1. dave laurienzo 2 years ago

    $chiff committed depraved acts and murder with edbuck.

  2. davin ross 2 years ago


  3. jaysd63 2 years ago

    “Dapper dandy” George Kent – awesome stroppy!

  4. Angelica 2 years ago

    The dems are like a dog chasing it's tail…all it does is get dizzy and IF it did catch it's tail…what would it do with it???

  5. Angelica 2 years ago

    Last night on our late night news, they had the Trump rally in Louisiana and how many people were there. But the thing that impressed the reporter more than anything was the security and how well run the event was. Think this was very telling about what is really thought about the Trump rallies. Everyone interviewed was 110% behind our President!

  6. Rene Boucher 2 years ago

    Hi Stroppy.You know how you ask us to do our "Homework"? It's now your turn. Please, please watch Glen Becks' "The Democrats Hydra" Its a two hour history of the battle of Humanities' future. The US State Department has it's tentacles in all our country in collusion with Soros and others. Please Strop, It will answer a lot of questions. We ALL need to be on GODS side. WWG1WGA Much love and prayers from NH USA.

  7. C. E. Anderson 2 years ago

    Senate trial take 6 weeks. 6 days a week.
    Major democratic candidates will be sequestered in senate and unable to go to 3 primaries.
    Think about that.

  8. Don't be too hard on Mitch McConnell. If the Senate holds a full trial Warren, Harris and Sanders are going to have to attend taking them off the campaign trail. I would string out the trial as long as I could and schedule hearings and meetings to tie them up and keep them in DC for 5 days a week. That will help Biden win the nomination. Then Trump can remind everyone about Biden and his son in Ukraine, China and Romania.

  9. leos rule 2 years ago

    Paul Sperry is ON THE $$$.!!!
    And Pelosi hasnt given Snowden, Assange, Manning or many others ANY kind of protections – so she is a huge liar, just like Schiff.

  10. phil jackson 2 years ago

    What are you on a bout pal America economy is the best in the world you seem like your turning sides

  11. phil jackson 2 years ago

    Papadopoulos knows cause he's a powerful man how would you know what he knows

  12. mischoval41 2 years ago

    Where was Nancy's policy on whistleblowers when Ed Snowdon Blew the Whistle or Julian Assange? Trifling and Lying power hungry woman weilding her CONCEITEDNESS

  13. Paul Kramer 2 years ago

    Someone explain to Nancy that when a whistleblower goes public, it gives him protection. Hiding and doing things anonymously gives anyone who might be threatening him a chance to do something nefarious to stop his testimony from coming out. If he has something to say, say it in public, its safer.

  14. Coyle CPAs 2 years ago

    I'm so SICK of this " speak truth to power" crap. They don't KNOW ANY TRUTH. it's all lies and BS

  15. A R 2 years ago

    It looks like the military is on the side of the deep state. America is screwed. The DOJ is obviously still just as crooked under Barr as it was under Sessions. There is no rule of law just rule of the thugocracy.

  16. Brie 2 years ago

    Praying for Eye, his reassurance was so great for US. No tool used to harm the innocent shall prosper!

  17. rusty tucker 2 years ago

    McConnell needs to be removed from office now Kentucky no law demands a trial for non factual investigations or trials where everybody knows the accusers are the criminals. The democrats are forming a police state and McConnell is part of it.

  18. Dave Carlson 2 years ago

    11:45 Pelosi

    Trump is a whistleblower exposing your corruption…

    Thanks to you he is protected!!!

    Run Nancy Run!!!

  19. NICE!!! karn evil 9 (carnival) elp reference… very appropriate…

  20. Fred Flynstone 2 years ago

    That was a weird thing from ETS, especially considering what he has said again and again about being careful about whom to believe and who not to believe.   Are we to understand that ETSs account has been compromised and not to be taken seriously any longer?

  21. jay strilland 2 years ago

    Nancy wouldn't recognize truth if it slapped her in the face. And by the looks of it It has slapped her multiple times.

  22. Lisa Natorski 2 years ago

    According to Pelosie, whistle blower rights are whatever the dems determine at the time. A whistle blower is also whoever the dems say they are. Deep state spy? Why no!

