1. Lynn Gibb 2 years ago

    I have a bit more faith in John than I do with Eye in the spy so far anyhow .

  2. C. E. Anderson 2 years ago

    John helper lost me in his narrative when he said he was beaten so badly 8 inches of his intestines protruded from his rectum. And he used his training to stuff it back in.

  3. Itznotme Itzyu 2 years ago

    Now let's concentrate on clearing ISIS from the protected "sanctuary areas" like Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, and California. Bring in the Marines. They've been reactivated.
    BTW: Blue hats make great targets!

  4. SAMMI SCHINDLER 2 years ago

    We supplied the Kurds. Enough! America first!

  5. LADY LIBERTY 2 years ago


  6. freddagg 2 years ago

    EyeTspy seems to have a track record of calling other people shills. Those who call out the loudest have the most to loose.

  7. Jeannette Hooper 2 years ago

    Disappointed in Nickey, Sen Graham but ecpected it from McCain

  8. Paula Feudo 2 years ago

    Driving Deep-State Dems, etc., 'Crazy'…is only a Short-Punt.

  9. K. G. 2 years ago

    Is it getting HOT in here?? KAG

  10. Gayle Brown 2 years ago

    Graham loves to be front and center on the talk shows, but name ONE action he has undertaken to prevent and expose the high handed tactics of the LEFT. Like Gowdy, his ONLY talent is jawboning. He has been flipped and given a chance to redeem himself from his connections to the DC swamp, but sadly his loyalty isn't to the American people. Remember this; now doesn't it make sense? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9tVjISTH2Y

  11. Sandra Johnson 2 years ago

    Knowingly lying, knowingly perpetrating a coup, knowingly committing treason.
    Arrests coming soon.
    I hope before the end of October.
    Cheers, Stroppy.

  12. Remko Jerphanion 2 years ago

    President Trump is not only under tremendous pressure, he is fighting a daily war with the deep state. His life and the lives of his family and relatives must be under constant threat, but Donald Trump will not give up! He is a hero and may God bless him!

  13. Jasmine Clarke 2 years ago

    Eye the spy is a fraud look at spaceshot76 video on YT it shows we’re his so called pics of potus came from. Wake up stroppy

  14. David Linken 2 years ago

    @Stroppy Me ~ Can you do us a favor (here in the U.S.A.) and refer to Donald Trump as President Trump or simply The Trumpster?

    I didn't care for any of the following presidents yet I always called them President:
    George H.W. Bush;
    Bill Clinton;
    George W. Bush;
    and Barrack Obama.

    These presidents were grifters and did NOT have their constituency's interest first and foremost. President Trump is purportedly wealthier than all previous presidents combined and didn't use the influence of the office to garner his wealth as most other presidents have done. Two others that quickly come to mind are Presidents Herbert C. Hoover (last businessman to be POTUS before the Trumpster) and John F. Kennedy (shady father's money). Also, those were the only two presidents to work for free. There have been changes to the laws (OSHA, Department of Labor [?]) that make it impossible to work for free and President Trump accepts the legal minimum of $1.00/year. If he truly does work roughly 18 hours/day then that translates to around $0.0001522/hour.
    I didn't care for my other presidents and I don't really care for Donald J. Trump, as a person, but I LOVE him as my president. He's the right man for the job.
    Thank you in advance!

  15. Ernie Madrid 2 years ago

    Trumps foreign policy is right for America and not corrupt. With this said I'll let ya all figure out why the Democrats and Deep State are against it.

  16. See Grg Hunter interview of a real Wistleblower 08 Oct 2019.

  17. Master Yoda 2 years ago

    Wonder what Q will say about @eyethespy

  18. Dawn Ironside 2 years ago

    Joe M is 100% correct!

  19. mike Michael 2 years ago

    if nothing happens in "red" October, I'm a change his name to LIE in the SKY

  20. Nora Kuentzel 2 years ago

    Stroppy, that bothered me too what eye the spy said. So I agree with you . I still trust the plan. We stand togather. WWG1WGA! Just have to this feeling Q will be back soon…

  21. Freda Rounthwaite 2 years ago

    Hi Stroppy. I agree with you that people are trying to devide us all the time. I am not sure about @johnheretohelp or eyethespy. It's hard to tell. There's another guy going round with a secret service letter that was debunked last year on the chans and that story is deciding people. Hmmm! Wish Q would hurry up and come back. There are not enough anons worldwide yet to come together solidly and they are being stymied by google, facebook, twitter and utube to be able to get the messages out.

