Latest Qanon-Related News 10-17-19 : Nancy's Attention-Getter

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  1. Hank is precious! Thanks for the great news. Just now catching up as I attended the Rally in Dallas yesterday! What a joyous day it was! The best place is a Trump Rally!

  2. VIDEO: Ah, but Chuckie, YOU DESERVE A DIATRIBE! And when have YOU been focused on the FACTS? Not hardly. You & Nancy, your days are about done. And not a week too soon.

  3. Who else here hasn’t watched a debate since the last one trump did with Hillary? Seriously I watch YouTube for news. And democratic debate doesn’t interest me at all

  4. Mitch McConnell REPEATS what he said before – IF, IF, IF the "House" VOTES to impeach the President, then the Senate (he claims) has no choice but to take it up. TRUE: NO idea' But the Whore House lacks the testicular fortitude to HOLD that VOTE. DO IT & GOP gets subpoena powers & the right to cross examine witnesses. POLITICAL SUICIDE 4 DEMS.

  5. 28 troops what are the spartans ( the 300) or should they get the new uniforms with targets on there backs how about 28 peace keeper un troops where a are they unending war$$$$$$ these people hate each other and have for ever sorry we don't need your oil good luck with all that bra best friends money can buy

  6. The American Public has been sold out by a Group within our 2 Party System….. they're
    known as the "Powers that Be/Deep State" but they ARE the Globalist Elites who drain
    off economies of any Nation they desire. They're so deeply embedded that it's almost
    impossible to root them out & w/ the Mainstream Media as a Weapon it's ever tougher.
    The Globalists MUST take out 1st/2nd Amendment Rights in order to make us fall into
    THEIR…. New World Order(NWO). We see our Free Speech being challenged everywhere
    & they are after our guns at all costs. They can't do what they want as long as the people
    can defend themselves. Remember that as they roll out Socialism. Got to "CON-Troll"
    us & these darned guns scare them terribly? LOL, yes they do… good show

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