Latest Qanon-Related News 10-1-19 : Australia's Role In The Coup Coming Out

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  1. Why don't we arrest these criminals and traitors and let the public learn of their evil crimes in court, instead of all this sneaky sneaky crap??? Televise the court cases and executions on Trump TV live from Gitmo!

  2. Listen: If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes President. Pence pardons Trump. Pence chooses Trump as his Vice President. Pence resigns. Trump becomes President again. It's a funny thought…Lol

  3. Dolly Downer was involved in the sale of Australia's private health fund Medicare Private to the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation specialising in corporate private equity, real assets, global credit, and investments.
    The Clinton's were involved at the time in the Carlyle Group along with Kerry Stokes, an Australian media and mining mogul. Downer also pushed the Australian Government to "donate" around US$25,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation bringing the total donations to the paedophile network from Australia to around US$80,000,000.
    Downers father was also a diplomat and also involved in shady diplomatic operations in the UK decades ago. Both sides of politics have always given special treatment to the Clinton's including the State owned ABC, Australia's State media network with the fake news ABC treating the Clinton's like royalty. Both sides of politics in Australia are just like the USA and are corrupt to the back teeth.
    Kerry Stokes own's the resort town of Broome in the north west of Australia with it's own private international airport. It has been reported similar activities to that of Epstein's paedo Island have happened there over the decades but have never been confirmed. Broome is basically a disadvantaged town of indigenous first Australians…..
    There is a lot more to Downer, Turnbull, Stokes and the Clinton's than we know of.

  4. Nothing will happen nobody will go jail trump is the same he appointed loads of dems to investigate dems …..come on this is all bullshit and il bet any body notjing will happen

  5. The Democrat swamp creatures are on the run …… tipping furniture as they run for there lives ……. bring the pain ……wwg1wga ……. they never thought she would lose ……. hunters are being hunted ……….

  6. adrenochrome, Shiff, Standard Hotel….Aleister Crowley, Baphomet, Moloch, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Clinton Crime Family, De Blasio is a false name, he is actually German, Bushes, Scherff – German, Saxe Coburg – German, Rothschilds Ashkenazi, Payseur, French…Obummer's education paid fro by Al Aweed, CIA parents, Biden's first family died….mmmmmm

  7. Sportsbet are now saying it's more likely than not that Donald Trump will be impeached in his first term. They are paying $1.50 on impeachment and $2.35 on it not happening.

  8. Abuse his office for personal gain? The man donates his salary. All of the abuse he withstands and he’s doing it all for zero pay and at great risk to his own life (12+ attempts on his life) his beautiful, very classy wife, and all of his children take constant abuse. Most people would have called no joy by now. Trump says “We’ve just begun to make America Great Again”

  9. Dear Mr. Stroppy, your objective journalism is only surpassed by your witty "down under" commentary. I tune in every morning here in southern Louisiana. Keep up the good work!

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