Latest Qanon-Related News 11-6-19 : Epstein Cover Up

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  1. Given the way things "evolve" the Mexico cartel murders could have been a hit job. Think NIXVM, think Mormons, think Romney, think revenge, think rabbit hole. There always seems to be more to the story. ?????????

  2. ABC standards !?!?!? "If it's true it doesn't meet our standards. If it's a lie, bring it on, we'll print it". Boycott ABC out of existence, the rest of MSM needs to go too. They are as evil as communist propaganda that has only oppressed.

  3. First off love Stroppy, Thank you!! ALWAYS FOLLOW YOU.
    1. Epstein: what a great smoke screen for other "vile-lators", is Epstein the most prolific pedo or are there others behind the smoke screen….just as bad and worse? LOVE how MSM is using it as s smoke screen taking attention away from bigger heiness crimes; others right there with him. I can think of a few named elsewhere, but have more $$$ and pull to still stay hidden, at least for now. They do control the media.
    2. NYC; releasing violent offenders: a reporter aught to research the
    Corrupt prison systems everywhere, the big businesses they "actually are" and How, When, funding for prisons works and what it has to do with the release of prisoners and why. Why is set up to be a rousing door on purpose.
    3. Why is it that Obama who's a DUPE, though guilty of that and fall guy from the start; and also "never in control" from the start -is blamed for things, already long in the works prior to his holding office, he just continued holding the torch (for who? If he was smart he'd roll over, spill his guts) jpw many people with good intentions have been blackmailed into corruption?? Many more than we think. Yet the BUSH ADMINISTRATIONS who were "still" in control until TRUMP foiled that for then "YEAH"! The BUSHS' as did those of their clan: incalculable damage to our country
    BY WAR MONGERING, VESTED OIL INTERESTS, the DRUG/WEAPON RUNNING WAS rampant DURING that administratin as well as the CLINTONS continuing/contributing the corruption ; yet the BUSHs also guilty of our countries demise just go on their merry HIDDEN way, FORGOTTEN? Am sure it will come out, some has, but the good old boys club on the hill, those who've participated to keep up the smoke screens, warmongering, filling their pockets without conscience, need to step down. Let honest folk, who do give a damn, do not have vested interests, repair the damage.
    Our Fore Fathers set up a Republic, NOT a TWO PARTY FUEDAL SYSTEM where we the people are not the benefactors. Could this be why so many people stopped voting? It wasn't about us, our family's, our prosperity or our beautiful country located on PLANET EARTH, BEING RAVAGED AND RUINED BY VESTED INTEREST? Americans really need to review our belief systems, get rid of the cobwebs, complacency, look evil in the eye for what it is, RISE ABOVE, MOVE BEYOND, LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, MISPLACED TRUST, ADMIT TO IT, BUILD A BETTER CARING AMERICA. True, justice is needed – not Revenge. That would be acting just like those who have controlled us, kept us down and in fear. WE NEED PEACE, TOLERANCE, BEAUTY, PROSPERITY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL.

  4. Stroppy Me. you are coreect. Who cares about whether a phrase is correct in someone's opinion. To get all in a huff about word choices is an unnecessary distraction. I am enjoying your earlier in the day news pod cast. Then later in the day,I treat meyself to Dan Bongino is connects dots for me with a lot of passion. Thank you so much. I am glad that you are dealing with the stress in ways that are keeping you healthier. I enjoy the puppy stores of normal family life in an another part of this amazing planet. I am glad that you speak English and understand my government/culture better than I do. You translated so many Q drop so I can at least understand the references. Expressing my appreciation for what you are doing for the "awakening."

  5. Was there any discussion of Trumps term after 2020? I missed this rally. Supposedly he said 5 more years, maybe 9? maybe 13? maybe even 17? Q people are are translating ALL OF THAT into: I'M Q? DUNNO.

  6. You know, shifty schit is right down scary looking…INSANE looking! His eyes have an insane look in them that should scare anyone with any sense!

  7. Use military to keep eliminating cartels.remove their filth families from USA. They deserve nothing in this life. Keep eliminating as fast as they grow. Use their families just like they kill ours..lock up

  8. American consumption of drugs is directly responsible for Mexican Cartels. This is the root cause, even if drug use was encouraged and initiated by the Cabal. Social acceptance of drug users and drug use, movies that glorify sex trafficking behaviors, drug culture, and criminal gun use continue growing in our conscience. Love for America and defeat of Cartels can only happen when Americans face their demons. Cartels will only be defeated when the demand for drugs, human trafficking, and gun running stops.

  9. What other stories are being held back? How many edited videos show only a small part of a story which fit a narrative ABC creates? What other videos have been obtained by ABC NEWS that would expose the truth of criminal behavior against children? How many other lives will be ruined/ death occur because of their complicit cover ups? Were Kavanaugh allegations investigated to meet the reporting standards? Sandman reporting? U.S. DOJ needs to gain access to ABC video library…all of it.

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