Latest Qanon-Related News 1-3-19 : No Agreement Reached On Border Security

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. There is no round up. Q is dead. His fake agenda has been exposed. His PRO MARTIAL LAW proves he is not American or for America. Q I'd fake people. I read and watched patiently… nothing has come to pass and that's why Q is silent since Dec 22nd

  2. Just noticed Hillary is not scheduled to speak again until April. Mr. Obama has no events scheduled. Michelle has none until February. Georgie Bush has none scheduled. Laura Bush, not until April as well. I guess everyone taking January off.

  3. Well the new Congress was seated and no arrests prior to that happening. Well it looks like we’ve got two years of BS to put up with! Thanks for nothing Q. Losing hope of any of the demoncrats being arrested. Ugh!!!!

  4. Why isn't there a growing concern that the Dems don't care to keep us safe with a border wall? Where are all the Patriots, red yellow, black and white? There is strength in numbers!

  5. i everybody. i've got a latecomer to the Q party. does anybody know of a good compilation for those getting started? he drives for a living so audio is good too. thanks in advance!
    wwg1wga everyone!

  6. Do the Dems realize they are going to need money for H.U.D. and their other money-grubbing programs!! President just rope-a-doped them & they are too stupid to see it…..but they just stepped in it. Trust the plan.

  7. The actual story is right in front of you but you guys are working so hard to find all the crumbs planted. They are escaping right in front of us. They have been letting you find and follow the story that they wanted you to find – they even gave you a guide along the way, a narrator in fact. Do you believe in coincidences, ha ha. This has all been planned out for years – their exit strategy. Let's pretend our system will take them all down in secret tribunals! Lol seriously? Hey guys lets hand off secret messages right in front of the camera, let's put our actors right up front so they can see our facial expressions. Lets plan funerals (i.e. retirement out of the public's eye) and leak out secret tribunals to hold us accountable and oh yeah, first lets build a social army on the web to dig it all up. Yep, where they go one they do go all – and they tell you that right in front of your face. They hand off notes at public funerals so you can (with your low grade 'zoom in' advanced video features) catch them and call them bad actors? Ex Leaders of the CIA, FBI, Defense, Ex presidents are all bad actors and out smarted by you tube and it's maestro? Lol, the rich and famous community of Antartica will have new neighbors.

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