Latest Qanon Posts 9-4-18 Pt2 : The Swamp IS Being Drained!

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

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  1. You are LOVED Stroppy Me! Even if Q stops posting at some point, please stay with us? we will still come here looking for you to read us current news articles just to hear your voice!! Cheers!

  2. MUST SEE!!! Ann Vandersteel video. Meetings with IC INSIDERS before the election. Trump did know everything while it was happening. CIA insiders coming forward in drove. More coming Friday when their site goes live. This will rock the planet.


  4. Looks like their plan is taking shape as to what we were going to see if the election went the other way. From SC to SCOTUS appt. So that means a sitting justice had to be removed for this to take shape. Interesting theory. Now they have bigger things to worry about…..and i think they know it.

  5. I finally get it. It’s all for optics. Trump is on Sessions publicly to do something & in the background, Sessions actually is. The liberals are looking to Sessions & protesting Trump’s firing of Sessions. Once Sessions unseals the indictments, BOOM! Wow! This is some crazy stuff

  6. Worked 25 yrs Critical Care. Chronic tummy issues? Keeping head of bed up really could help? Couple blocks or they make risers. Just trying to help. Blessings.

  7. hang in there stroppy i can here the weakness in your voice still i hope the best for you bud now this about sums it up about mueller being on trumps team they already fired everyone they were going to fire id say?

  8. The shot heard round the world shook the earth with great resound, lanterns lit, riders fled, to warn the farms & towns.
    The call to arms united them, in grim determination, they bowed to see the eagle born, & made their declaration.
    Honor bound & bread they stood as one. In their defiance, a Continental Army, raised on common-ground, man's alliance.
    For Liberty, the fire, in the hearts of men did forge, the will to break their shackles free and shape them in to Swords.
    They Stood against an Empire, born a thousand years ago, but liberty or death, no less, what every man has chose.
    They fought & died for better lives, uncertain what may come, as Lions in the Battlefield, till Freedom had been won.
    Tough cannon balls & musket rounds, explosions, cold & fire, would challenge their resolve, they raised the banner ever higher.
    And when the dust had settled, and the fighting finally had ceased, an Eagle lit out from the ash, and to this day flies free.

  9. @Stroopy, the PDF contains two major Intel sections that cover a wide variety of situation's and scenarios both domestically and international. Those listed in Q post all contribute to the DOMESTIC aspect and situation's involving international primers in those briefs. Coincidence.

  10. Thank you Stroppy, and thank God for your health. This list of those fired, I certainly hope their departure would also coincide with the loss of security clearances, lets hope and pray. Why leave the gate to the hen house open? Cheers.

  11. I would expect another Black Hat attack,from Brennen. I would expect the press to ramp up a concerted attack on POTUS, like last month. And I would expect slamtifa to ramp up attacks, working with the press. More of the same.

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