Latest Qanon-Related News 1-4-19 : Here We Go Again…..

A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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  1. 2019- Congress has now come full circle. The womb to the tomb group , thanks to low information voters, is being joined by the nursery newcomers. The Democrats have their work cut out for them, raising three infants won't be easy. One of them has already had a tantrum or two and one needs her mouth washed out with soap. Of course if all else fails they can always ship them off to the newly completed child care center for Government employees.

  2. GREG RABINI: "Military Tribunals started yesterday, Jan 2nd, 2019" "They are being held in SECRET". Yeah right, sure they are. Now here's the deal, if "THEY" don't let "US" see what's going on. I'm going to contend that it never happened, because this "Done In Secret" looks like it didn't happen, just an illusion, a good magic trick. Mr. Trump, if you want our continued support, prove to us that your not just playing games. We elected you to "Drain the Swamp". Don't you think we deserve to see justice administrated to the people who have put us through Hell?

  3. WHERE'S THE INDICTMENTS??? NOTTHING BUT SLAPS ON THE WRIST!!! Huber, Horowitz, Whitaker all sellouts. Trump has no control over FBI, DOJ. WHERE'S THE INDICTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. There are big rumors here in U.S. the tribunals have began. Most likely they won't go public until President Trump feels it's safe to.
    These sensitive trials are military controlled and are not public entertainment. Trust the plan. WWG1WGA

  5. I would imagine, and I think Q may have alluded to the fact that, when the top tier like Hillary and Obama are tried, most all the others will have already been dealt with. But in the mean time having hobbled the top tier and others so they can do no real damage until Trump and the Q team are ready to trial them. And the underlings trialed as much as possible in secret as otherwise it would be a long drawn out nationally unsettling process with perhaps a bit of anarchy (martial law requirement) thrown in. So the Q team would want to do it so as not to need martial law or as little as possible.

  6. I've only recently become aware of Q….not really sure what to make of it…I keep seeing info on indictments and arrests but I see nothing happening. When is this suppose to happen? I hope Q is real, I hope this isn't some kind of joke or hoax…guess time will tell. If there's supposed to be all these arrests, could it be that's why Trumps calling the Troops home from overseas and is that's what he's waiting for? All heck would break loose if that happens…just like if Trump got impeached cuz little ol me would be willing to take up arms…Desperately hoping Q is real!

  7. I am not sure that most know in terms of those who are shut down, if you're job is considered essential (my daughter contracts with FBI) they get pay later down the road, but initially is not paid. My son and daughter in law are in this category. Another thing about the shut down. Under govt. shut down, The President has the ability to redirect any money he deems necessary as in the wall. I am not seeing anything here about the strong rumor of the President going in bunker at an attempt on his life by rogue Marines. MSM says a weapon discharged accidentally in the barracks, with one Marine taking out another, funny how they make up weird stuff like that as a cover. There was an attempt to take down the stock market, though, and it did not succeed. Lots of arrests. MSM won't cover. May be why a big rally on the stock exchanges. I don't care about the Tribunals-we likely won't hear much, but we may hear things about arrests and indictments. That fresh new Congresswoman with the foul mouth wanting Trump impeached may end up disappearing herself.

  8. Trump and Q have to communicate over multiple layers , what he says in public, what is said in private and what he must let others say for him… some for me some for the "bad dudes"..and all the while playing politics and actually doing the Job of POTUS

  9. Well since there were no arrests we have absolutely crazy demoncrats running the house and acting like loons! Great job Q, is this what we have to put up with for 2 years?? I know the house is powerless since we have the Senate but my blood boils every time I have to see communists like ocasio and Muslim radicals like the b/tch from Michigan attacking our Republic and our President!

  10. Wendy Morgan, Brian KOLFAGE, the guy who created this go fund me , gave 2 legs and an arm to defend you and I. I will give what I can.
    Happy New Year.

  11. Also I want to see the traitorous demoncrat bastards tried on TV and hanged using piano wire! Am I a pissed military veteran? Hell yes!!!! No more crap about secret trials etc. bring all of this demonic activity to the light!!!

  12. Hi from Canada on you tube is a labeled video called Truth & Mystery / Qanon update new jam 04 2019 7.6k views 9 hrs ago and it's a direct copy of you Stoppy is that ok or wt heck just a fyi ??

  13. I don't know why an Australian is so good to us Americans to summarize the news for us each day, but thank you so much! Your doing us a great service!

  14. Stroppy Happy New year! Please if you have time give us a bit of local news from Australia!
    i think your viewers would be interested in what is happening with the local deep state and invasion of migrants.

  15. The dems are to stupid to be idiots and too ignorant to be stupid don't leave much does it. Treason, treason,treason, gitmo is great for the season.

  16. Good stuff Stroppy, you are definitely one of the "digital soldiers" Flynn talked about in one of his speeches. Unfortunately we will never get the truth from the brand name sources (CNN etc.) so we must put the puzzle together ourselves with data from digital soldiers like you. The Gov. wouldn't build thousands of new beds in GITMO if they weren't going to fill them. There are no abductions of terrorists like there were under Bush so we must assume the beds are for another sort of criminal. Trump signs an EO allowing the Civilian courts to assist in military tribunals. Also, think about the people who have disappeared lately. The Podesta's, Wasserman Schultz, McCain (yea he "died" but no open casket is a huge flag plus he wasn't sick per-se so flag #2) And many others with very limited exposure lately like Bill C. who they bring out of the closet on very special occasions. Ordinarily he would be on speaking tours scrounging up funds for his vile foundation, these days… not so much. Killery gets out of house arrest temporarily with a "book tour" excuse and runs around the globe looking for a country with no extradition agreement with the US to take her in but comes up dry (just like the O's). All this gotten from alternate news sources like you. But, all this secrecy on the part of the gov. is understandable, there aren't enough safe spaces for all the snowflakes that believe in these criminals. Look at Antifa in Portland OR. Would you want that in every town center? One more reason to bring the troops home because it doesn't sound like the lid can be kept on the Pandora's box of crime in politics much longer.

  17. Sloppy me y'all are the next news media I like that the sloppy me hour got a nice ring to it y'all get a building where they're millionaires are billionaires God bless Godspeed

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