1. Q post 3516: The Truth has been in front of you the entire time…if you listen to Abel Danger livestream on YouTube today (July 27) his guest Juan Savin said at around the 1 hour 15 minute mark, Obama’s mother Ann Dunham is Loretta Fuddy=same person!!! Both were Cia assets in Subud, and both were in Indonesia but never pictured together because they are the same person playing different roles at different ages.

  2. The Democrats are like little children playing the child's game Pretend. If the children playing Pretend just pretend something is true then in the child's mind for that point in time … they pretend like something they imagine in their minds … really is true. And they act out on it because the child is playing Pretend. God, help us we need some adults in Washington D.C.. Pray God, the Creator, remove the spoiled brats running and ruining the USA and many of the other countries on our planet. Replace these now ruling in evil with righteous men and women seeking you.

  3. @Stroppy Me
    Here is drone video showing a bed in the “temple” on LSJ island.
    You can’t see it as closely as you’d like to, however I did see a photo of the stained bed on another YT channel.
    I’ll try to recall what channel it was on.
    You may want to download the video ASAP.


  4. Thank you Stroppy ☺ Appreciate your 'corrections' to Mr Stone's article too. P.s You shouldn't rip yourself so much over names. You got Macaleenan absolutely right and then beat yourself up as having gotten it wrong. We really don't mind mate. We're just glad you're taking the time to bring us all this, very relevant, information.

  5. hiss act ;loss of pension congressman convicted national security offenses…. pencil neck schiff sounds like a good one to start with .. omar most dems

  6. Sadly he wasn't the first FRAUD non citizen in the white house GHWBUSH was the first. He was adopted out of Germany by Prescott Bush a traitor to America. Bush's father signed an agreement that none of his children or their children would run for office
    . They of course lied. Another reason the father was put to death and his son will also be put to death..for treason…Imagine if Hillary had won none of these truths would have ever been told and we would be a socialist country…Thank God for Pres Trump

  7. Stroppy.. That's BULLSHIT…… why would you repeat someones crap about bloodstained beds visible with a drone in the upper floor with glass windows… Man.. someone is believing ALL the propaganda out there.. IF… and I say IF.. there is RED paint on a bed or something like a bed filmed by "a" drone there… … lol Stanley is Dead…. and the film is shit. Maybe were grabbing at Donald Straws…

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