  23. S Walden 2 years ago

    A lot of questions answered "glenn beck hydra". This message keeps disappearing.

  24. S Walden 2 years ago

    Question, this video shows up as posted 1 hour ago on the west coast of US, but the comments are from 20 hours ago. Interesting??? Can anyone explain?

  25. S Weber 2 years ago

    she means her power how dare someone ask her a legitimate question

  26. Petals Blush 2 years ago

    This is a person other than ETS posting this. As of yesterday afternoon the account no longer exists.

  27. Petals Blush 2 years ago

    That is what was meant by second hand (the person posting this was the second hand)

  28. Sco/ire America 2 years ago

    Thank you Stroppy, cheers.

  29. Dog World 2 years ago

    There is nothing normal about the Leftist swamp rats. Thank you for the update Stroppy,

  30. Dog World 2 years ago

    Skeleton Pelosi’s tiny brain is getting worse by the day.

  31. Faye Dunbar 2 years ago

    Nancys getting defensive, because she's smater than anyone. Lol. ADD: Who was that man that said a whistle blower was a credible witness? The whole Dxxn bunch is crazy.

  32. 6lumis 2 years ago

    It is almost laughable watching how they wriggle and wrangle and scheme when it's their wastrels who are sucking up the payola. This surely is boomerang suicide. I just heard a staunch labor minded former democrat say that it was doubtful he would ever vote for one again…….now multiply this opinion exponentially!

  33. D. L. Austin 2 years ago

    STROPPY! GO TO 8kun.tw Q had to change once again! Latest Q Post is #3598. Posted on 11/15/2019 @ 3:04:34 pm EST.
    Q had to change again due to even more DDOS attacks, by the [DS]! Cheers!

  34. D. L. Austin 2 years ago

    Here's the thing… if the Senate goes ahead and "entertains" an impeachment trial, then ALL OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION'S CRIMES WILL COME OUT IN THE OPEN FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! This may be their secret strategy!

  35. D. L. Austin 2 years ago

    Nancy Pelosi's District, San Francisco is a despicable, filthy, nasty toilet! She knows about "INTELLIGENCE"!?? SERIOUSLY!?! She barely knows where she's at from one day to the next!
    When she was re-elected as Speaker of the House, even the Democrats were shocked! Her fellow Congressmen were even talking about VOTER FRAUD at that point!

  36. KD NWI 2 years ago

    The trial will expose ALL….enjoy the show. They can call their own witnesses and cross examine theirs!!

  37. KD NWI 2 years ago

    Pelosi most experienced leaker of intelligence

  38. Pierrette Gagnon 2 years ago

    Nancy is all of that….delusioons of Grandure, she acts like she believes she is the top of the law chain

  39. Pierrette Gagnon 2 years ago

    Evil Deepstate is projecting their character onto an imagery of Trump,,,,Amazon jungle savagery,,,,,

  40. mari brenner 2 years ago

    We are badly infested with pedophiles!! Worse than cockroaches!! They have to be outed!!

  41. mari brenner 2 years ago

    Thank you, Stroppy!!

  42. FATHER THOMAS 2 years ago

    #McConnell has 127 million dollar fraud problem the Dems will prosecute him for.

  43. C. E. Anderson 2 years ago

    Your video fro 11-13 is missing. Is that the one you posted message about eyethespy. His twitter is blank. Has he been caught up in the ds?

  44. NATHAN Preston 2 years ago

    Sick of trump not doing a damn thi ng but tweet its bullshit the way the left runs his ppl over and trump does nothing! Oh he tweets time for action instead of just being all talk

  45. Donna d`Alelio 2 years ago

    I really don’t know what to think about what happened to EyeTheSpy. This certainly makes things quite difficult for him and us because we don’t know what to trust. Going forward how do we know when it’s the real EyeTheSpy or the person or people that stole his account? Since Donald Trump became president I’ve heard and seen things I had no idea ever even existed and I feel like I’ve been so naive and I can’t help but wonder what else I still don’t know about that’s so off the charts. I guess I’m getting a really good education and fast.

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