Latest Qanon Posts 7-31-19 : Voter ID, Red Cross, Godfather III

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  1. How did we ever allow the judiciary to become so constipated and money worshipping right across the west?
    How come they pass the same dodgy laws in both hemispheres at the same time?
    Is it the IPU?
    How come all the civil 'servants' in the ipu countries are awarded MASSIVELY SUBSIDISED PENSIONS?
    We have to disband the ipu and banish it forever

  2. USA is a Republic! Before the Federalists Papers, before Declaration of Independence ( the blue print of—>) The Constitution…
    Our Founding Father’s pledged a solemn OATH to each other!
    All they and their families had ❣️
    Stroppy too, and all PATRIOTS
    Psalm 3 <— Did you know God LAUGHS at those who are against HIM

  3. Stroppy, I hope the people who took care of you at the hospital realize how important you are to us! Praying you are well, we really appreciate all of your work!

  4. Okay
    Watched the video in full and u are spot on for much of it give you a 9 of 10 love the intro with blue's music
    I subscribed and now following you thank you for your good work

  5. Stroppy Me. Good news! did you hear that judge in USA says Julian Assange did nothing wrong. I told you. US wants him to testify against HRC and others who lied about her Emails hacked by the Russians.

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