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  1. Kc Kc2018 2 years ago

    Does anybody here know anything about UN troops are now in Mexico and plan to flood the illegal aliens through New Mexico? This info was mentioned by Santa Surfing. If it's true, it can be really bad. It could be the grand finale by Dems.

  2. rrs1550 2 years ago

    16:40..are you hitting a Bong??? what's up with that???

  3. Ms Mama 2 years ago

    The Hunter becomes the Hunted….Q
    Makes sense

  4. Carolyn Fortin 2 years ago

    There is only one way to drain the swamp….America needs to start with a fresh pallot. 2020 is our chance.

  5. DaveNettles Music 2 years ago

    I've discovered something interesting. Over & Over, "Q" has posted what was going to happen in the future, & said something on the order of, "The Past Proves the Future", or something on that order. From what I can see, he was never wrong. How can this be? It's simple, Trump has a time machine. He knows the future before it happens.

  6. Libery One 2 years ago

    IF McCabe is not charged with violations of federal law, there is NO justice. He, Brennan. Commiey & Clapper all need to be indicted, arrested and hopefully face a F'in firing squad.

  7. summer4meplz 2 years ago

    Good luck with Hank….and thanks for all your hard work…

  8. CampbellArchitect 2 years ago

    Thank you for all the hard work to find all the links and get it all together, it really, helps. I have never gotten so much good information in one "go" from anyone, too many pieces out there and you can't know where to go to get it all. You should have a regular broadcast on TV here, a summary broadcast. If Trump and others start a new channel, you should have a summary spot everyday with your links to check out!

  9. Thanks

  10. shillslayer 2 years ago

    Keep kicking those doors in soldier

  11. Janet Samples 2 years ago

    Hi Stroppy! So exciting about your new pup Hank!! Please post pics!!
    Love and Blessings!! WWG1WGA!!

  12. wanda jowers 2 years ago

    Thank you Stroppy. You're very up on USA happenings and I trust you much my

  13. Eric Bunch 2 years ago

    Thanks Stroppy , your voice will be remembered in the annals of history . This era will be taught in every American History class in all schools in the U.S.A. as well as world wide . The greatest history lesson will be remembered , feared and examined as a warning to all future generations. Taught so as to prevent this ever happening again ! Your name will be associated with it forever as well as thousands of Patriots world wide . Thank you Stroppy for being a true American News Channel !

  14. Carol Lee 2 years ago

    Why is Hunter Biden hiding out? Google "is Hunter Biden in Arkansas"?

  15. Indiana Joe 2 years ago

    'Joe, ya gone!' LMAO! Does the idiot thinks if he wins the primary, he can tell Trump not to mention Ukraine?

  16. P 2 years ago

    I think we should start a go fund me page for stroppy to come over for Trump's re-election, he definitely has earned it!

  17. KD NWI 2 years ago

    Kevin McAleenan.."ACTING" …Vacancies Reform Act 1998. The President and ONLY the President can nominate. Can only be in that position 210 days…unless confirmed,,if not,,can "ACT" another 210 days. If the first nomination is rejected by the senate, withdrawn or returned to the President by the Senate. If 2nd nomination is rejected, withdrawn, or returned, the person may continue to ACT for no more than 210 days after such date of rejection, withdrawal or return.

    This is how he can place ppl without confirmation. Stealth Bombers!!
    "I love my actings"~DJT


  18. Helen Hickey 2 years ago

    THANQ, Stroppy. Hope you are taking time to enjoy your new pup! Note: Occhionero "liked" one of my tweets about his story. We need to keep an eye on him and @Johnheretohelp, both potential whistleblowers.,Occh. in the Italian part of SPYGATE operation" to smear Trump and also John's exposing torture of our own citizens. @Johnheretohelp said he can not tweet but can only "like" now. Is Grand Jury testimony imminent? 127,000 sealed cases now, and I see people waking up!

  19. Vic Damron 2 years ago

    Post a pic of Hank so we can get a gander at the newest family member. Thanks Strop.

  20. PATRIOTS !
    Please look up false flag Seattle Washington 3/11/19
    Like 9/11, movies, commercials and the news media's have been talkin about November 3rd 2019 for years.
    It's supposed to happen during the Seattle Seahawks and Florida Buccaneer football game.
    There's a blimp called November 3rd. Possibly exploding or hitting the Space Needle. The Democrats will see that Donald Trump will not be re-elected. Nor will they be prosecuted for their wrongdoings.
    It is to push us into a world War

  21. Dave Carlson 2 years ago

    Texas is anti Trump socialist state now? Makes California look almost conservative…

    They did force all government workers to sign a pledge to Israel.

