1. Stroppy Me 3 years ago

    BC LINK BEING SUPPESSED BY YT https://www.bitchute.com/channel/M4YtazGIdcIH/

  2. youlittlerocket 3 years ago

    blink twice if you need help

  3. Darlene Vickers 3 years ago

    The CAT secret service team was with Trump and the regular secret service at the hospital… Something is up!!!!1

  4. Kathy Purington 3 years ago

    I can't find you on butchute (I'm a rookie)….could you please leave a link? Great show, love seeing your little rascal Hank.

  5. Karen Haynes 3 years ago

    Don't give up! They want thg that. YOU HAVE FANS!!

  6. Karen Haynes 3 years ago

    Do the left not know, killing our President will bring the hammer down on them! Or should I say "both barrels?

  7. Pyroclastic Flow 3 years ago

    Mr Strop, in case you hang it all up I want you to know that what you have done thus far is more than anyone can expect. Thank you for a job well done. My friend.

  8. Sandra Herrmann 3 years ago

    Have you all set up on BitChute. Will watch there when YouTube pulls the plug.

  9. Jerk McJerkface 3 years ago

    I’ll follow you wherever you go

  10. leos rule 3 years ago

    Re Vindman: George Webb seems to know ALOT about all the bad actors, and he said – several weeks ago – that Gen Vindman's brother, Leonid Vindman, is the 2nd 'whistleblower'. That would mean that Gen Vindman coersed with his brother (&others – like Yavanovitch & CI-Aramella) to become the 'whistleblowers' of 4th hand knowledge under rules conveniently changed to allow hearsay information as part of a whistleblower action AND in cooperation with Schiff who also changed the rules for hearings and impeachment. My question is WHY is Schiff being Allowed to single-handedly do this?? Dont we have set laws and rules to be followed?? If you watch the Dec 2018 hearing onthe Clinton Foundation corruption (Chaired by Meadows) you will see the Reps following rules and being very generous to the Dems; not ignorant & condescending. You will also see both sides being very cautious of the whistleblowers/investigators who have spent years developing concrete evidence.!! Totally different outcome on hearings when its Clintons vs Trump. Obviously showing who is in the pocket of Soros and who is receiving kick-backs from his publicly funded societies. Its unbelievably disgusting and shameful to this country. If they can do this to a POTUS, how much worse can they do to a 'nobody' like me – or you all – and for any made-up reason they so chose. This is old England court tactics (which they seems to also have reinstated with Tommy Robinson) and is what the American forefathers were aiming to avoid when they framed the Constitution. So i am very VERY confused as to WHY & HOW this is all being allowed to happen without someone taking it to Supreme Court for it's illegality against the Constitution.

  11. Maureen B 3 years ago

    I’m not sure how to proceed, I’m not that savvy in these areas, is there a link to bitchute? I don’t see it. Been following you for a long time, Stroppy, and believe your voice is important to the cause. Please help with guidance

  12. rick couture 3 years ago

    keep going, the migration to BIT CHUTE has begun….. remember when you started here and the numbers…… can you send a notice to subscribed?????

  13. On the east coast of the USA a lot of stomach viruses are going on . A friend of mine has been suffering with one for 3 weeks . He's always running to the bathroom . Let's hope an antibiotic takes care of the problem.

  14. rick couture 3 years ago

    is that why yt is changing its delivery, and allowed content on Dec. 10. instead of, truth to light, its, suppression to darkness????

  15. Jo Huck 3 years ago

    See u on Bitchute!!

  16. Linda Mendenhall 3 years ago

    Had no idea you were having such a rough time, will follow on bitchute

  17. Zone 5 3 years ago

    The story about the SU-whatever is hilarious. The F-22 has been doing this for a decade now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5EO4fXAWto

  18. AD UNUM TRISTIS 3 years ago

    You fuckers know who you are , if you have killed the worlds greatest leader there WILL be world wide war , hope you're happy 'cos you won't be soon ………………………….

  19. Justinian Argo 3 years ago

    Prayers for the President, his family and all the Patriots defending him.

  20. Debbie Hobgood 3 years ago

    Please don’t stop Stroppy!! We will share your videos.

  21. I watch a few tarot card reading channels. All said last year that Donald would be poisoned and have stomach issues and leave the presidential office. I didn't believe, until now.
    I pray for Donald. May God help him complete his mission.

  22. Sancho Ditherson 3 years ago

    Stroppy. That means Powell had his ass handed to him. Next is Xi. Hong Kong is the rock, President Trump is the hard place.

  23. Sancho Ditherson 3 years ago

    Stroppy. You're catching on.

  24. Sancho Ditherson 3 years ago

    Also Stroppy. We'll leave scorched earth before we bow the Chicoms.

  25. Rob James 3 years ago

    blah blah blah lots of horse shit dont give up FUK YOU TUBE HAMMER NEEDS TO FALL SOON

  26. Terri seymour 3 years ago

    you do a good job strop keep it up maybe not every day

  27. Chief Ryback 3 years ago

    So how them arrests going Q- Tards?

  28. Bud Abbot Lane 3 years ago

    Just think if this happened to a regular American who couldn't afford a good lawyer.T his ie exactly how prosecuters get convictions on people on heresay and little if any real proof.

  29. Clive Thomas 3 years ago

    Fake news about POTUS. "be careful who you follow" – Q
    There are many fake patriots with channels out there. Some would surprise most of you.
    (here's a clue, a number of them now promote each other)
    not much research reveals who funds alex jones, and the fact that he had his own Q level informer (with a different narrative) as soon as our Q started posting should tell you everything. Jim Stone, well, just going back and reading some of his scaremongering predictions should wake you up.
    We were told in the beginning "no comms outside of this board" and also not to put faith in anyone asking for your money. The truth is FREE.
    The storm is NOW. WWG1WGA

  30. Dawn Lambert 3 years ago

    … I Love Your Beautiful Cheerful Smiling Face Mr.StroppyMe!!! …

  31. Ray B 3 years ago

    black mushroom spores are the cure for radiation poisoning. This has been know since the testing of the atom bomb. Spores were even given to astronauts before during and after their trips into space. Also, no radiation would make it near the president. There are scanners everywhere he goes including one somewhere on him at all times. Lastly, The republican didn't win the governor race in louisiana but the Republican did win sec of state. There are lots of irregularities thats being sorted out like the vote count not making any sense (more people voted in the sec of state race than the governor race). The state was hit with a ransom attack monday and the chief IT guy "had to go to an appointment" but instead went home where minutes later his home office and computer caught fire……

  32. Cindy Dufala 3 years ago

    Pres Trump went for a check up on Saturday per cabinet meeting today on Golden State times. He is fine.

  33. Cindy Dufala 3 years ago

    Alex Jones is an idiot. My opinion

  34. MandD Bishop 3 years ago

    Please see this video, you need to know how important you are. General Michael Flynn said it better than I can in this clip. You are noted in this humble video 1:18 in. Other Q channels are in the same boat you are in and are setting up BC links as well. We need you Mr. S, much love from USA!

  35. Hu Man 3 years ago

    I just joined Bitchute.
    Taking time to navigate

  36. TheHonestjbone 3 years ago

    If he was poisoned…and is alive, and was administered an antidote then you know for a fact all bets are off at this point.

  37. Deanna Williams 3 years ago

    DJT drinks diet soda. That doesn't help.

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