2. speaking of " proven Liar " , didn't YOU, President Trump, say that DACA people would be sent back " Day One " ???

    OVER 1.5 Million Illegal Criminals allowed into OUR Country , compliments of President Donald Trump.

  3. I AGREE with looking at ALL the criminals in our Government, selling our tax money for favors….

    Dear President Trump, have you had anyone look into your creepy son in law's ( Jared Kushner ) criminal behavior in stealing money from poor people who rent his ghetto flats in New York???

  4. What ?! ?? JewwWs are selling out the Country they have been fleesing?? Nooooooooo !!
    Only in Weimar Germany and most other Countries has THAT been the case….

  5. Why doesnt' Trump order " massive cuts " to the Entire Government Corruption scam that we all have been suffering under for the last 10 decades ?????????????????????????????????

  6. Stroppy, you are a STAR !! Thank you. But be advised…… Australia, as beautiful of a Country as it is, is irrelevant unfortuately…. Australia has less of a population that Californina……

  7. BULLSHYT…. it's all being done in attempts to cover up their Treasonous Traitor crimes, and their crimes against children are really at the
    core of it all.
    WHEN all comes out, they know their party is finished for decades

  8. I want to know why these reporters even go to interview the President. All they do is make up their own stories with help from the editors at the order of the owners.

  9. We are truly in a civil war. Leftists against the right. (There’s a reason they call us “the right”.) Americans are picking each other apart. We are at war. Racial divisiveness galore. Veterans denied welfare services and health care while illegals get all that ~and~ a federal government tax refund. Christians and Jewish under the greatest persecution in American history. LGBTQ infiltrating our youth. Drug addiction an outright, country-wide wildfire. A million human fetuses heartlessly aborted every year while families desperate for children go childless. The Constitution under extreme duress.

    We are so vulnerable.

    Meanwhile, a Trojan horse is crashing through our Southern border and thousands more being secretly flown in nightly at midnight by the U.N. to airports all around the country. 22 million illegal immigrants are spreading throughout the country and 100,000 more coming every month. That’s 440,000 illegals per state, if spread evenly, and growing fast.

    I hope you are all getting regular, dedicated, vigorous firearms and martial arts training. I hope you are stockpiling food, gold, ammo, medications, and survival gear for when your water, gas, and electricity all go down. I hope you are forming face-to-face alliances with other Constitutionalists. I hope you are learning and teaching your families survival skills. I hope you are all praying, on both knees, every day, with all the passion in your heart, that God sees reason to continue to extend to us His Divine Grace.

    Get busy. You are in the fight of your life. Everything in your life brought you to this point. Your families and your communities are going to need all the support and protection they can get. There is no time to waste.

    Trump bought us a brief reprieve. I saw the Hand of God move across the political spectrum of our nation when he won. We dodged a civilizational nuke when he booted Hitlery out. Don’t think that the Democrats couldn’t possibly win 2020. They have demonstrated the willingness to do anything to win the next election. Anything.

    Don’t rest on your laurels. Donate, volunteer, evangelize, or run for office to unseat the corrupt Democrats and RINOs. Vote, and get everyone you know to vote and get active. It’s going to require the deliberate and supercharged effort on the part of every American citizen that loves God and country to see Trump win in 2020.

  10. 7 billion dollars of USA and IMF (USA funded) money went missing from Ukraine bank in two separate "banking errors". Obama's team did not give a shlit. UKRAINE prosecutor eventually traced money to banks In CYPRUS. Again, USA blocked UKRAINE from learning where CYPRUS banks sent the money. Investigation was stopped by Biden. Most seems to have ended up in Caribbean banks, but actual documents proving it were are not published YET). What is known, documented: Bidens son, Kerry's son were connected to bank owner who also controlled the gas/oil company they coincidentally sat on board of. Other board members coincidentally happen to work for US CIA. Adam Schiff(4brains) is lucky recipient of campaign donations and dinner fund raisers hosted by #3 richest UKRAINIAN who is an arms dealer, and coincidentally happens to own part of the of bank and the very same oil/gas company.

  11. For an eye opening exposure of how corrupt USA and Ukraine were during Obama's reign of corruptness…..Search for Glenn Becks youtube summary "UKRAINE SCANDAL EXPLAINED: Chalkboard on DNC Collusion" Socialist DEMRATS in USA are doing all they can to keep the truth from coming out. They can't win in a fair election. So there is only two way for DEMRATS to seize power.. 1) Impeach Trump/Pence, 2)Eliminate Trump/Pence by whatever means necessary. Yes it is true, a couple days ago, Trump activated entire Marine Corps Reserve to assist local police in event of natural or other disaster. If any of you Aussies are planning a visit in coming weeks, stay alert, stay safe. This isn't a game, it isn't politics, it is a undeclared civil war in search of a spark.

  12. LOOK AMERICANS WAKE UP! We, the people are seen as morons and sheep and Obama, Hillary, Biden, and the MSM have all been acting and lying and serving THEMSELVES! NOT YOU AND ME! The most corrupt and best liars and actors make it into the network of world wide corruption. TRUMP BLEW UP THE GAME!!! And now the REAL soulless self serving corrupt are going after him. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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