX that’s why! I challenge Q and company to explain how Binney is a patriot and Snowden a traitor. Guess what Q won’t explain, he can’t because he’s an NSA proponent, a staunch supporter of their illegal surveillance programs and building a dystopian panopticon! Stay alert and don’t be afraid to ask questions…especially the ones they afraid to answer.

  5. stratcaptain66 4 years ago

    Tomorrow is March 19…will we have a declass, will any sealed indictments be unsealed? Will we hear of impending arrests? Of course not…but what you will receive is more riddles, observations and empty promises, that is guaranteed. The only way Q and company can use all their dirt on the Dems ( remember we have it all!!) is to build parallel constructions, because everything they have has been obtained illegally through their stellar wind, prism and many other assorted programs! Lol so while they keep you busy chasing that carrot they’ll continue building dystopian panopticon they so desperately desire for us all. Stay tuned..,WWG1WGA

  6. pitbullwinkle 4 years ago

    Hi Stroppy, YT is playing games with your notifications on this one. First time that has happened to me.

    thank you for your work.

  7. Bill Smith 4 years ago

    Facebook gets caught washing the [sheets] ….laundry day??..hmm..

  8. Charlotte Reed 4 years ago

    Love you Stroppy…stay well so you can keep us informed.

  9. G Richard 4 years ago

    4 & 8 chan are infested with these pathetic boomers – Q is tailor made for boomers – Lol
    Trump is the ultimate boomer – Lol

  10. Lisa Y 4 years ago

    What they mean by keep fighting is not violence. They mean contact Fox News and demand they be put back on. Let's boycott the companies that pulled out. They can't silence everyone. God is in charge.

  11. C. Bray 4 years ago

    Thanks Stroppy!

  12. THX Stroppy ! FEEL BETTER MATE , When feeling better : neonnettle – came across Anihera Zhou Black abt EX – husband in NZ !!!

  13. Roseanne Ward 4 years ago

    Tree pic = Life and Death

  14. Santa Monica 4 years ago

    the big thing happening is INVASION BY THIRD WORLD RETARDS!!! i go to my gym anymore and noone is speaking english! no stores employ americans! i dont see any americans anywhere! noone speaks english anywhere!

  15. Roseanne Ward 4 years ago

    Keep fighting means to continue with spreading the truth,
    keep on using Memes, keep putting pressure on our government Representatives and Senators.

  16. Santa Monica 4 years ago

    maybe the picture means "perception"

  17. Ron Baltus 4 years ago

    Maybe it’s the Mueller report! Once it’s out he can go after them with the redacted FISA dossier! Watch your children…Skippy is in Australia! Could the shooter be a CIA asset?

  18. Ron Baltus 4 years ago

    From what I’ve heard the Saudis own a good chunk of Fox plus a large American bank!

  19. Lisa Anne 4 years ago

    Stroppy you are a legend ……thank you for the work you do

  20. Elizabeth Cooper 4 years ago

    FOX News should rightfully bring back Judge Jeannine Pirro. This courageous Patriot, and esteemed former Federal Prosecutor is fighting for our Republic. She is a very important and eloquent voice of our Nation.

  21. Awesome reporting, Stroppy! Your reporting is just at the right time, as well as important and relevant! Thanks again, for your hard work!

  22. No Fear No Joke 4 years ago

    Do process was taking out with the patriot act in 2003. So when they say (do) process. Im thinking (dew) as in directed energy weapons. So what part of the country are they going to attack this time.

  23. Nohan 4 years ago

    Thanks Stroppy!!! Love your Aussie News too…..

  24. Jeff Hopper 4 years ago

    AG Barr certified the National Border Emergency on Friday – Big. Podesta 8 days b4 NZ Massacre, Chelsea on site to milk it, NZ PM wanting to grab guns – smells like deepstate to me.

  25. Rudy Morales 4 years ago

    You say nothing happened because it has not been revealed yet..

  26. Rod Schmidt 4 years ago

    Andrew Mccabe was given a platform for his lies last week on ABC Australia`s 7:30 Report . very anti Trump and lapped up by ABC reporter.

  27. Connie Harris 4 years ago

    He doesn't mean pick up a stick and fight for sure. He means fight to keep them on fox.

  28. Larry Stroup 4 years ago

    the 17th letter in the alphabet is Q

  29. President Trump's tweet "Make America Great Again " had the top ten or more tweets from a single ignorant troll. @Jack BTFO when comments removed by patriots

  30. MOMOFFOUR57 Rose 4 years ago

    Your amazing Stroppy! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  31. Jeff 4 years ago

    I just don't understand what exactly the "fight" is. Contributing to a twitter war is so childish. Trump needs to have his twitter taken away from him. If we have testimony or evidence against a cabal, then let's get cracking with facts. We can unite behind facts. The twitter wars is not facts, it is just the crap that is dividing our country.

  32. Terri seymour 4 years ago

    they are saying he was in north k who gets in to north k ?

  33. siouxbe1 4 years ago

    From what II've seen the painting of the tree relates to a poem and the tree is flanked by an angel on the life side and a demon on the death side

  34. David Mills 4 years ago

    I’m sorry my msg last night was In error re: Jack. I apologize. Keep up the great work for our Country & your! WWG1WGA

  35. Michelle Chew 4 years ago

    Idk I’m starting to think trump is just stalling until that earthquake hits because how does podesta get over to Australia if he’s sapposed to be in gitmo and judge Jenine gets fired I’m starting to think Q and Trump are full of shit but hey that’s just me.

  36. morgan bighia 4 years ago

    9:19 gave me a little chill, the top comments being from Qanon shows a progression of events.

  37. ron robertson 4 years ago

    W W G 1 W G A,, we gotta stick to this otherwise they win and we are all dead

  38. dukeishness 4 years ago

    The tree is democrats and republicans

  39. Chest Brah 4 years ago

    I've been waiting for something big for like a year now. i'm an idiot.

  40. Front Runner 4 years ago

    You Tube has blocked the likes/ dislikes on my comments…they come up on my notifications but don't post to my comments…I didn't think that low stoop would happen!
    Anyone else?…Crap…they'll probably block that response too!…

  41. BC Stud 4 years ago

    5 eyes spying for Barry Soetoro – Hillary since 2015 and then more than 12 attempts to stage a Coup D'Etat against President Trump and the elected government . US Military have all the communications = How many world leaders are involved in TREASON AGAINST AMERICA ? W W G 1 W G A

  42. romansrule1 4 years ago

    missed you Stroppy did they have you all on lock down ?

  43. Thank you, Stroppy. Your videos are just right!

  44. Sheri Tyner 4 years ago

    Stroppy I think the whole think days and tomorrow is Friday has to do when the incident happened it was Friday already there , but no news here at all until it was our Friday and there was a new release of testimony here… so the attack was listed here as Friday ( rightly) but not our Friday…. hope that helps

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