Latest Qanon Posts 9-10-18 : Knowledge Is Power!

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

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  1. Stroppy, please don't consider yourself an old man. Haven't you heard, 70 is like the old 50 thought. It's just over the hill, past the crest. You've yet to start heading down that ole hill lol. Take care of you & get a loving dog. No matter how things are going, a loyal pet will lift you

  2. Hmmm…..the pledge of allegiance was written in 1892, and while there were two wars (WW1/WW2) where we were actually fighting for our freedom, most people living today who had to say this in school, were saying this while the US was fighting in wars that had nothing to do with our freedom. Korea? Vietnam? These were not wars where American freedom was in the balance. I am all for supporting our troops, etc., however unlimited ‘patriotism’ when our country is actually fighting to questionable reasons, should not be lumped together with wars where freedom was actually being fought for.

  3. Another thought…we seem to think that the Anons who are responding to Q are great researchers with excellent knowledge. Take a look at the post that is just above when Stroppy shows the ‘New shill tactic is to smear Sean Hannity’. Some Anon comes on and tells Q to ‘what up to the Jew in the corner. They don’t like us and his shilling for Jew shit every day gets old…..” etc. Just an example indicating that just because you’re on the Q board doesn’t mean that you’re not a moron, hateful or ignorant.

  4. To all the other Stroppy and Q fans, of which I am one and have been watching from the beginning. Now I have growing concerns and I’m interested in anyone’s feedback on them.
    It’s apparent that Q doesn’t mention Israel or the mossad as being a detrimental influence on the US government, when we all know there are many Congressmen and higher ups who hold duel citizenship and who have shady pasts regarding ties to Israeli intelligence. Steve Mnuchin, Timothy Geitner, John Bolton, to name a few.
    Bolton even moved up to a position with more authority. Does this concern anyone else?
    My growing fear is that Israel is possibly behind Q. They’re removing who they don’t like, and installing who they support. It seams that at any moment they could double cross Trump and let him suffer legal consequences while they take over from the top down.
    I am an American Patriot who has been waiting like it’s Christmas Eve for nearly 11 months, but lately, with no real noticeable public action taking place, my thoughts have wandered to a possible outcome that was not “the plan” all along.
    Someone talk me down please.

  5. Love Q, but Sorry Q but there was never a time when the USA was united or great. Genocide ,slavery and racism against non Europeans are foundations of the USA. The USA talked loud but it was never GREAT. If you want to stand for all the brutality committed by the USA go ahead , but the victims of brutality should not be forced to stand for an antem if nothing is being done about the brutality. Jehovahs Witnesses never stand for any national anthem. Yes it is time to make the whole planet great, not just the USA.

  6. I hope that the 99% has learned a good lesson so they will not repeat their dumbest mistakes. Just because we were starving we listened to and believed the King and his Pirates when they told us it was ok to covet the property of others and to help invade them and steal almost everything from them others. When they tried to get their land back , the Pirates protected us from retaliation and we felt great and on Gods side. Now the Pirates are showing us what they always thought of us…..we are to be used and discarded when the stolen property is secured, and the angry owners are subdued behind barrieers

  7. Every morning in school, hand over heart. Respect and pride for our country was obvious! First grade was the first time I said it and I knew then what this pledge meant. Not because someone told me but, because I could feel it, still do! When I hear the National Anthem, I tear up. Always have, always will. American Patriots want our country back, we want to see the heads of those who try so hard to destroy her, laying in a ditch. We want to see the traitors put in gitmo. It is time they pay the piper!

  8. @Stroppy Me: Go back to the post where 2950600 is referenced (final comments AJ & Associates).Watch the 53 second video. This will show you what is being talked about. Microchip manipulated the posts.

  9. Its true if trump saved us he saved the world. I had a girl from Germany say ! " well what about us? The world is counting on our military'! And our trump card..To lead the way … We are the leaders of the free world. With our constitutional republic of the United States…. That is Valentears only! To be part of…. Not forced by murder, and wars. To take over.Like nwo democracy did on 911 .. Tomarrow is September 11.2018. And they are still not in gwontonimo bay Intearageted and firing sqaud. Why? After tomorrow we start killing them out selves in the name of justice. To protect the constitutional republic of the United States.and world sense trump didnt

  10. Award-winning actor JON VOIGHT said the left is "conjuring lies and slanders" about President Trump because he's actually getting things done and fulfilling his campaign promises. "The virulence is because Trump is effective," Voight said. "He's actually doing what said he would do. Amazing thing in itself, isn't it?" Voight said on "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday. He said Trump's numerous successes
    have sent the Leftist Media into a state of "disarray," and all they can do is attack the President and his Administration

  11. I follow ETS as well.
    He's on the ball.
    But he says if anybody says anything to contradict what he's posting they're blocked (People have to question the validity of everything these days) and if anyone doesnt believe what he posts we will be "left behind". But his avatar is a dark face with the illuminati hand gesture of " Shhhhhhh". ???
    Not sure what to make of him.

  12. Thanks Stroppy! It amazes me that this is a Worldwide Movement! On Every continent, WWG1WGA!! Hang in there Patriot Aussie, the movement wave will affect your country in a positive way, too! Globalists be damned!

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