Latest Qanon Posts 4-28-19 : Comey Before Declas?

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. Joe says, "Make America Moral Again." Leaving aside the fact Joe's crying for his Mama, he's fallen right into the wheelhouse. Morality is the Right's greatest strength and the Left's biggest weakness. Is it moral to steal? Is it moral to murder? Because that's all Leftist policies are is theft and murder. So, let us have a moral debate, Joe. Finally, once and for all. Let's see who holds the moral high-ground? We'll leave money and finances as secondary and focus on right vs wrong, good vs evil?  (more…)

    Let us debate how the Left can give without first taking? Whether more humans is better than fewer? Whether God said to scratch our livelihoods from the earth? By all means, let us debate who pursues morality and who pursues evil? Is the role of government to defend individual's rights and freedoms or is government's role to steal from one to give to the other? Can good ever really be accomplished with stolen property? Is there really a difference between eight thugs robbing a little old lady and Leftist majorities doing the same thing?

    Let us discover morality Joe; you may not like the answer?

  2. You were smart to quit Stroppy. This is all baloney. Nothing is going to happen. To quote your favorite group:
    "Who'll take the promise
    That you don't have to keep?
    Don't look now
    It's Trump's Base.

  3. Hi Stroppy – Just found you again! I heard you were sick ,and preyed for you. Utube unsubscribed and Now I find you again! Power to you friend!

  4. I have not been following for quite a while (very busy) and just learned about Stoppys health issue. I found all of the love and support for him so AMAZING. You all are so awesome. Had I known, I too would have given, as I just came back on yesterday.
    It appears Stoppy being the great guy he is, and unlike ANYONE I can think of, he said he did not need anymore financial help. WHO does that other than a good and honest guy.

    However, I want to pass on some info that I hope may help him in the future and any of you.

    BACK STORY: I went through a CRAZY train ride several years back with uncontrollable BURPING. The docs could not understand because they had not heard of uncontrollable burping, which by the way, I could never even make myself burp, so I had no idea what was happening. They were familiar with hiccups, but not burping. Well after at least 8 years of dealing with it, as it would come and go, and at least 6 endoscopies, lots of different meds that did not work and caused even more issues, they did find my esophagus was in bad shape and getting very raw t where I had sores on it. They were worried it could turn to cancer. In fact it got to where eating was too painful, and even water was getting harder to drink. It was closing up at one point and they had to do the balloon thing to make it stay open.

    My docs fought my insurance company to get me the VERY expensive meds to help try and coat it, just so it could heal. Unfortunately I had so many side affects I could not take it.
    The meds was really the last thing they could think of to do. There was no cure because they could still not understand what it was. They blamed it on acid reflux, told me I needed that purple pill and then another med every night at bedtime. I was done with the meds and side affects so I did not take them.

    FAST FORWARD: Well by the time it got to where I could not eat and barely even drink, I was desperate and very HUNGRY. One day I seen the cashew butter I had in my office. I said well it is smooth so if I can get it to go down, at least I can get something in my belly. I took a spoon full and hoped for even a little relief. Not only did it go down, but after just 2 table spoons, the HEAVENS literally opened for me!
    In less than 3-4 days of eating 2-3 table spoons, my esophagus was HEALED! It did far better than the expensive med could have done, and it had ZERO side affects. My docs could not believe it.
    But this is VERY important. It MUST be 100% ORGNAIC as mine was, and that is because it still has all of the natural oils in it and no other crap. It is JUST cashews and NOTHING else. Because of the oil, it coated my esophagus.

    it has now been approx. 6.5 years since that day, and I have NOT had even ONE burping fit, my esophagus is completely HEALED. They say 5 years is considered a CURE. Now eating spicy food and even tomatoes for more than 2-3 days does upset it, but all I do is take 2 tablespoons of the cashew butter and it is GONE immediately! NO drugs, no side affects and the best part, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cashew butter, which is why I had it to begin with.

    I recommend this for acid reflux as well, because I did get that as well during that 8+ years of torture. And if I even get a hint of it now, again, I take 2 table spoons of cashew butter and it is GONE!

    I am totally convinced that what hurt my esophagus in the first place was all of the Ibuprofen I had taken for so many years for migraines. Even now, if I take Ibuprofen more than 2-3 days, it sets off my esophagus, I then run to the cashew butter and again it is gone. I stopped taking Ibuprofen. I recommend others do the same. Long term and even short term (like me) use, is VERY VERY bad for you. It usually attacks the stomach though.

    Sorry f r the length of this, but I sure hope it helps even just one person.

  5. a rerun of this vid is more interesting than the senate meeting. it's painful watching the DIMS crying

  6. You sound terrific Stroppy, a Yank fan welcomes you back. I was deep in the heart of Mexico for the last week fishing and had virtually no internet so by reading Q now I assume I missed the opening of the 15,000 sealed indictments and the same with the year long predicted indictment of Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page , Lynch, Rice, Yates et al????? Darn Google probably hid it from it's search function. How did the Pres Trump declassification go?

    Q repeatedly says "it's coming". And I repeatedly state NOT.EVEN.ONE.INDICTMENT

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