Latest Qanon Posts 9-7-18 : Collective Attacks v. Q

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’

Note: I am not on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. So I would appreciate any help you can give to getting this message out.

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  1. Epona124 3 years ago

    What's up with the FISA????

  2. Mark Mywords 3 years ago

    Always do great work STROPPY, just give info with no TRYING to lead anyone. Just as Q wants
    Think for yourselves
    Oh and send Trump n Q to the LAND DOWN UNDER.

  3. Mark Mywords 3 years ago


  4. Michael Shapiro 3 years ago

    Wait 'til they see how MENTALLY UNSTABLE the World's DECENT PEOPLE, including Armed Patriots become, when they pull their stunts.

  5. Michael Shapiro 3 years ago

    YEAH – the "Russian" documents ARE AMERICAN DOCUMENTS, COLLATED BY FBI, DOJ & defecated into the FISA COURT, a dedicated TOILET for these agencies that will AUTO FLUSH on demand. FISA Courts are Un-Constitutional & Subversive, as are the Alpha Betas.

  6. fun with juhl 3 years ago

    Now my YouTube lost its picture lol… Emily rodda is her name please look into it stroppy Queensland school

  7. tee6611 3 years ago

    Bill hicks………

  8. Melissa Atwood 3 years ago

    Good coverage, thank you.

  9. Robin Murray 3 years ago

    Q is anonymous
    on the boards
    ONLY AFTER Trump elections
    Corsi Jones Knight Infowars.com/app
    tea party libertarian patriots X 40 years
    millions of followers
    got Trump elected
    NOT Q
    What happened to WWG1WGA?
    Q diminishes when attacking others
    Dr. Corsi's Biography – Tea Party

  10. 17joy 3 years ago

    Thanx Stroppy you… your daily analysis is refreshing…

  11. RICH82AIRBORNE 3 years ago

    hey stroppy youre sounding good bud can hear it in your voice i was worried about you ty good show

  12. 1 3 years ago

    Jones is Literally a Class One Clown, Most of his Family are CIA_Jones is heavenly connected into Mossad 8022 Unit

  13. paul raycraft 3 years ago

    Getting really interesting watching them panic

  14. Ann Rein 3 years ago

    Good intro music pick! As for AJ I have never been able to stand him. His histrionics turned me off the very first time I ever heard him.

  15. C Young 3 years ago

    What is the "$1/billion coincidence" referring to Stroppy? Did I miss something?

  16. cymanca 3 years ago

    You flew right by Q’s “ enjoy tonight”

  17. Janneke Lindeman 3 years ago

    headline of our todays local newspaper is: Trump is amoral, impetious, hostile and narrow minded. These people think that we are stupid.
    kind regards from the netherlands

  18. Fineus Fin 3 years ago

    Having enjoyed many years living in your wonderful nation I love the level of political entertainment.

    It matches climates of hyper inflation and revolution in the streets when in fact it's affluence and lifestyle lead the world in my view.

    A country cousin from the land of sheep botherers acoss the dutch I relate to your straight bat re delivery of information minus personal agenda.

    I wonder if like me you've fervently wanted the status quo challenged and have curiously observed these unparalleled times?

    However after two years of relentless obstruction by a Hydra headed opposition, with a power and reach beyond any to date in human history, I'm starting to feel my age.

    I'm not saying the ailments described and remedies proposed by Trumps Medicine Show are illusory.

    But that after 2 years he's still struggling to secure distribution channels.

    No information regarding results of clinical trials has been published or verified.

    How long is too long regards this piece of string?

  19. Inisfad 3 years ago

    Here’s an interesting observation. Ever go to the twitter links that Q gives reference to (POTUS twitter) and read the comments below the links he has provided? You cannot find ONE tweet that’s supportive of POTUS! It would seem to be that each of Q’s links is being seen by the ‘opposition’, which then calls their minions out in force, to make loads of anti-Trump tweets below the Q referenced one.

  20. Len Taclof 3 years ago

    MOS is not mossad. It's Media Object Server. Q spells out mossad when referring to them.

  21. George In S.C. 4 3 years ago

    Thanks SM We've been waiting for you in the States.
    52K sealed federal indictments.
    cnfoxn ,controlled script readers.
    Corsi is disinformation, all AJ associates are.
    Truth cometh, followed by judgment then wrath. .
    Stay prayerful my friends

  22. elmer phudd 3 years ago

    aj and corsi have always been rabidly pro trump so i don't understand why Q would be opposed to them.

  23. Biggdirt1 3 years ago

    Its not a left / right battle anymore….NOW its a battle between Fascists and the People

  24. Lynn Davis 3 years ago

    Q attacking Alex Jones is 100% bullshit. Q loses all credibility to me.

