Latest Qanon Posts 3-7-19 Pt3 : What YT Cut From Pt2

Don’t know what happened, but my last video was cut short by around 10 minutes. Didn’t happen my end.
This is the part that was cut from that last video.

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  1. That thing about the Denver Airport is showing that the New World Order built it with sinister reasons in mind. It has NWO paintings all through the huge building. Underground bunkers for the Elite when things go south. People get the creeps looking at those paintings. The Masons laid the cornerstone and time capsule. I think I have flown out of there before.

  2. Before YouTube started closing peoples accounts there were lots of videos saying the military was operating under the Denver airport in secret facilities. It was even said that Denver airport was where the U.S. government corporation now operating as a fake government in America would be headquartered in the event Washington D.C., was ever destroyed.

  3. The Census Goes to the Supreme Court March 7, 2019 | IRLI Staff | IRLI promotes presidential influence over agency action

    WASHINGTON – The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) yesterday filed a crucial friend-of-the-court briefin the State of New York’s lawsuit seeking to vacate the decision of the Department of Commerce to restore a question about citizenship to the census in 2020. New York had complained that the question would cause an undercount of illegal aliens by making them afraid to fill out the census form, and this undercount would reduce both federal money flowing into New York and the number of New York’s congressional seats and electoral votes. A Manhattan federal district court agreed with the plaintiffs, and vacated the Department’s decision to add the question, finding that decision “arbitrary and capricious” under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). Because the census forms are due to be finalized in a few months, the Supreme Court accepted direct review of the district court’s decision, bypassing the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

    In its ruling, the district court found that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had an “ulterior motive” for adding the citizenship question. What that motive was the court could not say. But the court was sure there was something motivating Secretary Ross other than the justification theagency gave, which was that adding the question would help the Justice Department enforce the Voting Rights Act. The district court did not – and could not – find that this unknown motive was improper. Instead, it announced this general rule: even if an agency articulates a reasonable basis for its action, and thus would otherwise comply with the APA, if the agency’s “real” motive for its action is something different, and this real motive is not known, its action is arbitrary and capricious. The problem with this rule, IRLI pointed out in its brief in the Supreme Court, is that, sometimes, unknown motives for agency actions will simply be directives from the President of the United States. Because the district court’s rule would rob these directives of effect, it infringes on the President’s constitutional authority to control his subordinates. It also infringes on the right of the people to influence policy by voting in presidential elections, for heads of agencies only answer to the people if they answer to the President. As IRLI’s brief put it: “[T]he District Court’s rule would make agency heads unaccountable Platonic Guardians, sheltered from the winds of change that may come from the election of a new President.” “The APA requires agencies to give a reasonable justification for their actions under the particular statute they are implementing,” explained Christopher Hajec, director of litigation of IRLI. “It does not require agencies to ignore the President. Such absurdities as the district court’s rule come up every time a President gets elected who might steer agencies in a direction activist courts don’t like.”

    “No one doubts that when then-Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano issued DACA, she did so because President Obama told her to,” said Dale L. Wilcox, executive director and general counsel of IRLI. “No one thought his role in the decision was controversial. But when the President is named Trump, somehow it’s different, and the courts come up with all these supposed rules of law to stop him from governing. We hope the Supreme Court will make short work of this latest one from the district court, and allow a citizenship question back on the census.” The case is Dept. of Commerce v. State of New York, 18-966 (Supreme Court).

  4. That is an interesting observation "Q IS BACK THE ONE WHO LIKES TO USE ALL CAPS " at 6.16 there are many Q s and you are beginning to pick the difference between them —-well done Stroppy —you are not a computer !!!

  5. Facebook spends each year 10 million dollars to protect smuckerburg, I have been saying for years why would anyone use Facebook, I never trusted smuckerburg, NOW THE TRUTH COMES OUT! BIGLY
    Wwg1wga Cheers Mate

  6. The CIA and it’s smaller brother the FBI are no better than the old East German STASI , who interfered in every aspect of the citizens lives to the point of having spies planted throughout community . Except this modern mob spy through social media and smart phones .

  7. banking ruling families who own private central banks dont want the public to know they occupy the top of the pyramid. all the money flows to the top to them through interest rates. they are corrupt, they are pure evil. we are slaves, sheep, cattle, slaves to them.

  8. I read that Google maps has a $6MIL contract with National Geospatial Space Intelligence agency where they are covering up portions of Antartica, so know one can see much. I do not know how true that really is. But even with restricted travel, religious and political figureheads are going there. John Kerry went and claimed he was visiting an old fishing village. lol

  9. Still no exposure of the nefarious Jesuits who are the ones actually controlling every aspect of the affairs of the USA along with the affairs of the world which makes me think the Q is a Jesuit co-adjutor, because of his knowledge of the affairs of the USA and the world and is just playing his part in the nefarious agenda of the Jesuits to control the world for Rome, through the insanity of Hegelianism.
    And remember, Trump was indoctrinated in the Jesuit run Fordham University Indoctrination Centre and is only where he's at today because of his affiliation with the Jesuits.

  10. Just finished Stroppy post .Blew through commit section. And here is my 2 cents as 2 who FB, owner is related 2…… " his mother"… I ll bet I am closer than all of your guesser' combined…

  11. just shoving our nose in it. These pigs are so powerful now that they can brag about their power. We will never see change Trump is just a puppet. It pains me to say that.

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