Latest Qanon Posts 8-31-18 : Systems Offline…..

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

Note: I am not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. So I would appreciate any help you can give to getting this message out.

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  1. Get better but take care of yourself. A lot of people depend on you for real news. But take a little rest drink good water no Floride a ph of about 7.5 .

  2. Hopefully McCain was executed. Hopefully something malfunctioned and caused him great pain and lasted awhile. Daddy couldn't get him out of that one!

  3. I'm not sure why Trump's safety mentioned, let's second kings 10:21-25 them.Not sure why so many desperate, soulless spiritual wickedness is not under surveillance or somewhere they can't harm

  4. DON'T CALL THEM WASHINGTON POST, CALL THEM WHAT THEY REALLY ARE, THE CIA MOCKINGBIRD PROPAGANDA ARM OF THE DEEP STATE…REMEMBER THIS…“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believes is false”…William Casey, CIA Director 1981…

  5. I'm sorry you don't feel well, Stroppy. Take a warm bath. Put some mustard or Vicks on your chest and go to bed. Turn on your tummy with your head and shoulders hanging off the bed, face down (postural drainage). Oh, and tea with honey, dear. Be gentle with yourself. ⛩

  6. They re starting to name streets after the Obamas. The dope market is Obama Drive and the transvestite ladies of the night is Michele s Tom Pecker Blvd.They dont want anyone lost.

  7. Sending you AA Raphael's Emerald Green Light of Healing. May you feel much better real soon. You've been Quite busy lately with all these Q post. Probably a little rest would benefit you greatly~ We do so appreciate all you bring to us. Cheers~

  8. Love it , but is it designed to promote an uprising (way overdue ) if Trump is stopped (assassinated ) before the fruition of the Q plan ? The only worry I have ( other than scumbag pedo's getting away with it .)

  9. Hi Stroppy Me, hope you start to feel better, soon. Take it easy, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids & take a gram of Vitamin C, twice a day. Your followers understand if you are sick & have no energy! Take care of yourself!

  10. Politicians, Elite, CEO's being forced to stand down across the globe. In Australia, AGL CEO, all of a sudden stood down? Coincidence? Turnbull replaced, coincidence, well, either that or he seriously is anti Australian globalist corrupt to the core of his own doing!

  11. YOU do such a great job presenting the posts. Your way makes it so easy for us to follow a very difficult-to-understand cascade of posts from Q. One could easily get lost, disheartened, and give up…but not with you at the help of the ship of understanding. Now, if interested, one could research some or all of the links and clues in these posts and end up with a whole lot of information ass to what's happening and to whom. Many thanx again and feel better soon. [a Goodie Powder does wonders for pain and fever – and very quickly has you back on your feet]. s/.

  12. Stroppy Me: pls contact me regarding the $$$$ it refers to 'NESARA' pls research this. you can get to me on Discord Q Commonwealth my usename is 'redbudz'. thank you

  13. I like your presentation! Some are so into title effects and transitions. Others overeditorialize. You get right down to it! All the best to you for that! And feel better ! WWGOWGA <3

  14. Been out of town lately, no internet service where I was. Trying to catch up on news. So very sorry to find you have been ill. I will be praying for health to return. Please take good care of yourself. We all appreciate and love you. Rest friend.

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