    Did someone forget Poppy Bush's cartel that needs free labor in their prisons from immigrants?

  22. TedBronson1918 2 years ago

    STROPPY ME – Where does your interest in all this originate ? The 2016 election ? Anti-globalism ? Anti-corruption ? Just enjoy seeing a non-politician connect with the citizens ? Just like to follow a good "conspiracy" ? Combination ? As an American, I'm watching foreigners interested in American politics in a way that I would think should be for the UN, and far more than normal. THAT has gained my interest.
    PS – As you can see, my question was directed to Stroppy himself. Unless you think he's a big fucking pussy who can't answer a simple, honest question himself I don't want to hear from you. If you do think that, I actually don't want to hear from you either. The question is for Stroppy alone.

  23. Sensing frustration at nit having 8 chan up.
    Did you notice that Jim watkins has a you tube channel?
    Mad love for your crusty ass Stroppy!

  24. Steve Moulton 2 years ago

    Stroppy thank you again for a very informative video! WWG1WGA!

  25. Soul Tribe 2 years ago

    Shepard Smith was escorted out of the fox building when William bar had a meeting with fox executives. He wasn’t even allowed to get his things off his desk he was escorted out, rumor has it it was an indictment for gay pedophilia. He did not leave on his own

  26. Michael Tenhoff 2 years ago

    I used to like …smith….back when all he did was tell the news…but when he went head on toward Trump he got goofy…….i believe any gay person hating Trump is fueled by fear of losing their rights….

  27. m Hill 2 years ago

    So much for " Red October "……. ~ yawn ~……

  28. Sue Beth Murphree 2 years ago

    You went silent but I saw you clicking away. Thank you for doing all you do I love your post and feel that you really understand what’s going on

  29. Maize jo Luther 2 years ago

    Prayers for your health. Take care of your cold.

  30. D LESHER 2 years ago

    Re: Shep Smith…my understanding is he had just recently signed a multi million $ contract with Fox…then AG Barr goes to meet with Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox, next, Shep asks to be released from his recently signed contract..which he was released from his contract. His last broadcast at FOX, he stated that he would not be reporting from any other media outlet anytime soon….makes you wonder, doesn't it? Now, several other "journalists" at FOX claim they will follow Shep….good riddance is all I can say….I'll bet Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, are two of them…big talk but we shall see. FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Thank you, Stroppy for all you do.

  31. kim cassidy 2 years ago

    As the house dems continue wasting millions in taxpayer dollars each week, I think they should be forced to pay it back, every penny, from their personal accounts. Including both Mueller and Ukraine hoaxes, and for the wall.

  32. D. L. Austin 2 years ago

    The reason they're coming and going is because the Deep State placed people in his Administration that weren't Trump's picks. He has gone along with it, but kept them out of his inner circle. Some were used for what they could show they knew, or who they were connected with or to. Others were left in as bait to draw out the other rats! Too much corruption! Kevin is another one that needed to go, he served his purpose. Besides, Kevin was "acting", not a permanent player.
    There are Deep State players in every country. There are some among the Kurds. If Putin didn't realize this, he would have stayed in Syria. The leaders of all countries know who is behind all the attacks and wars….it's the Deep State players! They need wars. They need chaos to keep up their narrative, in order to maintain their control over all the people.

  33. D. L. Austin 2 years ago

    It's the 9th Circuit Court. They are ALL Obama/Hillary DNC Judges. It ends up going to the Supreme Court, and Trump wins there!

  34. Louis Peel 2 years ago

    Hope your new Pup is cute my Friend! 🙂

  35. Louis Peel 2 years ago

    Keep up the Good Work!

  36. Sandra Goodwin 2 years ago

    EyeTheSpy is spot on here!!
    I am. Just wondering if the Whistleblower is
    Henry Kyle Frese from The DIA that had an Affair with a Reporter?
    If so then, he's in Trouble w/2Counts in an Eastern Virginia Court…..
    (2nd Whistleblower).

    Did little Hank wear ya out today Stroppy?
    Or just lovin' the little fella to death?!! He'll be a handful in a few days!! Watch your computer & phone lines!! Puppies love 'em!!
    Give Hank Pork rawhide strips, smoked & gnarly as possible. He'll stay busy for hours!!

  37. George Lombard 2 years ago

    All of the daily urgency behind the Schiff shitt is because the Dems are panicked about the pending IG report, likely revealing details about the corrupt and illegal actions of the Obama admin. They need a big smoke screen so they can say what comes next is nothing more than a calculated “get even”. It won’t help them. Recent Dem losses in both North Carolina and Louisiana are harbingers of how the Dems will fare in the next elections.

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