  22. Allison Thorpe 2 years ago

    President Trump first needs to confirm that Turkey actually bombed the Kurds

  23. Curious Lucy 2 years ago

    Lindsey is a black hat. His usefulness is almost done.l

  24. Debra Getz 2 years ago

    I hear alotta people say that they think Trump is boorish and that is why they don't like him. And that may be true, but if he doesn't toot his own horn, it won't get tooted. We sure as heck don't see the media doing anything even close to saying anything positive about him, or what he has accomplished. They also say they don't like his tweeting, but once again, why? Personally I don't tweet, but I see plenty of them floating around the internet, and I've seen many that are far worse than his. So why all the hype over his?

  25. Whitney Connolly 2 years ago

    The statement to pull our troops out of Syria is just to bait Turkey

  26. Bobbie Mooser 2 years ago

    Here in America the people who love our president, also love our country, and we are a peaceful lot. But should you kick us we will react. We support our president and will not let him be impeached‼️ Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and shifty ships are due to spend time in prison along with clapper Comey Brennan and all the rest of the deep state. I’m dictating this so I’m sorry for not using correct caps.

  27. Debra Getz 2 years ago

    It is my understanding that Atkinson is/was involved in the Mueller investigation. Also found out this evening that not only did he change the "whistleblower" criteria, but that same day congress changed their rules on impeachment process. Very interesting, don't you think???

  28. literatious 2 years ago

    China has been buying controlling interests in worldwide critical infrastructure for many years.
    Ports, agriculture, mining operations…their majority control of critical systems is a primary example of how globalism has resulted in Xi policy getting way too close to becoming global.
    Social credit score controls every aspect. Literally able to deprive anyone from being able to transactional

  29. Tim Burton 2 years ago

    President Donald Trump is our greatest President to date… the fraudulent impeachment inquiry by the Demonrats will boomerang and expose [their] own corruption… and President Trump will WIN the 2020 Presidency by a #LANDSLIDE victory GUARANTEED..!!

  30. Bobbie Mooser 2 years ago

    You know Stroppy, we’ve been there for so long and many lost lives. It’s time we left. Lindsey Graham has changed his tune.you didn’t read the middle paragraph.Atkinson is deep State.

  31. Maureen Suggitt 2 years ago

    The Military Tribunes should have been held right after the last Election.

  32. Charles Patton 2 years ago

    Yes we must get rid of corruption but the media have an important role in our views of what is happening. I believe less than half of what i read and less than that in what i hear esp after realizing how wrong some sources are. For example I used to trust you much more than i do now but I'm losing faith ole buddy.you used to say make of it what you will far more than you have in the recent past. Some of your sources have been proven so wrong but you still buy into their snake oil presentations. You used to be far more sceptical of the internet media types. What happened?

  33. Sam Dill 2 years ago

    The Socialist Democrats brought "Curve Ball" off the bench. "Curve Ball" claims to have first hand information!

  34. Sam Dill 2 years ago

    Sounds like Lindsey might have some hidden skeletons!

  35. Sam Dill 2 years ago

    Colin Powell, Biological Trailers. Oops! Bad Intel. Same Old Shit – Same People – Different Day.

  36. Craftyone 2 years ago

    I hope they are impeached and charged with treason for the lies Pelosi and schiffty told America. When POTUS won all msm said he would get US into 3rd WORLD War. Not quite. He's pulled out troops in Afghanistan and done away with Isis for the most part. Can you imagine if obuma bush or any other Pres did this? Msm would be kissing his feet. We need to let countries run themselves and protect. Killery did not care about US lives in Benghazi. Neither did obuma or they would have protected them instead of coming out with fake video 2 days after Americans slaughtered. Thank you Stroppy for all your work. I look forward to your videos daily

  37. Dog World 2 years ago

    Thank you for the update Stroppy!

  38. Dog World 2 years ago

    Haley, McCane and Graham can pack their bags and go fight in Siria. No one’s stopping the war mongers.

  39. Mark Rosa 2 years ago


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