  25. Carmen Nooner 3 years ago

    Never liked AJ. Always found him too abrasive and downright obnoxious for my taste. Corsi made himself out to be a "humble capitalist". I first saw Corsi a year or so ago when I decided to check out this Q thing. This was a month or two before the break up of Corsi with a major Q-Anon board. I never followed daily so I missed the reason behind the break up, but I tried to listen to some of his live chat stuff. Just couldn't deal with his opinions about the current political trends mixed in with his constant self promotion for his latest book. At that time he also openly stated he was no longer affiliated with AJ, though they remained friends. I think Corsi, as well as Roger Stone, were trying to use Trump's momentum to make themselves significant again. Thanks but no thanks. I'm sticking with Stroppy and Sir Patrick Mack!

  26. Tom Noyb 3 years ago

    Want to put a stop to all this socialist talk? Focus on tax revenue a little? Dems say Reps bust the budget to give to wealthy and Dems merely want to bust the budget to give to poor? But Trump's tax-breaks increased govt's take and didn't bust the budget. When people keep more of their own $money, the economy booms and there are more taxes paid. The pie grows. The poor have more. Yes, the rich have more (they're people too) and the gov't has more. Everybody has more, because the pie grew. (more…)

    Dems also say, "it doesn't matter who you elect, they're all the same." But look around – they aren't all the same? Trump gave us tax-breaks, jobs and it didn't "bust the budget." Voting for Reps makes you richer. In fact, nothing you are likely to do in the next two-years is likely to make your life better, to make you richer, than to stop at the polls on the way to work and vote for a Republican? That fifteen-minutes voting Republican may net you more in your paycheck than a hundred-hours of overtime? Not to mention, safer streets?

    Dem tax-increases hurt the economy, while also reducing revenues (govt's intake). Everybody loses under Democrat rule. Dems can't see how taxes can be cut and tax-revenues go up? Don't feel dumb Dems, congress (CBO) can't grasp the idea of how cutting taxes grows the economy enough to bring-in more revenue either? But, this is the magic of capitalism. Dems used to call it "voodoo economics," because they didn't understand it?

    Reagan walked away with many believing he merely transferred tax-cuts out of poor people's pockets into rich people's pockets and Dems are making that argument again today. Unless we show how cutting taxes didn't cost the treasury, rather it increased the treasury, Dems will do it again?

  27. Sco/ire America 3 years ago

    Thank you Stroppy. Cheers.

  28. Sco/ire America 3 years ago

    I believe corsi is called to testify, tight with AJ.

  29. George Lombard 3 years ago

    Think bloodless coup! It has failed. But would not have if HC won.

  30. I’m no fan of AJ . But mossad ?. I’m waiting to see if Q turns on assange , that will be interesting

  31. Donna Riggs 3 years ago

    AJ has awakened many people. I can not say one way or another if he is mossad, though he has put himself out there in the light. Either he will be the hero for awakening so many or a shill. I stopped listening so long ago because of his reporting STYLE ,,,when you scream at people all the time, it tends to stop people from listening, also he would cut off the guest from speaking. I appreciate that he raised the alarm and got the cause into msm, fake or not…for that I'll give him credit. Now I chose less screaming…therefor Stroppy and others get my time. Blessings

  32. Ace of Spades 3 years ago

    That is the QTeam. Less than 10 all but 3 are military……..

  33. Mark Lane 3 years ago

    LLC ,limited liability corporation?

  34. Selena Dansfield 3 years ago

    They can't do the 25th. They already tried and failed. POTUS had a mental health exam less than a year ago. He came out being just fine.

  35. Hu Man 3 years ago

    Could also be that AJ is part of the Q plan to shake and wake up ppl, rally people, 4 D Chess. Many variety of plays and players.

    Bec AJ is not quite the same as the guy I know.
    He was very loyal. Another Pompeo? Pretend to be bought over?

  36. sheryl reed 3 years ago

    Sir Mac of IPOT made the 0oint today that like him or not, AJ has his right to free speech and that they may be using his case to test the waters on if they can shut Q down. PLEASE be aware of their tactic to divide and concour. Regardless of your preferrence of Alex J. The point is WE MUST not let them separate by those factions. Its bad enough Pocohontis is calling for article/ammendment 25 to remove Trump. Harder they scream, the more we KNOW we are still winning. Right!! WWG1WGA!

  37. LukeVj 3 years ago

    Getting hotter here by the minute…

  38. Harry Golata 3 years ago

    Good report; keep up the good work. The Swamp certainly is deep!

  39. Janice Connolly 3 years ago

    You’re the best Stroppy!!!

  40. ERees 3 years ago

    Bla bla bla. Riddles for idiots. Q information is all over social media. How?
    Who is banned from all platforms?

  41. nw5052001 3 years ago

    Hey stroppy, you awake? I can't sleep without new drops for 9-8-18

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