Latest Qanon Posts 3-23-19 Pt2 : DECLAS Is A Comin'…..

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
I really do appreciate your comments. Please don’t be offended if I don’t respond directly to you. Sometimes I just don’t have the time.
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  1. Kriss Femmpaws 4 years ago

    Thanks for the update my friend. There is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest.

  2. Ace of Spades 4 years ago

    Seems like the C_A has shit on all countries around the world.

  3. Derek Wilson 4 years ago

    My popcorn went soggy a long time ago and somehow it seem's to be anti climatic?

  4. waketheoblivious 4 years ago

    Their only defense is to play ‘dumb’ (shocked & surprised) to avoid ‘collusion’ claims.
    Nobody walks away from this.

  5. Stroppy is getting some really good Like to Dislike ratios… 1.4k likes and only 2 dislikes… The left is beginning to see the truth.

  6. Ronald Doucette 4 years ago

    There is nothing in the District of Columbia that has a benefit to the people of America. A Rothschild holding since 1871. It is there by deceit and treasonous behavior. There is a very good reason the federal government is built there. It is the mechanism through which the bankers control their investment. The people of America are free-range debt slaves. Collateral for an unpayable debt. A Zionist cult owns America.

  7. MrRipn2u 4 years ago

    TY Sir, for what you do for us! As I won't ever cruise the forms for this info. Thank You !  /bow

  8. A R 4 years ago

    What gives the Treasury Department the right to impose sanctions without Presidential authorization? We’re the sanctions already setup to go into effect at a certain time or are the deep state thugs trying to scupper the peace talks? If it is the latter, shouldn’t there be a thorough cleaning of the Treasury Department?

  9. Dan Martin 4 years ago

    Called trey gowdy the D word? Whats the D word

  10. mc1100 4 years ago

    the cake is baked waiting for the cherry on top, time to order more orange jump suits

  11. Zelda Robinson 4 years ago

    Hi Stroppy.I gather Mueller was the blockade . so the Anons said on 8ch .thanks for the update ..

  12. LadyWar Anon 4 years ago

    Hello, Stroppy. We so appreciate you. Good report.

  13. Fred Van Der Puy 4 years ago

    Hi Stroppy, I believe the blockade was the threat of being accused of obstruction of justice if POTUS went on the offensive before Mueller was finished. I hope DECLAS occurs soon to maintain the shift in momentum. I suspect that the timing also involves its impact on PM May, Brexit, and, if successful in a hard Brexit, on the EU elections. We sometimes forget that the Great Awakening is worldwide. Cheers.

  14. Jules InMD 4 years ago

    When she said the D word was used when speaking about Trey Gowdy… I must be dense.. what’s the D word? Thanks!

  15. dumbelton 4 years ago

    Ooo! I think I got something! Dems are suddenly demanding “full transparency” of Mueller Report, because they know it can’t be released in full as is. Here’s the twist: in order to make Mueller report fully transparent, POTUS would have to DECLAS! Dems will cause the declassification of FISA themselves!

  16. ksanurse 4 years ago

    Does Q have a time machine : )

  17. L T Waldbillig 4 years ago

    Middle of the Night Raids, Perp Walks, Lawsuits, Treason Trials, and Executions are in order.
    The Dims are still trying to beat a dead horse (failed Coup), having a "next step" conference call at 3 pm EDT.
    The House will NOT be allowed to use taxpayers dollars to run their Three Stooges Detective Agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A clear message needs to be sent so what happened to President Trump, the fleecing and fraud by the DOJ, FBI, MSM, Foreign 'allies', and Members of the House and Senate, of American taxpayers, NEVER happens again.

    May God continue to bless us.
    Thank You, Jesus!

  18. Willy Jimmy 4 years ago

    I cant help but think the Mueller probe was concluded earlier than planned to keep the attention off of the Clinton-Ukraine scandal that's been brewing.

  19. Rose M 4 years ago

    So childish, DEMS refuse to admit they lost during elections!

  20. Epona124 4 years ago

    I had been doubting that anything was ever going to happen and was negative about things. I feel bad about it now.
    Glad the report is finally done. It was time for some good news!

