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  1. yeah they get brain freeze , when asked to tell the truth.

  2. what a beautiful, smart dog.

  3. that damn washington post needs to be brought down, disgusting bunch of criminals. damn terrorist rag.

  4. rascal me 1 year ago

    Are all of these 'terrorist' just employees of the U.S. government?

  5. msm are just as guilty as those traitor criminals, they have been covering up for them, they are accomplices.

  6. that disgusting maxine waters was bragging on video about obummers massive spy network he had set up, she knows everything about it, she needs to be dragged before congress, just like biden, she likes to brag about their crimes. all on video.

  7. Carmen Nooner 1 year ago

    What is Barr smoking? I'd sure like to get my hands on whatever it is! Wray needs to get as far away from the FBI as possible. I have seen nothing positive about the man and the job he's been doing. I seriously hope I'm wrong and that we have been watching a head fake all along, but I have so far been nothing but disappointed in him.

  8. SpitFire1592 1 year ago

    Dir Wray had to slow walk info until Gen Flynn’s case & Durham investigation lined up so so can release information, if gave to Gen Flynn attorney too soon then could jeopardize Durham investigation. Now that they are now both investigating same info you started seeing info going to Gen Flynn attorney such as new txt msgs etc.. trust Wray trust Flynn he will be vindicated and freed

  9. Opal Farquharson 1 year ago

    Praying for you all the best nz

  10. Biggdirt1 1 year ago

    Trump is trying to reverse the Coup that created the FED, killed JFK and MLK, sunk the SS Liberty, did 911, bailed out banks and started the war on drugs and terror. Obama is the fall guy…the distraction.

  11. rascal me 1 year ago

    All of this is why only small government should be allowed, if it gets too big then there is too much for the public to keep an eye on, too many weeds for politicians to hide in.

  12. Dranged22 1 year ago

    Q said trust wray

  13. I heard that the dog has lost a leg, but will live.

  14. I'm happy to hear that you are recovering!! This is one of my 2 favorite YouTubers to listen to. The other one is Truthification Chronicles. Cheers to you as well!!!

  15. MsMyxlplyx 1 year ago

    Strop…"The pot calling the kettle black' MEANS that both are the SAME..and PRES TRUMP IS NOT AN IDIOT…Biden the pedocreep is beyond idiotic…Donald Trump is genius, shows in his most recent move that caused Baghdaddi to kill himself..btw, Bin Ladin's death was NEVER verified with DNA, should have brought back Bin Ladin's brain for testing….he is hiding in NYC in Harlem somewhere where he'd blend right in.

  16. There are dogs as God created them as our friends….. And then there are human dogs which choose to follow satan and are they enemies of the Almighty True ONE loving God…. Who came in the flesh ad Jesus the messiah…the Christ… Who came is the manifestation of the invisible Almighty God to save whosoever will believe on Christ Jesus with a sincere heart
    .. ✝ of Christ

  17. backyard guy 1 year ago

    always hearing bout all the laws they break, grow a pair and do something about it and stop complaining, period.

  18. Angelica 1 year ago

    If memory serves me correctly didn't saddam hussien crawl cowardly out of a "spiderhole" he was in??? His whole line was wiped out. Hopefully bagdadi's will as well!!!

  19. Angelica 1 year ago

    The dog was injured in the chase according to the local news this morning but is being treated for those injuries. Did not hear what those injuries were.

  20. Who is going to stop the 3000 lb vehicle after the driver has been shot???
    Sounds dangerous to the people, if you ask me.

  21. Momof5nutz Love 1 year ago

    Wasn't Hillary's brother and Pelosis' brother both recently dead? Within a month of each other anyone know how they died?

  22. Tim wood 1 year ago

    Q said trust Wray

  23. Judie G. 1 year ago

    Who will go through all the pictures of hussein in our WH and remove all trace of the worst mistake ever?

  24. stanky6261973 1 year ago

    Hope your visit to the doctor goes well. Most Americans don't trust Wray either. Thank you for the info. God bless and protect you and your family.

  25. GodzScrtAgnt 1 year ago

    Qanon may also be prophetic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhpBPZj0SHs

  26. Dale De Morgan 1 year ago

    Ty for the update. Hope you can find a parking space.

  27. Derek Cope 1 year ago

    Prayers for your health, Stroppy!!!!

  28. Mister Anderson 1 year ago

    I'm not sure any boogie man was killed, as corbett says: Obama 2.0, killed Osama 2.0, in special ops mission 2.0, and even supplied situation room photo 2.0, and no body again. We are definitely watching a movie. Wish I had the magic decoder ring, but I am sick of all these "dead" boogiemen with no bodies. No name, Bush Sr, Epstien, Cummings, and now Baghdadi and not a single body. What is real and what isn't is anyone's guess.

  29. Lea Schaub 1 year ago

    Barry maybe saying this about Ray to make the deep state disinformation is necessary? Just like they said

  30. Lea Schaub 1 year ago

    Just like they said rosenstein did such a great job and gave him that nice pat-on-the-back farewell

  31. Trudi Porter 1 year ago

    Trump just cut off a HUGE source of funding for the Deep State by killing Baghdadi ! They were drug trafficking and child sex trafficking in the middle east and on to the USA !!

  32. 62borntorun 1 year ago

    Hey Stroppy, WWG1WGA WORLDWIDE

  33. Cyndee McC 1 year ago


  34. Yvonne Wagner 1 year ago


  35. I agree with you on Wray. He hasn't drained any swamp. In fact, he's protected quite a few swamp rats.

  36. kevin clinton 1 year ago

    the dog did get injured. seriously injured it is reported.

  37. shillslayer 1 year ago

    Q won't be back, his job is done. The waves have been parted. What a fkin hero!!
    Be well soldier

  38. Barry Mahon 1 year ago

    LMFAO !! Guess we have Pelosi and Schiff to thank for us getting Baghdadi, turns out their trip to Jordan was to get info to Baghdadi. Little did they know not only was the person they met with was followed right to were Bafgdadi was hiding, but they also picked up Pelosi and Schiff's finger prints off of the glasses they used. Now they have video and DNA to prove their acts of TREASON against our country. Trump and the Patriots are so smart and set it all up. They said we were pulling out of Syria, then they set up the cease fire so Pelosi and Schiff could safely go over and try to get ISIS money and weapons. LOL they stepped in it big time and will hang for this one !!! WWG1WGA

  39. duck butt 1 year ago

    Gods Speed Stroppy

  40. Toditude 1 year ago

    Strop, you good ole bugger?

  41. Sco/ire America 1 year ago

    Thank you Stroppy, cheers. Would some one pkease tell Nancy the American people could care less about her lies pouring like diarrhea from her mouth. WWG1WGA. Eyes on the prize folks.

  42. moonlighting44 1 year ago

    great vids as usual….optics…. u need the optics..when u go after the gang u have to play like they do…then they have no advantage..none…WWG1WGA!..winning all the way…FACT…..in a gang their is only one leader..one… many many members…some members want 2 b on top…always….PP is pissing his pants and its not the old age dribble…..all crimes lead to the toppy….remember a gang will kll their own members once they find out…leaks abound even in the gang….now who can that be……

  43. xena tron 1 year ago

    The old…. I have no recollection. BULLSHIT

  44. Elsa Jones 1 year ago


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