  21. Cyndee McC 4 years ago


  22. TheBertMan Rox 4 years ago

    San Diego here. Thanks for all you do, Stroppy. Always look forward to your vids. WWG1WG1.You are helping us tremendously in getting this stuff out for the world to see. God Bless. Cheers.

  23. stevie Flax 4 years ago

    Blockade = SC Mueller Investigation , Thanks Stroppy you've been my first choice for a good while now and with the Blockade gone , things are going to start moving at a much better pace . These murky and deep waters , I suspect , will start to clear up a bit more each day . Good to know Declas is finally coming . U1, Dirty Cops and The Clinton Foundation , will establish motives and cover ups . Power and Greed , it's ALL coming to light . I'm ready to pop some corn . Best to You !

  24. You Tuber 4 years ago

    Hello Mate

  25. perfumedradio 4 years ago

    Deep State reaction to Q [21] was the ff in NZ last friday! they thought Mueller drop would have been that day…LOL! NZ was blatant pantomime a shit show…and now NZ is censoring all info about the fake attack! Love how Q trolls the DS into stupid actions!

  26. Star Dust888 4 years ago

    The Dems are already going into total spoiled brat meltdown because the facts don't match their fantasies and never will. Tonight will be a special show. Let the entertainment begin.

  27. H M 4 years ago

    wasn't the blockade the indictments against Trumps family that Barr removed? Now Trump can get stuff done without worrying about his family being accused of anything.

  28. Rouen d'Arc 4 years ago

    As I look to the sky and see the same ole chemtrailing… I can't help but think this is all a mascarade and show continuing their process… just from the other side of the fence. All a passification to keep people from yellow vesting. 2¢

  29. Jim Somers 4 years ago

    I agree on the return of the self governing power to the people. It's a ways off yet. This is so far reaching (what we call "the deep state") and there is so much work to do to render it null, that at this time to be talking about that in that way is a mistake. Another giagantic issue is that of RBG. Another horrific and deeply treasonous cover-up on that one?

  30. Space Chimp 4 years ago

    I have to say, March 5th was my 61st birthday. It wasn't even close to as joyful as today! Getting the "collusion" bull shyte over and done with is just like Christmas! Now, the real investigations will come. If these morons think Donald J. Trump let them get away with smearing his good name, and the names of his family and friends………….they are delusional!!! I'm passing on the popcorn! Gonna upgrade to pizza and beer! Stroppy, you have been with us all the way and I am so appreciative of your support of our country! You are a true patriot! God bless you!!!

  31. Tammy Morgan 4 years ago

    Don't know who yet but on the 19 day of this month somebody was picked up they are no longer walking the streets hope to find out soon who

  32. Blue Jeans 4 years ago

    There's at least 1 backstabbing Crook in OUR United States Treasury. It is UnConstitutional for The Federal Reserve Name to have their name on Our
    $$ & also the IRS is an
    UnConstitutional Foreign Agency that along with The Federal Reserve has been robbing America since 1913. We kicked out the Fed twice, but this was the 3rd time they slithered in here & also started up the IRS For The 1st Time to rob wage pay. ILLEGAL.

  33. cymanca 4 years ago

    RBG is sleeping very uneasy right now

  34. midnightchannel 4 years ago

    The indictments will never be served.

  35. Mike Thompson 4 years ago

    Wonder why Q never reefers to Kim clement he started laying it all out in 2007

  36. sean ausome 4 years ago

    It's going to be a great day!!!!!

  37. superman 70 4 years ago

    FBI-infected…DOJ-infested…MSM-infection is a Class Act…WWG1WGA…

  38. Cristian Perelló 4 years ago

    Q is also staged, guys.

  39. gone marbles 4 years ago

    No more ongoing investigation to block declassification.

  40. What would the "D-word" be that the FBI spoke about when referring to Congressman Trey Gowdy? (in Kathryn Jerridge's report on FOX).

  41. OperationEndGame 3 years ago

    Update: Q accurarely predicted about Gorka…. Gorka was dropped by Fox News as a contributor…. now Gorka has just attacked Q on Twitter….

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